(Kitchener)École St-Jean-De-Brébufe (London)Bluevale Collegiate Institute (Kitchener) (3)
Collingwood collegiate (Collingwood ) Darcy from Holy Trinity catholic high school (Bradford)Frannie Wilson (London)
General Amherst High School (Windsor) (76)Glendale High School (London) (18)HarrisonPensa-Catherine Caldwell (London)
Katrina (London)Kevin (London) (4) kevinbabineau (toronto)
Linda Downing-London Health Sciences Centre (London) (2)London Family Court Clinic---marlie wintoneak (London)Maclean (London)
Madison gale (Barrie)Michael McTaggart-Cook (London)Nickerson Family (Windsor)
Peacekeepers (London) (2)Saint-jean-de-brebeuf (London)Saint-jean-de-brébeuf (London) (3)
Shelley Cole - HDGH (Windsor)The Hackel Family Parkview Public School (London) Up stander (Woodstock)
#letsstopbullyingtogether (London)? (London)@Celineeattal (Toronto)
@TyLo38 (Kitchener)102.3 BOBfm (London)106.9 The X (London)
1502! (London)1o E.P.A.L. (Greece) (8)1re de Mme Nicole St-Michel (Windsor)
1st Bradford Beaver Colony (Barrie)1st Bradford Cub Pack (Barrie)1st Bradford Troop Scouts (Barrie)
2F @ Mount Carmel-Blytheswood P.S. (Windsor)3\4 southside (London)3B Mount Carmel-Blytheswood P.S. (Windsor)
3e de Mme LBR École St Michel (Windsor)4/5 Anger (London)5S Jack Chambers Public School (London)
6e année de Mme Ashley à Monseigneur Jean-Noël (Windsor)6e/7e de Mlle Reid École Saint Michel (Windsor)6ième année de Mme Nunes à St-Michel (Leamington)
6Q Knights! (Windsor)94.1 myFM Radio St. Thomas (London)94-3 CKSY (Chatham-Kent)
98.1 FREE FM (London)98.1 FREE FM-KATE WRIGHT (London)98th London Girl Guides (London)
99 Captain Layne 99 (Utah)A Darling (London)A Dietrich (Kitchener)
A Driven Design (London)A friend. (London)A Hopkinson (Kitchener)
A MOM (London)a mom (st thomas)A mom envisioning a peaceful future for her 1- & 3-year-old (Ajax)
A Mom/Nanny (London)A older sister (London)A. Cano. (London)
A. Fong (London)A. Paschenko (London)A. Taggart (London)
A.J. Baker Public School (London) (3)A.Simmons (London)Aaron Collins (Windsor)
Aaron dustin (London)Aaron Gelbard (London) (2)Aaron McDonnell - Western University (London)
Aaron Packham (Kitchener)Aaron Parsons (London)Aaron Puchala (London)
Abbey Baran, Ivey School of Business at Western (London)Abbey Neves (Windsor)Abbi Williams (West Midlands) (2)
Abby Coderre (London)Abby- Holy Trinity High School (Bradford)Abby Ross (Newmarket) (3)
Abby stairs (Barrie)Abdullah (London)Abe Giesbrecht (London)
abed (chicago)Aberdeen public school Aneka Cleaver (London)Abhinav (London)
Abi Gibson (Simcoe County)Abigael Pamintuan (London)Abigail (Belle River)
Abirami Arunan (London)Abraham Kunnilathu,Student, Western University (London)Académie de la Moraine (York)
Acadia Walsh (Durham)Accountable (Windsor)Ace ninham (London)
acton high school (halton hills)Adam Baird (London)Adam Bisson (Windsor)
Adam Family (London)Adam Fowlie (Toronto)Adam Howie (Woodstock)
Adam Legault (Windsor) (2)Adam Morse (London)Adam Vandersluis (London)
Adam Wettlaufer (Cambridge )Adam Wlusek (London)Adams Family (St Joseph Ontario)
Added Advantage Home-based Early Learning Program (London)Adelaide W.G MacDonald (London)Adelaide W.G. MacDonald P.S. (London)
Adjaratou (Windsor)Admiral Collingwood Elementary School, Mme Lemire's Grade 5 Class (Collingwood)Admiral Collingwood Grade 5 (Collingwood)
admiral collingwood grade 5 (collingwood )Admiral Grade Sevens (Barrie)Adna (London)
Adrian Comeau-Kings University College (London)Adrian Kim (London)Adrian Pacheco (Woodbridge)
ADRIANA DIMOVA (London)Adriana Martinheira (Bradford)Adriana Patricio (Bradford )
Adrianna Salcedo (Barrie)Adrianne (London)Adrianne Sarich (London)
Adrienne (Windsor)Adrienne Alexander (Barrie)Agnes Chick (London)
Aherthy Jeyasundaram (York Region)Ahmed (London)Aidan (London)
AIDAN (London)Aidan K (Georgia, United States)Aidan O (Barrie)
Aidan Parke (Bradford)Aiken Yong, John Cabot (Mississauga)Aileen (London)
Aileen Simon (London)Aindrea Cramp (London)A-J Squires (Barrie)
AJ Watson (London)Akash Gujadhur, student and cast member @ John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)Akhil Sharma (London) (2)
Al Chernenkoff (Kitchener)Al Qaeda (The Middle East)Alaina - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)
Alaina Fryer (Windsor)Alaina Sommers-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Alan taylor (United states)
Alan Weekes (London)Alana Fangrad (London)ALANA HALFPENNY (Sarnia )
Alanna Howe (London)Alanna Sharp (London)Alannah Cady (Barrie)
Alannah Hickson (London)Albert Desormeaux (Parry Sound Ontario) (2)Albert Hoang - RGSS (Barrie)
Albert Katz (London)Aldborough Public School (London) (2)aldborough public school/ west elgin senior elementary school (rodney)
Aldergrove Public School (Barrie)Alecia Carey (London)Alessandra Maltese (Windsor)
Alessia (Barrie)alex (newmarket)Alex (Windsor)
Alex (London)Alex Coombe (Collingwood )Alex Flack (Barrie)
Alex Hanna (Windsor)Alex Noble (Whitby)Alex Ratynski (London)
Alex S. (Kitchener)Alex Sandu (Milton)Alex Schembri (London)
Alex seguin (London)Alex Smart (Kitchener)Alex Stuart (London)
Alex Van Valkenburg (London)Alex,Sadie (Barrie)Alexa Bouchard (London)
Alexander bruce mcknight (Newmarket)Alexander McIntosh (London)Alexander oliveira (york )
Alexander Yan (London)Alexandra Connor (Bradford )Alexandra Devine (London)
Alexandra DiFranco (Vaughan)Alexandra Farmer (London)Alexandra Hospital (London)
Alexandra Kitzan and Mama (London)Alexandra Nard (Guelph)Alexandra Periard/CSViamonde (Toronto)
Alexandra Poelman (London)Alexandra Vlasis (Newmarket)Alexandra Wiseman (Windsor)
Alexandre (London)Alexandria (Barrie) (2)Alexandria (London)
ALEXEI (London)Alexia (Bradford)ALEXIE BENSON (USA)
Alexiis Willis (Guelph )Alexis Fowler (London)Alexis Fowler-Western University (London)
Alexis McDowell (London)Alexnder Tirolese, Ana Tirolese, Anthony Tirolese (London)Alfred Ng (Hamilton)
Algonquin PS (London)Algonquin Ridge E. S. Mrs. Gill and Ms. Finnimore's class (Barrie)Algonquin ridge elementary school mrs. mcormicks gr. 5 class (Barrie)
Algonquin Ridge Elementary School-Mrs. Haenni's class (Barrie)Alice (Toronto)Alice Schram-Smith (St Thomas)
alice shortt (sarnia, on)alice shortt (kettle point, on)Alicia (Barrie) (2)
Alicia (Kitchener)Alicia Blais (Bradford, Ontario)Alicia Coulterman (Barrie)
Alicia hughes (London)Alicia Jackson (Peterborough, ON)Alicia McIntyre (London)
Alicia Scarsella (Durham)Alicia Timmons (Kitchener)Alicia White (Chatham)
Alicia Woods (Windsor)Alicja Kowalska (London)Alim Nathoo (London)
Alina Leskiv (Bradford)Aline ndikizang (London)Alisa (Markham) (2)
Alisha (London)Alisha (Petrolia)Alisha Fernandes (Bradford)
Alisha Fernandes (Bradford, Ontario) (2)Alison Anderson- HDGH (Windsor)Alison Moran (Owen Sound)
Alison Morse (London)Alison Murray & Family (Windsor)Alison Neighbourhood Community Centre (Cambridge)
Alison Russell-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Alison Steele (Kitchener)Alison Steer (Windsor)
Alivia Walker (Kitchener)Aliyah Anglin (Bradford Ontairo)Alka Kalia (Edmonton)
All about peace (Grimsby, ON)All schools in Parry Sound (Parry Sound)Allan leeder, patricia leeder (Barrie)
Allan macuase (London)Allandale Heights Public School (Barrie)Allen Vercammer (Windsor)
Allessandra (London)Allie (Barrie) (3)Allie Chiasson (Barrie)
Allie Decker (London)Allie Hackett (Kitchener)Allison from Holy Trinity High School (Bradford )
Allison Neufeld (London) (2)Allison Paton (Kitchener)Allison Prieur (Windsor)
Allison Rutledge (London)Allison Seguin (London)Allison Stevenson (London)
Allison Taylor (London)Allison Webster (London)Ally (Australia)
Ally Kenyon (New York, USA)Ally Stewart - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Allyson (London)
Allyson Eckel (London)Allyssa deluca (Barrie)Almaguin highlands secondary school (canada )
Alpha Gamma Delta (London)Altaqwa Secondary School (London)Alvina Hargreaves (Barrie)
Aly Pintea (Kitchener)Alycha Reda - public speaker (Alberta) (3)Alysa (Bradford, Ontario)
Alysha Ceolin (London)Alyson Thomas (St. Thomas)Alyssa (Toronto)
Alyssa (Windsor)Alyssa (www.GamersRUs.ca)Alyssa Alaimo - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Alyssa and Rebecca (Barrie)Alyssa Crane (Kitchener)Alyssa Dagg (London)
Alyssa Dominique - Pi Beta/UWO Alum (London)Alyssa gilbert (Barrie)Alyssa Jones (Windsor)
Alyssa M. (New Jersey)Alyssa McCall (Barrie)Alyssa McNicol (London)
Alyssa Park, Western University (London)Alyssa Ricci (London)Alyssa Stewart (Kitchener)
Amalia Franzese (Frederick, Maryland)Amanda (London) (2)Amanda & Family! (US)
AMANDA Adam (London)Amanda Ayoung-Chee (Kitchener)Amanda Beardshaw (London)
Amanda Bhaggu (Toronto)Amanda Blakely (Barrie)Amanda Bradshaw (Fergus)
Amanda Broz (Kitchener)Amanda Chapman (Newmarket) (6)Amanda Costella (London)
Amanda D - University of Western Ontario (London)Amanda Deacon (London)Amanda Dejonovic (London)
Amanda Donovan (Barrie)Amanda Dunn (Barrie)Amanda Feeser (London)
Amanda Fisher Necchi (London)Amanda Gillian Davies (Barrie)Amanda Grawey (London)
Amanda Heffle (united states)Amanda Hostler (Kitchener)Amanda Hudie (Sarnia)
Amanda Kehler (Calgary)Amanda Marie Kehler (Strathmore, Alberta, Canada)Amanda McMann (Barrie)
Amanda Merriman (Edmonton)Amanda Moehring and Thomas Winkeler (London)Amanda Nowlan (Kitchener)
Amanda Puddicombe (Barrie)Amanda S. (Barrie)Amanda Tepei - YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka (Barrie)
Amanda Trumbley (Barrie)Amanda Veitch (London)Amanda Zannella (London)
Amanda, Dan, Ethan and Kohen (Barrie)Amara (United States)Amariah Watkinson (Parry Sound)
Amaru Mendez - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Amber (London)Amber (Kitchener)
Amber Gelinas (Windsor)Amber Giffen (Barrie)Amber Lang (London)
Amber lunn (London)Amber Mingus (Kentucky)Amber St.Onge (London)
Amherst (Windsor) (6)Amherst high school (Windsor)Amherst highschool (Windsor)
Amit Chakma, President & Vice-Chancellor, Western University (London)Amit Chakma, President, Western University (London) (3)Amy (Kitchener)
Amy (London) (2)Amy (Muskoka)Amy Bryson (London)
Amy Carr (Kitchener)Amy Collett (Keswick)Amy MacKinnon (London)
Amy Robinson (London)Amy smith (London)Amy Steels (Barrie)
Amy Thomas (London) (2)Amy Thornton (London)An upstander (London)
An Upstander to Injustice (London) (2)Ana farmer harvey (Barrie)Ana Garrocho (Barrie)
Ana Romeiro (Bradford)Anabel Berger (USA)Anabel Quan-Haase (London)
Anago Resources - Genest Detention Centre for Youth (London) (2)Anara Ferguson/Mandi Reid (Barrie)Anastasia (London)
Anastasia Kamorma (Kitchener)Anastasia Raznichanko (Kitchener)Anderdon (Windsor) (19)
Anderdon PS - Grade 8 (Windsor)Anderdon Public School (Windsor) (3)Anderdon public school (Kingston)
Anderdon public school (Windsor)Anderdon public shool (Windsor) (2)Anderson (Windsor) (2)
Andie Rosenbaum (London)Andra O'Neill (London)André Beaudin Western university (London) (2)
Andrea anderson (London)Andrea DeBlock-Pole (London)Andrea deLottinville (Brantford)
Andrea Drummond- Hotel Dieu-Grace Hospital (Windsor)Andrea Hamstra (Windsor)Andrea Leatham (London)
Andrea M (London)Andrea Meerstra (Medicine Hat)Andrea Pepe (Barrie)
Andrea Powers - Bonaventure Meadows Public School (London)Andrea Thompson (Toronto)Andrea Wishart (London)
Andree Chartrand (London)Andreia Oliveira (Bradford)Andres (Ontario)
Andrew (Barrie)Andrew (London)Andrew (Windsor)
Andrew Cole (London)Andrew Helt (London)Andrew Hostler (Kitchener)
Andrew Hunter Elementary School (Barrie)Andrew Hutnik (Windsor)Andrew J Coburn - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Andrew Lewis (Niagara)Andrew Lockie (London)Andrew McClenaghan (London)
Andrew McGregor (London)Andrew Park's family (Barrie)Andrew Slade (Kitchener)
Andrew Symington (Toronto)Andrew Tompsett (Blenheim)Andrew Weaver (London)
Andy Boyd (London)Andy Chelchowski (London)Aneel Janmohammad (London)
Ange (Stratford)Angel Armstrong (niagara)Angel Mugisha (London)
Angel Plaskitt (Barrie)Angel Plaskitt (Innisfil)Angel Ta (Kitchener)
Angel white (Kitchener)Angela (London)Angela (Tillsonburg)
Angela (Oxford County)Angela Clarkson - John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga) (2)Angela Corns (London)
Angela Cowan (Kitchener)Angela Geddes (London)Angela Gitta-Morgan (London)
Angela Jones (Windsor)Angela Lockridge (Barrie)Angela Lumley (London)
Angela Otte (London)Angela Sampson (London)Angela Spineto (London)
Angela Treglia (London)Angelanna (Barrie)Angelica (Guelph)
Angelika (Windsor)Angelo (Barrie)Angie (London)
Angie Carroll- Barrie Ymca (Barrie)Angie Chessman (London)Angie Ruppert - Rn - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)
Anish Chopra (Barrie)Anisha Chana (London)Anishnabe secondary alternative (London)
Anita Thakkar (London)Anjana Jacob (Windsor)Ann Boies (Windsor) (2)
Ann Fahrun (Owen Sound)Ann Freeman (Windsor)Ann Marie Proulx (Barrie)
Ann Scully (Barrie)Ann Smith (Barrie)Ann stephenson (Barrie)
Ann Taylor (Victoria Harbour, Ontario)ANN WOOD (KINGSVILLE)Anna (ottawa)
Anna Blythe (London)Anna Buchanan (Barrie)Anna Donatucci - HDGH (Windsor)
Anna Dundas (London)Anna Potrawiak (London)Anna Tyulyakova student @ John Cabot Catholic S.S (Mississauga )
Annabelle (Barrie)ANNALISA FUSARO (Windsor)Annandale (London)
Annandale School (Oxford)Annandale School (London)Annastashia Petrie (London)
Anne Brousseau, secrétaire, école Mgr-A-Caron (Windsor)Anne Hathaway/Silas Campbell (Kitchener)Anne Lavender (Kitchener)
Anne Leaist (London)Anne Marie Wright (Barrie)Anne Pearson (London)
Anne Wilson (London)Anne Wismer (Woodstock) (2)Anne-Marie Caicco (London)
Anne-Marie Candy (Barrie)Anne-Marie McLeish (Owen Sound Bruce/Grey)Annette Pratt (Windsor)
Annie (York Region)Annie Morin (London)Annie Roberts (Barrie)
Anonymous (Windsor)Anonymous (newmarket)Anthony (Windsor)
Anthony (London) (2)Anthony Chahine (Windsor) (2)Anti-bullying Campaign (British Columbia)
Antoinette Foreshaw (London)Anwar D. Awol (London)Anwar Family (Brantford)
Any school (Hamilton)April & Dan Mulholland (bruce grey)April Herlick (London)
April mcculligh (London)April Robitaille (London)April Wilson, YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka (Barrie)
Arbeau Paralegal (London)Archie Young (Kitchener)Ardagh Bluffs Public School (Barrie)
Arhtur Ford Public School (London)Ari (Ari Camejo )Ari Bell (Edmonton)
Ariel Liu (London)Arina (London)Arlene oneill (London)
Armatage village public school (tyler repath)Armin velagic (London)armitage (newmarket)
Armitage Village Public School (Newmarket)Arms Bumanlag (Windsor)ARTHUR LING (Windsor) (9)
Arthur Voaden Secondary School (London)Artistica Painting & Decorating (Barrie)Arva (London)
Arvin (Markham)Arvin Bhangu (Edmonton)Asha Parekh (London)
Ashleigh Yates (London)Ashley (Kitchener) (2)Ashley (Halton hills)
Ashley (Windsor)Ashley (Bradford Ontario)Ashley (Barrie)
Ashley anne jovec !!!! (Barrie)Ashley Banez (Windsor)Ashley Carroll (London)
Ashley Crossen (London)Ashley Hanas (London)Ashley Irvine (London)
Ashley Irwin (Caledon)Ashley kamana (London)Ashley Leblanc (St Thomas)
Ashley Lock (London)Ashley Matt (Midland)Ashley Oaks Public School (London)
Ashley Palmer (London)Ashley Pluss (Windsor)Ashley R (Barrie)
Ashley Shea (London)Ashley Shepherd -Transitional Age Youth Service (Midland)Ashley Smit (Barrie)
Ashley Stewart (Hamilton, ON)Ashley Thomas (London)Ashley Thorne (London)
Ashley Thornton (London)Ashley Verhaaff (London)ASHLEY VINCENT (Kitchener)
Ashley Walter (London)Ashley Whetham-UWO (London)Ashley-lynn leblanc (London)
Ashton metts (London)Ashwaq E (Kitchener)Aspen Stanley (Mississauga)
Assikinack Public School (Barrie)ASWR (Kitchener)At.michael the arch angel (Barrie)
Athena Panizales (Newmarket)Atkinson (London)Augusta Stanciu (Windsor)
Aundrea Shewchuk (London)Aurélie legros (London) (2)Aurora Heights P.S. (York Region)
Aurora High School Grade 9rs (York Region )Aurthur Voaden S.S (St.Thomas ON)Austin (Kitchener)
Austin Silvan (London)Austin Torres (www.GamersRUs.ca)AutoStrada (London)
Autumn D.-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Autumn Dubroy-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Autumnstar (London)
AV Grahm (Tecumseh)Ava Williams (London)Ava Wombwell (Windsor)
Ava Wombwell (London)Avalon Paul (London)Avenue Road Public School (Cambridge)
Avery (Barrie)Avery (Windsor) (2)Avey Family (London)
Avia Anderson/Dennis Zahorouski (Windsor)Avry Simurda (Bradford)AWW Network of Companies (Toronto)
Aycha Tammour (London)Ayden Anderson (London) (2)Ayesha Butcher (Windsor)
Ayla Hadland (Windsor)Ayo (London)Ayva (Windsor)
B Squared Hair Studio (Windsor)BABAJIDE OGUNJIMI (London)Baden jaxon (Kitchener)
Baden public (Kitchener) (3)Baden Public (Kitchener)Baden public school (Kitchener)
Baden Puplic (Kitchener)Badenpublikescool (Kitchener)Bailea Erb (Goderich )
Bailey (London)Bailey Leblanc (London)Balsam (London)
BANA-Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association (Windsor)Banting Memorial High School (alliston)Bao Tran (Bradford West Gwillimbury)
Barakat Misk (London)Barb Churney (London)Barb Hogben (Kawartha Lakes, Ontario)
Barb Ledgley, Public Health Nurse (London)Barb Powell (London) (2)Barb Scott (London)
Barb walker (London)BArb Wappler (Kitchener)Barbara (London)
Barbara Ceglarski (London)Barbara G.-Green et famille École Frère-André (London)Barbara Gill (York Regine)
Barbara Mackenzie (Kitchener)Barbara Sebben (Windsor) (2)Barbara Wilkinson - YMCA Barrie (Barrie)
Barbour family (Barrie)Bargain store (Kitchener)Barna Iacob (Kitchener)
Barrie Central Collegiate (Barrie)Barrie YMCA/ Grace Burgoyne (Barrie)Barrons (Barrie)
Barry (Windsor)Barry DeJonge (Kitchener)Barry green (Kitchener)
Barry Tiffin (London)Batohi Family (London)Battlegrounds Research and Developement / Jason Nicol (Kitchener)
Baylee (United States)BBBSOLA (London)BDHS (Windsor)
Beatrice (London)Beatriz Miranda (Bradford)Beaux-Arts Brampton (Brampton)
Becca (ottawa)Beccomm (Kitchener)Becki Roberts (London)
Beckster (London)Becky (Kitchener)Becky Carlyle (London)
Becky Cole (Kitchener)Becky Howath - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Becky K, TVDSB (London)
Becky Olscher (London)Becky Quinn - King's University College (London)Bed Time Toys (Amaranth)
Beechgrove Public School student (Gravenuhrst)Beier Family (London) (2)Beki van Horik (London)
Believen Understanding (Barrie)Believer (London)Belinda (Barrie)
Belinda Hammoud (London)Bella (London)Belle (USA)
Ben (London)Ben Browne (Barrie)Ben Browne - Barrie Central Collegiate Institute (Barrie)
Ben Hawkins (durham)Ben MacFadden (London)Ben Padega (London)
Ben Ramsay (Barrie)Ben Smale (Barrie)Benjamin Burr, Harrison Pensa (London)
Benjamin dover (Windsor)Benjamin Hill (London)Benjamin Hill (The University of Western Ontario) (London)
Berger family (London)Bernice Arnold (Barrie)Bernice Ball (Kitchener)
Bernice Rochelle (Barrie)Beth Pappas (Newmarket)Beth Robson (Kitchener)
Beth Savoie (Windsor)Beth Springer (Windsor)Bethany (London)
Bethany Martin - LHSC (London)Bev Coleman Pianters (Huron East)Bev Hughes (London)
Bev Jackson (London)Bev mcBride,cory lee steve mcbride and cody mckinnon (London)Bev McCall (Woodstock)
Beverly Gifford & family (Barrie)Beverly Paget/Michael Silvio/Justin Paget/Cassidy Paget/Kieya Paget/Richard Fallows/Susan Paget (Barrie)Beynon fields PS (Richmond Hill) (2)
Bianca DeBenedictis (London)Bianca Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Bradford)Bianca Nowak-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Bianca Prince (Kitchener)Bianca Szelei (Kitchener)Bidlake Family (London)
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Woodstock & District (Woodstock) (3)Bikers Against Bullying(Canada) (Kitchener) (2)Bill & Ruth-Anne Calhoun (London)
Bill and Teri White (Kitchener)Bill Fulker (Barrie)Bill Joyce (Wasaga Beach ON)
Bill Kalapun (London)Bill Marra - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Bill Rowan (London)
Bill Tucker (London)Birchview Dunes E.S. - Mr. Osborn's Grade 6 Class (Barrie)Birchview Dunes elementry school (Wasaga)
Bishop Gallagher (Thunder Bay)Black Belt Schools Canada (Kitchener)Blackburn Radio Inc (London)
Blackburn Radio Inc. (London)Blake (Kitchener)Blake Andrew (London)
Blake Fellman (Bradford)Blake Fellman (Cookstown)Blake O'Neill (Strathroy Rockets) (London)
Blake VanBerlo (London) (2)Blake Younge (Hamilton )Blantyre PS (Toronto)
Blenheim District Public School, TVDSB (London)Blessed Sacrament Catholic School (London)Blessed Sacrament Catholic School grade 6/7 (London)
Blessed Trinity CES (Barrie)Bob an Shirley Ayres (London)Bob Clark (London)
Bob Clark, Fanshawe College (London)Bob Denomme (London)Bob G/ RGSS (Barrie)
Bob Gough (London)Bob Rundle (Woodstock)Bob The Builder (London) (2)
Bob Van Doorselaer (London)Bob/baden (Kitchener)Bobby-Jo Keats (Windsor)
Bobs donuts (Windsor)Bolschetschenko- Simmonds Family (London)Bonaventure Meadows (London)
Bonaventure Meadows Public School (London) (4)Bonaventure meadows public school (London)Bonaventure Meadows Public School - Makos 7/8 (London)
Bonnie (Winnipeg)Bonnie (Kitchener)Bonnie & John Reardon (Cumberland Beach, Ontario)
Bonnie Ainsworth (Barrie)Bonnie burns and chelsea mcCausland (Barrie)Bonnie MacBean, Fanshawe College (London)
Bonnie Milhomens (London)Bonnie Murphy - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)BONNIE STATES (DIGBY, N.S.)
Bonnie weppler (Kitchener)Bonnie-Lee Armstrong (Kitchener)Bonny (London)
Boris Savchenko (London)Boston Pizza Barrie South (Barrie)Boulder Prep. High School (USA)
Brad Benoit (Windsor)Brad Mcmurray (London)Brad thirlwall (London)
Bradley Wilcox (Glencoe)Brady Shaw. B. Davison S.S. (London)Branden Trochymchuk (Thunder Bay - Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board )
Brandice Arquette (London)Brandon Johnson (London)Brandon King (London)
Brandon McMackin (London)Brandoski (Barrie)Brandy lalone (London)
Brandy Trowhill (London)Brandy-Leigh Arsenault (London)Branwen Maden (London)
Brayden Leclerc (Windsor)Braydon Rutherford (London)Break the Grey / Lee Ann Fraser (Chatham Kent)
Bree Tietz (London)Brenda & Eric Logan (Windsor)Brenda Becker (London)
Brenda Bulmer (Kitchener)Brenda Gray (Toronto)Brenda Hutcheson, Department of History, Western University (London)
Brenda J Wood, author and speaker (Barrie)Brenda King (London)Brenda King - University of Windsor (Windsor)
Brenda LeBlanc (Windsor)Brenda McGee - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Brenda Stern (Barrie)
Brenda Stern - Barrie Ymca (Barrie)Brenda Verkoeyen (Windsor)Brenda Wade (Kitchener)
Brendan Bissonnette (Windsor)Brendan Cassidy (London)Brendan Davidson (Windsor)
Brendan Dove (Hamilton)Brendan Kavanagh (Barrie)Brenden Bechamp (London)
Brenley Johnston (London)Brenna Oude-Reimerink (London)Brennan (Windsor) (2)
Brennan ross (London)Brent & Deb Vanden Heuvel (London)Brent Duncan (London)
Brescia (London)Brescia Univeristy and College (London) (2)Brescia University (London)
Brescia University College (London) (6)Brescia University College Communnications Department (London)Brescia Unversity College (London)
bressanni (york )Brett Dalton (Strathroy) (2)Brett Dalton (London)
Brett Dyck (Strathroy Rockets) (London)Brett Wiepjes (London)Brett, Rita, Dana and Adam DesRosiers (Windsor)
Bri (York Region)Bria Sherman (Durham) (2)Brian (Kitchener)
Brian (London)Brian Anderson (London)Brian Burke (Barrie)
Brian Dempsey (London)Brian Gibson (London)Brian Hannigan (Barrie)
Brian Lindsay (London)Brian Maxwell Kearney (London)Brian Shelley, YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka (Barrie)
Brian Thorne (London)Briana (Bradford)Briana Calisto (Bradford)
Briana Lacey/Kevin Louro (Toronto)Brianna (London)Brianna (Kitchener) (5)
Brianna (Barrie)Brianna Jackson (London)Brianna Scott (NC)
Brianne (Windsor)Brianne Drouillard (Windsor)Bridget Delaney - RN - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)
Bridget Lavigne -- B. Davison S.S. (London)Bridget speiran (London)Brie (Kitchener) (6)
Brie Hutcheon (London)Brielle Smith (Barrie)Brigid Clingan (Windsor)
Brigitte (Ottawa)Brigitte Kok Madsen (London)Brigitte Leclerc (London)
Brigitte Quirouette-Jarvis (London)Britney (Bradford Ontario)Britney (London)
Britney Belanger (London)Brittany (London)Brittany (bradford)
Brittany Cartwright (London)Brittany Gruden (London)Brittany Livingston (Kitchener)
Brittany McLeod (London)Brittany N (London)Brittany P. (London)
Brittany Riehl (Barrie)Brittany yeryk (Windsor)Brittney Thompson (London) (2)
Brittny & Hannah (california)Brock (St Catharines )Brock (Windsor)
brock scheepers (newmarket)Brodo Baggins (Barrie)Brody (Strafourd)
Brody Good (Brockville)Brody Poulin (Tillsonburg)Brooke (Windsor)
Brooke Authier - RN - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Brooke Cardwell (London)Brooke Edwards (London)
Brooke K (London)Brooke Sharpe (Kitchener)Brookes (Barrie)
Brooklyn (Barrie)Brooklynn (Barrie)Bruce H (London)
Bruce Johnson The York Centre (Richmond Hill)Brumitt Management & PR Group (London)bruno (bradford)
Bry Seely (Kitchener)Bryan awcock (London)Bryan hull (London)
Bryanna (London)Bryanna (Windsor)Bryanne (Toronto)
Bryce Tolmie (Durham )Bryden (Barrie)Bully Free Small Town (Listowel)
Bully-free (London)Bullys are the stupidest thing ever (Barrie)Bullys suck and they only pee there pants thats how stupid they are (Windsor)
Bunnett-Jones Family (Windsor)Burton Family (London)Butler middle school (Utah) (2)
BX93's Dave & Rachel Show (London)Byng PS (Stayner)Byron Northview School (London)
Byron Somerset Public School (London) (2)Byron Somerset Public School Mrs. Jekl's Kindergarten (London)C C Carrothers (London)
C Larocque (London)C Trudgeon (London)C. Brown (London)
C. Melina Paquette at the Centre for Children & Families in the Justice Sytem of the London Family Court Clinic (London)c.b (Milton )C.E Broughton (Durham Region)
C.E.Brougton (Durham Region)Caelan Brown (Maple, ON)Caileigh,mikaela (Barrie)
Cait Winchester (Barrie)Caitlin (London)Caitlin Curtis-Holden (London)
Caitlin Dunlop (United States of America)Caitlyn (Barrie)Caitlyn A (London)
Caleb (London)Callie (Barrie)Caloosa MIddle (Florida) (2)
Calvin Diep (London)Calvin, Brittney and Preston Biefer and Tanya Quast (Kitchener)Cambridge Memorial Hospital (Kitchener)
Cameron Crassweller (Windsor)Cameron Family (London)Cameron Heights (Kitchener)
Cameron Heights Collegiate (Kitchener)Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute (Kitchener)Cameron Reilly (London)
Cameron Street Public School (Barrie)CAMH Centre for Prevention Science (London)Cami Hennessy (London)
Camila Raymond (Windsor)Camp Concord (Toronto)Canadian Blood Services (Barrie)
Canadian College of Health Science and Technology (Windsor)Canadian Forces Fire and CBRN Academy (Barrie)Canadian Latin American Association (London)
Canadian Mental Health Association - Grey Bruce Branch (Grey Bruce)Canadian Mental Health Association Grand River Branch (Kitchener)Canadian Mental Health Association-Grand River Branch/Braden Speers (Guelph)
Candace Campbell (Windsor)Candice Doherty (London)Candice Graine (Kitchener)
Candice Hislop (Kitchener)Candice J (Kitchener)Candy Carnahan (Barrie)
Cara (London)Cara O'Ray (London)Cara Telfer, Teacher at Laycock Primary School (London England)
Cara toth, parker toth (Barrie)Caradoc North P.S. - 3/4C (London)Caradoc North Public School (London)
Caradoc PS (London)Caradoc Public School (London) (3)Caramel and Bill Selfe (Barrie)
Caria-Gaye Oldham (Jamaica)Caring Family (St. Thomas)Carl Hoefer (London)
carl kingsbury (orillia)Carlene Maclean (Barrie)Carley Woods (London)
Carlie Mandrapilias (London)Carlin Big Snake (Siksika Nation, Alberta)Carling (London)
Carling-Thames Family Centre (London)Carlos macaroni Holy trinity Highschool (Barrie)Carly Baz (Windsor)
Carly Dierolf (London)Carly Siroen (London)Carly Vanderheyden (London)
Carmel New Church School (Kitchener)Carmelina Bulgaretti (Brampton)Carol (Windsor)
Carol Cott (London) (2)Carol Dumeah (Windsor) (2)Carol McBey (Barrie)
Carol Meermann (Kitchener)Carol Menter (Windsor)Carol Webster (Windsor)
Carole Luther (London)Carole Mortl- Imperial Middle School (USA)Carole Sylvain (Barrie)
Carolina Cortes Mona (London)Carolina Stec (Mississauga, John Cabot )Caroline Dale (Ottawa)
Caroline Ferguson-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Caroline Robinson LHSC (London)Carolyn Caicco (London)
Carolyn Doidge (London)Carolyn Duckworth (Goderich (Huron County))Carolyn Ford (London)
Carolyn Laing McCabe (London)Carolyn Leighton-Hilborn (Kitchener)Carolyn Moran - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Carolyn Young (London)Carolyne Gardner - King's University College at Western University (London)Carons (Peel)
Carrie Blissett (London)Carrie Brophey-Carrie's Hair Designs (London)Carrie Casey (Barrie)
Carrie Connelly (London)Carrie D’Alessandro (London)Carrie Letourneau - HDGH (Windsor)
Carrie MacLean B. Davison S.S. (London)Carrie Poulin (Windsor)CarrieAnn (Windsor)
Carrington Middle School (America)Carruthers Nicol Insurance Inc. (Grey Bruce)Carruthers Nicol Insurance Inc. (Grey Bruce, Ontario)
Carson sorokos (London)Carter Buck (Windsor)Carter Kobler (London)
Carter Ross (London) (2)Carvalho (Kitchener)CAS London (London)
CAS London and Middlesex (London)Casey (Barrie)Casey Kouvelas (Windsor) (2)
Casino Rama (Barrie) (2)Cassandra (Barrie)Cassandra Dixon (Barrie)
Cassandra Montana (Bradford)Cassandra surace (Barrie)Cassidy Family (Kitchener)
Cassidy Renaud (Windsor)Cassie French (London)Cassie Rooke (London)
Catae (London)Catarina Paradinha (London)Cate Grainger (London)
Catharine Dishke Hondzel/ Western University (London)Catherine (Huron County)Catherine (London)
Catherine Bondy HDGH Clerical Psychiatry (Windsor)Catherine Burnett (London)Catherine Caldwell (London) (2)
Catherine Conforti (Mississauga)Catherine Gillis (Calgary Alberta)Catherine McCutcheon - 104.7 Heart FM (Woodstock)
Catherine Wahl (London)Cathleen Jubinville-Bacon Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Catholic Central (London)
Catholic Central High School (London)Catholic Education Centre (London)Cathy (London)
Cathy (Kitchener)Cathy Christie (Kitchener)Cathy Cuylle (London)
Cathy Davidson (London)Cathy Ferlisi - York Catholic District School Board Trustee Concord/Thornhill (Concord/Thornhill)Cathy Ferlisi - York Catholic District School Board Trustee Concord/Thornhill (York Region)
Cathy Foster (Owen Sound)Cathy Halloran - Barrie Ymca (Barrie)Cathy Li (London)
Cathy Monchamp (London)Cathy Oram (Barrie)Cathy Pollard (London)
Cathy Sears (Blue Mountains)Cathy Stark (London)Cathy Strong (Windsor)
Cathy Van Bommel (London)Cathy Vander Pryt (London)CAW Local 2458, Office Clerical and Technician Committee WECDSB (Windsor)
CAW/AUTRANS (Ingersoll)Caz Thomas (Kitchener)CBE Western University (London)
CCAA (London)Cecilia (Windsor)cecilia stretch (USA ) (2)
Cedar creek (Kitchener)Cedarbrae public school (Kitchener)Cedarbrae Public Scool (Kitchener)
Celeah Gagnon (Windsor)Celeste Trepanier (Windsor)Celia Bell-HDGH (Windsor)
Celina (Barrie)Celina De Lancey (London) (2)Celsk Benefit Promotions (Barrie)
Centennial Central Public School (London)Centennial College ECE Students Advocating to end Bullying (Toronto)Centennial P.S (W) (Kitchener)
Central (London)Central Community Health Centre (London)Central public school (Woodstock)
Central Public School (London)Central Secondary School (London) (2)Centre de Formation des Adultes - CscProvidence (Windsor)
Centre for Research & Education on Violence against Women & children (London)Centre fro Children & Families in the Justice System (London)Chad Callander (London) (2)
Chad LeCoure (Windsor)Chad Walker (London)Chanda Hayes (Barrie)
chanelle (New-Brunswick)Chantal Boucher (Barrie)Chantal Dugdale (Barrie)
Chantal Hunter (Barrie)Chantal Lafleur (Oakville)Chantal Lewin (Barrie)
Chantal Marentette (London)Chantal McCutcheon (London)Chantalle and Micheal (Kitchener)
Chantalle and miches (Kitchener)Chantel (Windsor)Chantelle (London) (2)
Character Community Foundation of York Region (Newmarket-York Region)Charie Virga (Windsor)Charity Hannan (London)
Charla@King Edward School (Winnipeg Manitoba)Charlene Gordon (Ottawa)Charles McKenzie (London)
Charley Ward (St. Louis, MO)Charlie & Darrin MacDonald (London)Charlie Milhomens (London)
Charlotte (Toronto )Charlotte Daniel (Kitchener)Charlotte Dirken (Whitby)
Charlotte Provost (London)Charlotte Sikatori (London)Charlotter Sherry Weir (London)
Chase shady is a but (Windsor)Chase Thornton (Strathroy Rockets) (London)Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres (Chatham-Kent)
Chatham-Kent Sexual Assault Crisis Centre (Chatham)Chelsea Kampe (Kitchener)Chelsea Kirk (London)
Chelsea Smith (London) (2)Chelsea Viselli (Windsor)CHEP Canada (Kitchener)
Cheri (London)Cheri Abaza (Barrie)Cheryl Barton (London)
Cheryl Bolton (London)Cheryl Briglia (London) (2)Cheryl carvalho (Kitchener)
Cheryl Dass (Hamilton-Wentworth region, Ontario)Cheryl Dawkins (Kitchener) (2)Cheryl G (Barrie)
Cheryl Jamieson/Western University (London)Cheryl King (Kitchener)Cheryl Legate, London and District Distress Centre (London)
Cheryl MacDonald (London) (2)Cheryl Marko (Port Burwell)Cheryl Mazak (London)
Cheryl McKeever (London)Cheryl poupard (Windsor)Cheryl Rivard (London)
Chester Community Charter School (Peacekeeper)Chevien Labadie (Barrie)Chevonne Liu (London)
Childreach (London) (2)Children's Aid Homework Program (Windsor)Children's Aid Society (London)
Chinar mahmod (London)Chippewa Employment & Training Department (London)Chippewa parent (London)
Chippewa Public School (London) (2)Chloe B (London)Chloë Bouchard (London)
Chloe Grondin (London)Chloe Leclair (London)Chloe melanson (London)
Chloe.d (Windsor)chris (woodstock)Chris (London)
Chris - LHSC (London)Chris & Donna Irvine (Windsor)Chris and Deb (Barrie)
Chris Beaton (London)Chris Curry (London)Chris Francis and Janice Elliott (London)
Chris Friesen. B. Davison S.S (London)Chris Halliday (Toronto)Chris Hasson (London)
Chris johnson (Guelph ont) (2)Chris Maloney (London)Chris Matthews (Windsor)
Chris Mc Cormack B. Davison S.S. (London)Chris mcdonald (Kitchener)Chris Ross (Windsor)
Chris Ruest (London)Chris Steinman (Woodstock, Ontario) (2)Chrissy Court and family (London)
Christ the King Catholic School with French Immersion (Windsor)Christ the King Catholic Secondary School/Maria (Georgetown )Christ The King Secondary School (Halton Hills)
Christa Moniz (Kitchener)Christain Zepeda (Kitchener)Christi Howden (Timmins)
Christi Steele (London)Christian (London)Christian (Bradford, Ontario)
Christian Goulet (Sarnia)Christiane sadeler (Kitchener)Christie (Kitchener)
Christie Dunlop-HDGH (Windsor)Christie Reaume (Windsor)Christin Twomey (Toronto )
Christina (Mississauga)Christina (London) (2)Christina (Barrie)
Christina Arnold (Kitchener)Christina Atkinson (Niagara)Christina Cichon (Windsor)
Christina corey- personal support worker (London)Christina De Sousa (London)Christina Graham (Ottawa)
Christina Liu (London)Christina Mai (Bradford, Ontario)Christina Marie Harvey (Barrie)
Christina McDonald (London)Christina Nicholson (London)Christina Vlassova (Bradford)
Christine (London) (2)Christine (Alberta)Christine (Kitchener)
Christine (Barrie)Christine Colautti (Windsor)Christine Comartin-Diett (Windsor)
Christine Coutts (London)Christine Finlay (London)Christine Forand, École St-Dominique Savio (Owen Sound)
Christine Guptill (London)Christine Hackett (Barrie)Christine Haller (Kitchener)
Christine Mackie - Schulich School of Medicine - Windsor Program (Windsor)Christine Palframan (London)Christine Palmer (Sarnia)
Christine Riberdy (Windsor)Christine Van Deven (London)Christine Wilton (London) (2)
Christopher (Windsor)Christopher (London)Christopher Antilope (Mississauga)
Christopher cassidy (London)Christopher D. Thompson - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Christopher Fahey (Windsor)
Christopher Millward (Barrie)Christopher Tansley (Bradford)Chuckothy (Whitby)
Church family (Peterborough)chyanne borja (bradford ontario)Ciara O'Connell (Newmarket)
Cidnee Vaykovich (London)Cindy Burns (Windsor)Cindy D'Ambrosio (St.Catharines)
Cindy Franz (Barrie)CINDY MARCELLI (Barrie)Cindy Morrison (London)
Cindy Morrison - Western (London)Cindy Murray (Kitchener)Cindy Queenan (London)
Cindy Robillard mother of 2 children at Algoquin Public School Woodstock Ontario (London)Cindy Warner (London)Cindy Wylie (Barrie)
Cindy-Lee Phillips (London)City of london Doug Underwood (London)CJ's REFINISHING (Barrie)
Claire (Barrie)Claire Brooks (Bradford)Claire Crooks (London)
Claire Diana (Barrie)Claire LaBelle (Moncton New Brunswick)Claire Poppe (London)
Clar Brenton Public School (London)Clara (Barrie)Clara Brenton Public School (London)
Clara Musca (Windsor)Clara-Ann Ruiz (Richmond Hill)Clare Tattersall, Huron University College (London)
Claremont Secondary (Canada)Clarice Chevalier (Windsor)Clarke Road Secondary School Staff and Students (London)
Clarksville Academy. (United States) (23)Class 2 (Australia)Classe de 2B Mme Monique (Leamington)
Classe de 3e année, École élémentaire catholique Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf (London)Classe de M. Morassutti 6B, École Monseigneur Augustin Caron (Windsor)Classic Rock, FREE 98-1 (London)
Claude Pensa (London)Claude Vachon (Ottawa)Claudette Hann (Barrie)
Claudia Flores (London)Clayton Cook (London)Clayton Johnson (Orillia)
Clayton stevenson (Kitchener)Cleardale P.s (London)Clemens mill (Kitchener)
Clemens Mill- Madame San Martin's class (Kitchener)Clemens Mill- Mrs. Wallace-Stoltz's class (Kitchener)Clemens Mill- Mrs.Schumacher's class (Kitchener)
Clemens Mill Public School - Miss Novak's class (Kitchener)Clemens Mill Public School - Mrs. Clifton's class (Kitchener)Cleusa de Oliveira (London)
Clorinda Djordjevic - HDGH (Windsor)Cloud River Academy (Newfoundland and Labrador)CMHA GRB (Kitchener)
Coalition for Action Against Bullying- Durham (CAAB-D) (Durham Region)Cody (Kitchener)Cody Hawkrigg (London)
Coke a cola (Mississauga)Colborne St Public School-Parent & student/Strathroy (London)Colborne Street PS (London)
cole camenzuli (bradford )Cole Nethercott (London)Colette Devlin (Owen Sound)
Colette Ducharme (Windsor)Colin Edwards ecole Georges P Vanier Windsor, ON (Windsor)Colleen Bruner-Pelletier (Windsor)
Colleen Bruner-Pelletier, Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Colleen Chartrand (London)Colleen Dinan (Barrie)
Colleen Gobert (London)Colleen Ireland (Waterloo)Colleen Nasello (Windsor)
College Avenue Secondary School (London) (2)Collingwood ,Wasaga Beach E3 (Barrie)Colonial Estates School (Alberta)
Colton (Barrie) (2)Columbia Sportswear Canada LP (Strathroy)Community Living London (London) (2)
Community Living Owen Sound & District/Melissa Pettigrew (Port Elgin)community living Owen sound and District (Owen Sound)Community Living Owen Sound and District (Owen Sound) (2)
Community Living Owen Sound and District (Tammy Robertson)Community Living Owen Sound and District (Anne-Marie McLeish)Community Living Owen Sound and District/Mary Jane Dalton (Owen Sound)
Complication@Holy Trinity High School (Barrie)ComplyWorks (Calgary)Conestoga College (Kitchener)
Conestoga College/ Skylar Wright (Waterloo )Conestoga College/DairyQueen Pioneer Park/ Brienne Trombley (Kitchener)Conféderation (Niagra Falls)
connaught public school collingwood (Simco)Connie (London) (3)Connie puntillo (York region)
Connie Strong - RPN - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Connie Sutherland (London)Connor (London)
Connor Cozad (Windsor)Connor kitchen (Windsor)Connor Lawson (Barrie)
Connor Tanguy (London)Connor Taylor (Kitchener)Conrad (London)
Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence (Windsor)Cookstown Central Public School (Barrie) (2)Cookstown Central Public School - Grade 2/3 (Barrie)
Cookstown Central Public School - Grade Six (Cookstown)Cookstown Central Public School - Mrs. Brito's Grade 1 class (Barrie)Cookstown Central Public School - Mrs. Morris's Grade 7 Class (Barrie)
Cookstown Central Public school -Grade 6 Room 102 (Barrie)Cookstown Central Public School Grade 8 (Cookstown, Ontario)Cookstown Central Public School, Miss Burgess' Grade 7 Class (Barrie)
Cooper Disc Jockey Services (London)Copeland-Lamb Family (Kirkfield)Cora (Barrie)
Coral White (London)Corbett Family (Kitchener)Corey Gutjahr (London) (2)
Corey Janke - iMPOWER Counselling Services (London)Corina (Barrie)Corinne Morton (London)
Cornatzer Elementary School (USA)Corpus Christi Middle School (Windsor)Corrine Rahman (London)
Cory Foley (Barrie)Councillor Stephen Orser Ward 4 (London)Courtney (Kitchener)
Courtney (London) (2)Courtney & Dan McFortintosh (London)Courtney Francoeur (London)
Courtney O'Connell (guelph )Courtney Preszcator (Hamilton )Courtney Scott -YMCA (Barrie)
Courtney Snyder (Ohio )Courtney Webber (Kitchener)Courtney Wilson (Kitchener)
Courtney Wright (London) (2)Couturier (London)Craig Cooper (London)
Craig Lyons (Kitchener)Craig McLeman (Kitchener)Craig Reed/Western University (London)
Craig Rourke (Owen Sound, ON)Crawford Air Ltd. (London)Crazy About Mental Health (London)
CReid (Midland)Cristina - RN - 3N HDGH (Windsor)Cristina DiFranco (Vaughan)
Cristina Popa, école catholique Ste-Thérèse, Csc Providence (Windsor)Cristina Rahovean (Windsor)Cristina Rawson (London) (2)
Crossroads Convenience and more (Barrie)crystal (collingwood)Crystal H (London)
Crystal Quigley- Windsor Regional Hospital (Windsor) (2)Crystal Smith (London)Crystal! (Midland) (2)
Crystale Macfarlane (Barrie)CscProvidence (Chatham-kent)CSDECSO (London)
CTV 2 London (London)CTV Windsor (Windsor)Cundles Heights Public School (Barrie)
Cundles Hieghts (Barrie)Currie family (Barrie)Curtis (London)
CVES (New York)cwhittaker (Burlington)Cynthia (Barrie)
cynthia alvarez (gatineau)Cynthia Dancel (Windsor)Cynthia Harrison (London)
Cynthia Martin (Kitchener)Cynthia Ross (Woodstock)D Carroll of St. Anne HS and CAW Local 2458 (Windsor)
D Hold (London)D Ouellette (Windsor)D. Henderson (Burlington)
D.Flynn (Windsor) (2)Dael Horhota (London)Daiene Vernile, MPP Kitchener Centre (Kitchener)
Dairy Queen (Kitchener)Dakoda (London) (2)Dakota Carter (Barrie)
Dakotah (London)Dale Moore (Barrie)Dalen Kuchmey (Strathroy Rockets) (London)
Daley (montana)Dallas dunlevy (Kitchener)Dallas Gagnon- St Annes (Windsor)
Dalma Merino (London)Dalton DeSalliers (Windsor)Damon Thompson (Grey County)
DAN (DANLAND)Dan Bedard (Windsor)Dan Buchanan (London)
Dan Harrison (Windsor)Dan Jorgensen (London)Dan Lauckner (Kitchener) (3)
Dan Macaulay (London)Dan Purcell (Kitchener)Dan Rocha (Kitchener)
Dan Shrubsole - Geography, Western (London)Dana Copeland (London) (2)Dana Denomey (London) (2)
Dana Driscoll-YMCA (Barrie)Dana James (London)Dana Millson from HDGH-ER (Windsor)
Dana P (London)Dana Thagard (Bradford)Dance Essence (London)
Danica L (Barrie)Danica Laurel (Bradford)Daniel (London)
Daniel Leger (London)Daniel Mack (US)Daniel P (London)
Daniel Taylor (London)daniel yousif (Bradford)Daniel, Jillian and Noah Comtois (Windsor)
Daniela Dabrowski (London)Daniela Dragos (Windsor)daniela jesus (bradford)
Daniela Railean (London)Daniela Valdes (London)Daniella (London)
Daniella Waterfield (Bradford)Danielle (London)Danielle - Western University (London)
Danielle Anderson (London)Danielle Antetomaso (United States)Danielle Bertoldo (Thunder Bay, Ontario)
Danielle Bradley (Kitchener)Danielle Buchmayer-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Danielle Dufour (London)
Danielle Francis (Chatham-Kent)Danielle Gruber (United States)Danielle Holmes (London)
Danielle Istl, Western University (London)Danielle Pytlik (London)Danielle R. Steele (London)
Danielle Reaume, University of Windsor (Windsor)Danielle Rowley (London)Danielle Shenton (London)
Danielle Stella (Bradford)DANIELLE TENNIER (Barrie)Danielle Title (London)
Danish Ajmeri (London)Dank harold (Barrie)Dannie DeJonge (Brampton)
Danny Gibson (Strathroy Rockets) (London)Danny the peacekeeper Lupas (Windsor) (7)Danny Valentine (London)
Dara and Craig Seymour (Barrie)Darby Van Daele (London)Darcy Agostinho (Barrie)
Darian G. (Windsor)Darian Joanna (Windsor)Dario (London)
Darlene king (Kitchener) (2)Darlene O'Neill (London)Darlene Rozon (Barrie)
Darlene Whitfield, Huron University College (London)Darlynn J. Craig (Barrie)DARREN CRETE (Barrie)
Darrion (stratford ) (4)Darryl Mabley - 1075KoolFM (Barrie)Da'Shan Charles (London)
Dave Boose (Windsor)Dave Derraugh (Kitchener)Dave Digenova (Barrie)
Dave D'Silva (Richmond Hill)Dave Ferguson (London)Dave Flynn (Windsor)
Dave G (London)Dave Hamilton of the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka (Barrie)Dave Hunt (London)
Dave O'Brien (London)Dave Rino (London) (2)Dave Ryersee (London)
Dave Schneider (Kitchener)Dave Walton (London)Daved-maxwell (Windsor)
Davenport Public School (London)Davenport public school (London)David (London) (2)
David at Our Lady of Grace (Barrie)David connor (Barrie)David Hewitt (Windsor)
David Honsberger - Strathroy Rockets (London)David Hutchinson (Windsor)David Leaman (Greensboro, NC, United States)
David Leasa (London)David marskell (Kitchener)David Murphy (London)
David Olutusin (London)David Patterson - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)David Purcell (London)
David Reaume (Windsor)David Tulloch (Barrie)David Veeneman (London)
David Williams (London)David Wood (Kitchener)David Zhang (London)
Davlyn Financial Services Inc. (Kitchener)Davlyn Financial Services Inc. (Windsor)Davlyn Financial Services Inc. (London)
Dawn Baetens (London)Dawn Giesbrecht (London)Dawn Giffin (London)
Dawn Huddlestone (Muskoka)Dawn Lucas (London)Dawn Lyons (London)
Dawn Stewart (London)Daycare/ educator (London)Daykota Stewart (Barrie)
Dayna (London)Dayna Giorgio (Kitchener)De Boer Family-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
De Bruyn Family (London)Deana Lopez (Arizona)Deana Ruston (London)
DeAndre williams (London)Deanna (Midland)Deanna (United States)
Deanna Blacker (Bracebridge,On)Deanna Mason (Beamsvilles)Deanna Verardi (Barrie)
Deanne Brousseau (Barrie)Deanne Parsons (Barrie)Deb Karcz LHSC (London)
Deb Lankin (London)Deb Lenover (Sarnia)Deb Matthews, MPP (London)
Deb McCormack (London)Deb Roswell (London)Deb Smith - White Oaks United Church (London)
Deb Turner (London)Debbi ARcher (London)Debbie (Burlington)
Debbie (London)Debbie Baker (Barrie)Debbie Chisholm (London)
Debbie cormier (Kitchener)Debbie couvillion (Windsor)Debbie Guthrie (London)
Debbie Hanke (London)Debbie Hawthorn-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Debbie Moniz (Sarnia)
Debbie Robertson-HDGH (Windsor)Debbie Schneider (Kitchener)Debbie Squillaro, U of Windsor, Faculty of Law (Windsor)
Debi Sweet (Windsor)Debora Commisso (Barrie)Deborah Hopkins (Kitchener)
Deborah Longworth (London)Deborah S & Jacqueline A (London)Deborah Turcotte (Hamilton)
Debra Curtis (London) (2)Debra Myers (Windsor)Debra Nousek (London)
Deema Elshourfa (London)Deena Griffin (London)Deez nuts (London)
Defrancesco family (Barrie)Deidre cartwright (London)Deion (Windsor)
Deirdre Chymyck, Western University (London)DeKleyn Family (London)Del Conte family (Hamilton Wentworth)
Delaware Central Public School (London)Delaware Electric (London)Delego Software Inc (London)
Denis Robert - CscProvidence (Windsor)Denise (Orillia)Denise - Regional Children's Centre (Windsor)
Denise Beaumont (Kingston)Denise Danby (Windsor)Denise Duncan (London)
Denise Fraser (Barrie)Denise Grasse (Barrie)Denise Kanthak (Barrie)
Denise king (London)Denise Mikiver (Barrie)Denise Pace (Windsor)
Denise payne (London)Denise Pickett/Villa Care Centre (Midland)Denise Ratcliffe (Barrie)
Denise Rock (London)Dennis Kalichuk - Jumbo Train (London)Dennis Morrison (Owen Sound)
Dennis Tran of Holy Trinity Highschool (Bradford On)dension (Nemwakret )Denver (London)
Denyse L. Berecz (Windsor) (2)Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Western University (London)Derby middle school (USA)
Derek "Rock" Botten (London)Derek & Kieren Campbell (London)Derek Campbell (London)
Derek Hooper (London)Derek Krepski (London)Derek Marlow (London)
Desi mohammed (Windsor)Desiree Mc Gahey. B.Davison S.S. (London)DeSousas (Mississauga)
Destiny (London)Destiny Vanderydt (London)Destyni Simurda-Butt (Bradford)
Detective Mark Elgersma London Police Service (London)Devin Barnes (London)Devon (amesburg)
Devon Boulton (Orangeville)Devon Pickard (London)Devon Romak (London)
Devon Romanick (Municipality of North Perth)DeziRai Dorsett (United States)Diamond Tree Financial Services (Barrie)
Diana (London)Diana (Barrie)Diana Ali (London)
Diana Lee (London)Diana Lee, Western University (London)Diana McLaren-Kennedy (London)
Diana Monteiro (Bradford )Diana Pennell (London)diana zuniga (vancouver bc canada)
Diane Arsenijevic (Elgin )Diane Delsig (USA )Diane Farrell (Toronto, Ontario)
Diane Gauley (London)Diane Hernandez (Windsor)Diane Krsul (Windsor)
Diane MacDonald (London) (2)Diane Malatest (Niagara)Diane Mills + Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren! (Kitchener)
DIANE MORAN - LONDON HEALTH SCIENCES CENTRE (London)Diane Poulin (Kapuskasing)Diane Schryer (Windsor)
Diane Xavier (London)Dianne Downie (London)Dianne Santos- Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Bradford Ontario)
Dianne Weisz (London)Dias Family (London)Didi Sitler (Windsor)
Dietra Schatz (Windsor)Difference Maker (Elmira, Waterloo)Digital Echidna (London) (2)
Digital Giants (Barrie)Dignity Defender (London)Dijana (Kitchener)
Dimitrios Graikinis, UofT, OISE (Toronto)Dina Patel (Montreal)Dino Chiodo (Windsor)
Dino Girl (Windsor)Dino P (Mercier, Quebec)Dinto Jacob Karoor (London)
Diondra Chrisjohn (London)Dionne Skelton - London Police Service (London)Direction école St-Francis (Tilbury)
Dive Windsor - Windsor Swim Diving Club (Windsor)Divine Infant Catholic School (Ottawa )DJ Chrissley (London) (2)
DJ Wayne (Hamilton)dmaceachen (New Hampshire)Dobbs Family (London)
Dobson Family (Barrie)Dolet Ntamagara (London) (2)Domanick (Barrie)
Domarina (Bradford)Domenic Marcangelo of Holy Trinity Highschool (Bradford, Ontario)Dominica (London)
Dominika Murawski (Mississauga)Don Farelly (Hamilton)Don Hewey (London)
DON JOHNSON (London)Don Miller - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Don Mumford, Regional VP Radio and Local TV - Bell Media Ontario (London)
Don Ouellette (Windsor) (2)Don Rhynas (London)Don Simmons (SouthWestern Ontario)
Don Van Massenhoven (Strathroy Rockets) (London)Don Wilson (Barrie)Don Wright Faculty of Music, Western University, Gloria Gassi (London)
Donald Cousens Public School (Markham)Donald Cousens Public School (Donald Cousens Public School)Donald Hastie (London)
done with bullying (washington) (2)Donna and Tony VandenBroek (Barrie)Donna Armstrong (Barrie)
Donna Asselin (Barrie)Donna Capel (Owen Sound)Donna Chute-Dolan (London)
Donna Depelteau (Barrie) (2)Donna Esbaugh (London)Donna Fones (London)
Donna Goldhawk (London)Donna Grayer (Windsor) (2)Donna Jenner and Fur Angel Cat Rescue (Windsor)
Donna Lee (Toronto)Donna Quesnelle (Barrie) (2)Donna Rocheleau (Windsor)
Donna Sommerville (Kitchener)Donna Stratichuk (Kitchener)Donna Strong (Windsor)
Donna Tarr (London)Donna VandenBroek (Barrie) (2)Donovan Godelie (London) (2)
DON'T BE A B (Kitchener)don't worry about it (dont worry aboyt it)Dora Fuller (London)
Doran Avivi (London)Doreen Bartlett (London) (2)Doreen Vautour, Residence Office, King's University College (London)
Doris deVries (London)Dorothy and George McMahon, University of Windsor (Windsor)Dorothy Borndahl (Bowmanville, Ontario)
Doug Assis (London)Doug Bricknell - One of many peacekeepers from Western University (London)Doug D (Port Mcnicoll)
Doug Skinner (London) (2)Douglas Down (Windsor)Douglas Spence (Kitchener)
Dove Self Esteem Camp (Windsor)Dowsett (London) (2)Dr Amanda Bell (London)
Dr Athena Xenikou (London)Dr Ruth Wright (London)Dr. Andrea Steen (Windsor)
Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko (Poquoson, Virginia, USA)Dr. Beverly Ulak (London) (2)Dr. Cathy Chovaz (London)
Dr. F. Mohan (Windsor)Dr. Faisal Rehman (London)Dr. Graham Broad (London)
Dr. I. Rajan (Windsor)Dr. Jason Bush (London)Dr. Ken Kirkwood (London)
Dr. Lynne Zarbatany (London)Dr. O. Omoseni (Windsor)Dr. O. Shobola (Windsor) (2)
Dr. P. Rai (Windsor)Dr. R. F. Southern (London)Dr. S. Makhdoom (London)
Dr. S. Rizvi (Windsor)Dr. Tamison Doey (Windsor)Dr. V. Ezekwem (Windsor)
Dr. Vashti Tupper (London)Dr. Verinder Sharma Univerity of Western Ontario (London)Dr.L.Mandziuk (Windsor)
Drew Howson (Windsor)Drew Simpson (London)Drew Stapley (London)
Driverseat Inc. (Barrie)Drury Family (London)DTR Productions (Windsor)
Duane (London)Dudas/Crouse Family (Kitchener)Duddee (Ridgetown )
Duncan C (London)Dundas Central (Hamilton Public)Dunlop family (London)
Dunster (London)Dusome Family (Barrie)Dustex Canada Cleaning Solutions Inc. (London)
Dustin (London)Dustin Leblanc (Kitchener)Dwayne Jackson (London)
Dwight Phillips (Windsor)Dyana and Dayle Goessl (Barrie)Dylan (Barrie)
Dylan gadoury (London)Dylan kinsman (London)Dylan Wilson-Foote (Strathroy Rockets) (London)
Dyna Meg Stratford have bullies in the company (London)E Kilbourne (London)E.C. (York Region)
E.J (Kitchener)E3 Community Services Peter A. Lalonde (Barrie)Eadie Micks (London)
Eagle Heights Public School (London) (2)Eagle's Nest (London)Ealing Public School (London)
Ealing Public School TVDSB (London)Early Childhood Education (London)East Carling Public School (London)
East Oxford Central Public School (Woodstock)East Williams Memorial Public School (London)Eastbrook Junior High (United States)
Eastdale P.S. Gr5/6B (London)Eastdale Public School (London)Eastdale Public School (Woodstock)
Eastdale Public School - Grade 7/8 Chalmers (London)Eastview Secondary School (Barrie)Eastwood collegiate (Kitchener)
Eastwood Colligate institute (Kitchener)Ebenezz Ampadu (Bradford, Ontario)ECI (Kitchener)
École St-Jean-de-Brébeuf (London)École catholique Geoges. p. Vanier- (Ryley) (Windsor)École Catholique George P Vanier-Alia (Windsor) (2)
École catholique George P. Vanier Meghan Agatoni (Windsor)École Catholique George P. Vanier- Jared S (Windsor)École catholique George P. Vanier- Madison (Windsor)
École catholique George P. Vanier-Mackenzie (Windsor)École catholique George.P.Vanier (Windsor)École catholique George.p.vanier Giselle (Windsor)
École catholique Georges P. Vanier - M. Duquette (Windsor)École catholique Georges P. Vanier - Alexis M. (Windsor)École catholique Georges P. Vanier - Emily .O (Windsor)
École catholique Georges P. Vanier - Nat A. (Windsor)École catholique Georges P. Vanier - Nathan Brockenshire (Windsor)École catholique Georges P. Vanier - Sophie (Windsor)
École catholique Georges P. Vanier - Tye Donais (Windsor)École catholique Georges p. vanier -A.P (Windsor)École Catholique Georges P. Vanier- Gabrielle .L (Windsor)
École catholique Georges P. Vanier -Sarah (Windsor)École catholique Georges P. Vanier- Sarah .Z (Windsor)École catholique Georges.P.Vanier- Jessica. S (Windsor)
École catholique Monseigneur-Jean-Noël (Windsor) (3)École catholique St-Ambroise (Windsor)École Catholique: George P.Vanier (Windsor) (2)
Ecole élémentaire Antonine Maillet - Famille Terry (Durham Region)École élémentaire catholique Pavillon des Jeunes (La classe 4A) (Windsor)École élémentaire catholique St-Ambroise (Windsor)
École élémentaire publique Marie-Curie (Ottawa)École élémentaire Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin (London)Ecole Frère André (London) (2)
École Frère-André (London)École Frère-André - 6A (London) (2)École Frère-André/ Mme Alisha 3e année (London)
École Georges P. Vanier (Windsor)ecole LaMarsh (Niagara Falls)École publique Saint-Joseph (Barrie)
Ecole saint Jean de Brébeuf (London)École SAINT JEAN DE BRÉBEUF (London)École Saint Michel (Leamington,classe de 6e année M.L.)
École Saint-Dominique-Savio (Owen Sound) (2)Ecole Sainte-Jeanne D'Arc (London)Ecole Saint-Jean-de-Brebeuf (London) (2)
École Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf (London) (4)École Saint-Michel (Leamington)ÉCole Saint-Thomas d'Aquin/ Mouna Baalbaki (Sarnia)
Ecole Sanint Michel (Leamington classe de 6e annee ML)École Secondaire Catholique de Pain Court (Chatham-Kent)École secondaire catholique de Pain Court (Pain Court)
École secondaire catholique E.J. Lajeunesse-personnel (Windsor)École secondaire de Pain Court (Chatham-Kent)Ecole secondaire E.J. Lajeunesse (Windsor)
École secondaire EJ Lajeunesse (Windsor)École secondaire Gabriel-Dumont (London)École secondaire Le Caron (Barrie)
Ecole Secondaire Romeo Dallaire (Barrie)École Secondaire Saint François Xavier - Jessica Sylvestre Animatrice Pastorale (Sarnia)École secondaire Saint-François-Xavier (Sarnia)
École secondaire Toronto Ouest - Parents (Toronto)École st jean d'arc (London)École St Jean de Brébeuf (London)
École St Jean de brébeuf (London)École st jean de brébeuf (London)École st Jeanne darc (London)
École St Michel (Windsor)École St- Michel 2e/3e MN (Windsor)École St- Michel 6B (Leamington) (Windsor)
École St. Jeane d'Arc (London)École St. Jeanne d'Arc (London)École St-Antoine 6e (Windsor)
École Ste-Catherine (Pain Court)École Ste-Marguerite-Bourgeoys, Woodstock (London)École St-Francis (Tilbury, ON)
École st-Jean-de Brébeuf (London)École st-jean-de brebeufe (London)École St-Jean-De-Bébeuf (London)
École St-Jean-de-Brébeuf (London) (25)École st-Jean-de-Brébeuf (London)École St-Jean-de-brébeuf (London) (2)
École st-Jean-de-brébeuf (London)Ecole St-Michel (Windsor)École St-Michel (Leamington, Ont)
École St-Michel (Windsor)École St-Michel - 1e année B (Leamington)École St-Michel 2B WV (Leamington) (Leamington)
École St-Michel 2e année A-Mlle Kehl (Windsor)École St-Michel- 4e année (Leamington)École St-Michel 4e année DP (Leamington)
École St-Michel 5/6 WVDT (Leamington (Essex))École St-Michel 7e JR (Leamington)École St-Michel Maternelle/Jardin D ML (Leamington)
École St-Paul (Windsor)Ecole st-Thomas d'aquin (Sarnia)ÉCOLE TORONTO OUEST (TORONTO)
ÉCOLE-SAINT-JEAN DE BRÉBEUF (London)École-Saint-Jean de-Brébeuf (London) (2)École-Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf (London)
École-st-jean-de-brébeuf (London) (2)Ed Gillies (London)Ed Maynard (Brantford)
Ed Sturgeon (London)Eden Arsenault (Bradford)Edina Gabori (Quebec)
Edith Ferrier-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Edona Berisha (Kitchener)Edward Barnes (London)
Edwin & Eileen Sandy (Orillia) (2)Edyta W (London)Eichler Family (Kitchener)
Eileen Reid (London)Eisses Brothers Excavating (Barrie)Ekcoe Central Public School (London)
Elaina (London)Elaine. Mayo (London)Elana Martins (Barrie)
Elena (Windsor)Elena (London)Elfassy Family (Toronto)
Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board (London)Elgin St. Thomas Youth Employment Counselling Centre (London)Elian Koby (York)
Eliana Mekuria (London)Elijah Meloche (Windsor)Elijjah Monrose (Brockville)
Elio (Barrie)Elisa (London)Elisa harris (London)
Elisabeth Ruppe (London)Elise Family (Kitchener)Elizabeth Anne Kinsella, Western University (London)
Elizabeth brown (Windsor)Elizabeth Chambers (Toronto)Elizabeth efthymiadis (London)
Elizabeth Ferris (London)Elizabeth Hoskin (Durham )Elizabeth Jewlal (London)
Elizabeth Lorusso (London)Elizabeth Marshall/Western University (London)Elizabeth Oldridge- KW-Habilitation (Kitchener)
Elizabeth Richardson (London)Elizabeth Schouten (York Region District School Board)Elizabeth Sebastian (Southern United States)
Elizabeth Xavier (London)Elizabeth Young-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Ella (London)
Ella Finch (London)Ella hartman (London) (2)Ella McPherson (London)
ELLA PATERSIN MUZZIN (Windsor)Ella Sommers - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Ellen (Newmarket) (2)
Ellen & Dave Poole (London) (2)Ellen Shaffer (Kitchener)'Ellen Xu (London)
Ellie Graves (London)Elmira District Secondary School (Kitchener)Elovell (London)
Elyse Parris (Mississauga)Elysia D'Angeo (York Region)Em (London)
Eman Boudala, Eastview Secondary School: Go to my Blog about bullying: http://thecommonstoriesofcyberbullying.blogspot.ca/ (Barrie)EMC2 salon (Toronto)Emerson (Barrie)
Emil Rakhmetov (Windsor)Emilee Girard (London)Emilia Bobyk (London)
Emilie (Forest)Emilie Belanger (Midland)Emilie Belanger (Midland)
Emily (Barrie) (2)Emily (Australia )Emily (London) (2)
Emily (Brant)Emily & Crystal Kechego & family (London) (2)Emily Addison (Windsor) (2)
Emily and Danielle Snider (Kitchener)Emily Bird (London)Emily carr (London)
Emily Carr 9+ School Age Program (London)Emily Carr Public School (London) (2)Emily De Boer. B.Davison S.S. (London)
Emily Dentinger (Kitchener)Emily from Holy Trinity High School (Bradford ON)Emily G (Kitchener)
Emily Gonsalves (Vaughan)Emily Hill (London)Emily Jobson (USA) (2)
Emily Joldersma (London)Emily Kerr (London)Emily Kowalczyk (Hamilton)
Emily Lavender (London)Emily Mackey (Lampton)Emily Mackle (London)
Emily McLean (London)Emily Nguyen (London)Emily O'Reilly (Windsor)
Emily Pez (London)Emily Porteous- John Cabot Sedondary School (Mississauga)Emily Prince (Barrie)
Emily Reddick (London)Emily Ryckman (Barrie)Emily Sandelli (London)
Emily Skelly (London)Emily Stewart (London)Emily Stow Public School (London)
Emily stowe (London)Emily stowe public school (London)Emily Stowe Public School (London) (23)
emily stowe public school (norwich)Emily stowe PUBLIC skhool (London)Emily Stowe Puplic School (London)
Emily Waffle (Barrie)Emily.M (Kitchener)emina (toronto ontarto)
Emma (London) (2)Emma (Bradford, ON)Emma (stratford)
Emma Gauvin (Bradford) (3)Emma Hammer-Healy (London)Emma Jenkins (London)
Emma M (Bradford)Emma,sheku (Kitchener)Emmanuel (London) (2)
Employee from Western University (London)Empowermil: Paula Milbradt (Surrey British Columbia)Enmanuel David Sosa Roque (Bradford West Gwillimbury)
Entarac.com (Kitchener)Equalitarians (London)Equity & Human Rights Services, Western (London)
Equity & Human Rights Services, Western University (London)eric (oakville)Eric Cartman (London)
Eric Griezzman (Barrie)Eric Huang (London)Eric Koelink (London)
Eric Magni (London)Éric Nolet (Sarnia)Eric Trinh (London)
Eric Will Doerr (London) (2)Erica (Waterloo Region)Erica (York Region)
Erica Clark (USA)Erica Colovic (Windsor)Erica Salinas (Texas, USA)
Erick Desjardins (London)Ericka Atkinson (Windsor)eridale secondary school (mississauga)
Eriita Jones (London)Erik Weckman (Whitby)Erika Katzman (London)
Erika Ramage (London)Erika W (Kitchener)Erin (Barrie)
Erin (Oakville)Erin C (London)Erin Chapman (London)
Erin Cheney (London)Erin Johnston (London)Erin Kelly Brown (London)
Erin landry, terry landry (London)Erin Link Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Erin Mailloux (Windsor)
Erin McLaughlin and Family (London)Erin Newburn, Western University (London)Erin Peterson (London)
Erin Sommers - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Erin Stangi - Barrie Ymca (Barrie)Erin Steeves (London)
Erin Timmons (Kitchener)Erin Watson (Kitchener)Erin Woolnough (London)
ERMANNA FILICE (Windsor)Ernest Cumberland - Ms. Ireland's Grade 7/8 Class (Barrie)ESDS Jennifer Healey (Owen Sound)
Esps (London)Essence Mitchell (Newmarket)Essex County Diversion Program (Windsor) (2)
Essex County Diversion Program- Jessica Busi (Windsor)Essex District High School (Windsor)Essex District High School (Essex Ontario )
Essex Public School - 6 Savage (Windsor)ethan barnett (California)Ethan bell (London)
Ethan Chalmers (London)Ethan gagnon-diaz (London)Ethan schmidt (Windsor) (2)
Eunice (WAYVE) (Kitchener)Eunice Gorman (London)Eva Alexiou (London)
Evan (London)Evan & Lindsey Bunn (Muskoka Lakes)Evan McClintock (London)
Evan Mott (Bradford, Ontario)Eve Pervin (London) (2)Evelyn B. (Barrie)
evelyne St-onge (Sarnia)Everett (London)Everett Hanna - UWO (London)
Everett Hanna - Western University (London)Everett Lester (West Virginia)Evita (London) (2)
Ex-bully (London)Exeter public school (London)Exter High (School)
EyeLook Media Inc. (London)E-Z Move Boxes (Barrie)Ezra (London)
F.D.Roosevelt (London)F.J Brennan (Windsor)F.J. Brennan (Windsor)
Fabiano (Bradford)Face Your Beast (United States)Fairmont Public School (London)
Fairview Park Mall (Kitchener) (2)Faith Bramer (Kitchener)Faith Lutheran Church (Toronto)
Faith Patrick (London)Falana Sheriff (London)Family (London) (2)
Family attending Marathon High School (SGDSB)Family of Peacekeepers (London)Family Services Windsor-Essex (Windsor) (2)
Fanny Rosas (London)Fanshawe College (London) (17)Fanshawe College - Marg Medeiros (London)
Fanshawe College - nursing student -A.B. (London)Fanshawe College Co-Op Student (London)Fanshawe College Residence (London)
Fanshawe College Residence Services (London)Fanshawe College/ Meghan (London)Fanshawe College/ Sam Zhao (London)
Fanshawe College/None/Tyler Muzyczuk (London)Fanshawe College/Shelley Brown. (London)Fanshawe College/Tina Chappell (London)
Fanshawe College/Upstander (London)Fanshwae College (London)Father Bressani (woodbridge ) (7)
Father Bressani (Vaughan)Father Bressani (york) (2)Father Bressani (York)
Father Bressani (Woodbridge)Father Bressani (Barrie)Father Bressani Catholic High School (York ) (3)
Father Bressani Catholic High School (woodbridge)Father Bressani Catholic High School (Toronto)Father Bressani Catholic High School (vaughn)
Father Bressani CHS (Vaughan) (5)Father Bressani CHS (Woodbridge) (4)Father Bressani CHS (Kitchener)
Father Bressani CHS (york ) (2)Father Bressani CHS (Philipines)Father Bressani CHS (Vaug)
Father F.X. O'Reilly (Barrie)Father FX O'Reilly Catholic School Mr Parkes Gr 1 / 2 Class (Barrie) (3)Father henry carr (Toronto )
Fatima Fadel (London)FD Roosevelt PS (London)Federico M. Berruti (London)
Felicia Giosa (Guelph)Felicity L. Benavides (Christain)Femme Force Fitness (London) (12)
Femme Force Fitness- Liana Leonard (London)Femme Force Fitness- The Dawtrey's (London)Femme Force Fitness/Deborah Jones (London)
Fernandes Family (PICKERING)FG Family (London)Filarus (United States)
FILOMENA WATSON (ALLISTON)Fiona (Markham)Fiona Cascagnette (Barrie)
Fiona Logan (Owen Sound)Fiona Simpson (London)First Ladies CLub (Barrie)
Fisher park (Kingston)Fisher Park (Ottawa)Fisher park middle school (Brockville)
Fisher Park Public School (Brockville)Fisher Park Public School (Ottawa)fisher park public school (ottawa)
Fisher park summit alternative (Ontairio) (5)Fisher park summit alternative (Ottawa) (3)Fisher Park Summit Alternative (Ottawa, Ontario)
Fisher Park Summit Alternative (Ottawa)Fisher park summit alternative (Ottawa )Fisher Park Summit Alternative (Brockville) (2)
Fisher Park Summit Alternative (Ottawa)Fisher/Summit Alternative Public School: Emily Jones (Ottawa)Fitzpatrick family (Barrie)
Fj. Brennan (Windsor)FJ.Brennan (Windsor)Flippy Jackson (London) (2)
FLYING M TRUCK STOP (London)Flynn Family (Windsor) (3)Focal Point Home Improvements (London)
FORBES College (Online www.forbescollege.com)Forest City Road Races (London)Forest Glade Public School (Windsor)
Forest Heights (Kitchener)Forest Hill Public School (Kitchener)Forest Park Public School (London)
Form A Fence (London)Former Bullied Individual (Barrie)FPSA (London)
Fpsa (Ottawa) (2)FPSA (Ottawa)Fr Bressani CHS (Vaughan)
Fr. Felix Linatoc (Toronto) (2)Frances Bourikas (London)Frances Yeung (London)
Francesca Polacco (Ontario)Franchesqa Fuerte, student and cast member @ John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)Francine (Barrie)
Francis Harmaz (Bradford, Ontario)Frank Erle (London)Frank J. Rozman (St. Catharines)
Frank John Koncz (USA)Frank Siu (Kitchener)Franklin elementry (America)
Franz Sebastian (Barrie)Fraser Family (London)Frayah williamson (London)
Fred c cook (Barrie)Fred K (Kitchener)Fred Ross (London)
Frederic Chappuis (Kitchener)Frédéric Riviere (Windsor)Frère André (London)
Frère-André (London)Friends (Barrie)FRISONE (Us)
Fuller Family (Windsor)Fun Fact (London)G Dore (London)
G. baerg (Kitchener)G.A (London)Gabriel Jr Issa (Windsor)
Gabriel LHSC RN (London)Gabriel Rancourt (Barrie)Gabriela N. (Kitchener)
Gabriella (Barrie)Gabriella Cortes (Kitchener) (2)Gabriella Perez Camacho (London)
Gabrielle Bossy (London)Gabrielle Rose Albert-Heyink (London)Gabrielle Vanderploeg (London)
Gaetes (Windsor)Gagan (London)Gage Reynolds (United States of America)
GAH (Windsor)GAHS (Windsor) (7)Gai (London)
Gail (London)Gail Perry (London)Gail Swaniga (Kitchener)
Galajda Family (London)Galkas (London)Galloway Family (London)
Galt Collegiate Institute (Kitchener) (2)Gamers r us (America)GamersRUs (Online Community www.gamersrus.ca)
GamersRUs.ca (Digital Frontier)Gardiner Family (Kitchener)Gardners (Barrie)
Garrett proulx (Barrie)Gary . Sue and Gevaugn Henry (Surrey B.C)Gary and Kim Tune (Kitchener)
Gary Bezaire (London)Gary Doe - CAW Local 444 (Windsor)Gautam Soparkar (London)
Gavin (Bradford)Gayle Day, Western University (London)Gayle Fawcett (London)
Gb (Windsor)GDCI (Goderich )GDCI (Goderich ) (2)
GDCI (Goderich) (11)GDDCI (Goderich)Gdhs (London) (3)
GDHS (London) (6)Gel Creative (Barrie)Gemma (London)
Genaral amherst (Windsor) (3)Geneau Family (Barrie)General amhers (Windsor)
general amherst (amherstburg)General Amherst (Windsor) (75)GENERAL amherst (Windsor)
General amherst (Windsor) (20)General Amherst (windsor)General AMHERST (Windsor)
General Amherst H.S (Windsor)General amherst high school (Windsor) (9)GENERAL AMHERST HIGH SCHOOL (Windsor)
General Amherst high school (Windsor) (24)General Amherst high School (Windsor)General Amherst High school (Windsor) (4)
General Amherst High School (Amherstburg )General Amherst High School (Amherstburg)General Amherst high school (Kingston)
General Amherst High school / Josh Nanson (Windsor)General Amherst Highschool (Windsor) (10)General amherst highschool (Windsor) (2)
General Amherst highschool (Windsor) (4)General Amherst HighSchool (Windsor)General amherst hight school (Windsor)
General Amherstburg High school (Windsor)General atheist high school (Windsor)General Motors of Canada Ltd. (Oxford County)
Generaql Amherst High School (Windsor)Genevieve Meisenheimer (London)Gennie Walton - LHSC (London)
Genral Amherst/Brooke Rorseth (Windsor)Geoff MacGillivray - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Geoff Pimlatt (at Western University) (London)
Geoff Pulford (London)Geoff Read - Huron University College (London)George Harris /UWO (London)
George Kim (London)George P. Vanier (Windsor)George qubty (London)
Georges P Vanier (Windsor)Georges p. vanier (Windsor)Georgian College (Barrie)
Georgian college (Barrie)Georgian College - SSW (Practical Techniques 11689) (Barrie)Georgian College Collingwood Campus (Barrie)
Georgian collge (Barrie)Gerald Fillmore (London)Gerard Chaleyssin (London)
Geri garraway (Barrie)Geri Poisson (Barrie)German Mills Public School Parent (Thornhill)
Germantown High School /Kimberly Malouf (United States of America)Gerrard Butler (London)Gerry Binga (London)
Gerry Lee (Barrie) (3)Gerry W Liddle (London)Gesthika Kaltsidis (London)
Giglio Family (Windsor)Gilles parent (Windsor)Gillian and Brad Kriter (London)
Gillian Gillard (Windsor) (4)Gillian Mandich (London)Gillian stanwick (London)
Gillian Starkiss (Windsor)Gimena Agri (Kitchener)Gina Gianvecchio - Student @John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)
gina leandres (massachusettes) (2)Gina Lorentz - Fanshawe College (London)Gina Molleson (Whitby)
Gina Stefina-HDGH (Windsor)gina vidak (mississauga)Ginette and Faith Bowen (London)
Ginny from Western University (London)Giorlando Class (London)Giovanna Herrera (Windsor)
giulia from holy trinity catholic highschool (bradford)Giuliana L (Bradford, Ontario)GLASS DOCTOR OF KW (Kitchener)
Glen Cairn (London)Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre (London)Glen Cairn Public School (London)
Glen carin (London)Glencoe (London)Glencoe District High School (London) (4)
Glencoe district high school (London)Glencoe district High School (London)Glencoe District High School - Mr. Wiper's Class (London)
Glencoe district high school, Noah (London)Glencoe District Highschool (London)Glendale (London) (6)
Glendale (Tillsonburg)Glendale High School (London)Glendale high School (London)
Glendale high school (London)Glendale High school (London) (3)Glendale High School (Tillsonburg) (2)
Glendale High school (Tillsonburg)GLendale High School (London)Glendale High School, Chris T. (London)
Glendale High School/ Melissa Mann (Tillsonburg)Glendale High School/Kelsey Snaderson (Tillsonburg)Glendale Highschool/ Gabby Holt (Tillsonburg)
Glendale HS (Tillsonburg)Glendale HS/Robert Farr (London)Glenn Bondy Insurance (Windsor)
Glenndale (London)Glenview Park Secondary School (Kitchener)Gloria (Kitchener)
Glynis (Mississauga)GM Of Canada, CAMI Assembly Plant (London)Goderich DCI (Goderich) (3)
Goderich District Collegiate Institute (Goderich )Goderich District Collegiate Institute (Goderich)Goderich District Collgaite Institute (Goderich )
Goja Bobic (Kitchener)Gomer Robinson (London)Gord Sims (London)
GORDANNA SOLDAT-HDGH- 7TH FLOOR (Windsor)Gordie Weiss (Strathroy)Gordie Weiss (Strathroy Rockets) (London)
Gouri Khorana (Markham)GPS Group 2 (London) (2)Grace (London)
Grace Ben (Bradford, Ontario)Grace Bennett (Ottawa)Grace Distler (Kitchener)
Grace Kelly (London)Grace Kinberger (London)Grace Kobarda (London)
Grace McGowan (York Region)Grace Northrup (Windsor)Grace oakley (London)
GraceKellie Rodriguez (Alliston)Gracie (London)Gradan Clemens (markham)
Grade 1/2 (London)Grade 5 at Southside P.S (London)Grade 8 student in MRO (Beeton)
Grade Two at Monsignor J.E. RONAN Catholic School (Barrie)Graeme Thompson (North Bay)Graham Family (Kitchener)
Graham JD Anderson (London)Graham Kauffman- Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Grant (woodstock)
Grealis & Sheardown Family (Mississauga)Great-West Life (London)Green Earth Kids (Kitchener)
Greensboro College (Greensboro, NC)Greenway Family (London)Greer Elcombe, Western University (London)
GREG AUTHIER (Chatham)Greg Elliott (Barrie)Greg Lavoie (London)
Greg McGinnis (Barrie)Greg Polci (London)Greg Uebele (Kitchener)
Gregg Hadwyn (Kitchener)Gregory Heath (Cambridge)GRETA WELSH (London)
Grimwood - Smith family (Kitchener)Group A-Walden University (United States) (2)Growing In The Arts School of Dramatic & Cinema Arts (Kitchener)
Guelph Anti-Bullying Coalition (Guelph)Gunning Family (Barrie)Gurkeet (London)
Guthrie P. School Katie Smith (Barrie)Guthrie P. School Paula Smith (Barrie)Gwen (London)
Gwyneth Anderson - Bully Free Community Alliance (York Region)H.B beal (London)H.B. Beal S.S Laura Cairns (London)
H.D.G. Healthcare (Windsor)Haertel (Kitchener)HaHAaH (Kitchener)
Hailey (Kitchener) (2)Hailey (Windsor)Hailey (Barrie)
Hailey cowan (Barrie) (2)Hailey Doiron (Barrie)hailey jones (united states)
Hala Hussein (London)Hall High School (Illinois)Halya (Halton Region)
Hamdan. Ahmed (bradford)Hanna (Barrie)Hanna (Kitchener)
Hanna Cho (Windsor)Hannah (Windsor)Hannah B (London)
Hannah Bauer (Windsor)Hannah Drkulec (Windsor)Hannah Greenwood (Windsor)
Hannah Luk (London)Hannah Palmer (Barrie)Hannah Rindlisbacher (Windsor)
Hannah stephens (London)Hannah Volk (London)Hannah, Tori, Allie, Mackenna Martin and Maddison Scott (sarnia)
Hao Li (Windsor)Hardik Zalawadia (London)Harpursville (Windsor)
Harris (London)Harrison (London)Harrison Pensa LLP (London) (5)
HarrisonPensa-Aaron Gelbard (London)HarrisonPensa-Amanda Dejonovic (London)HarrisonPensa-Barb Powell (London)
Hatch (Windsor)Hawksworth Designs (Windsor)HAY ZEL (Windsor)
Hayley bruce (Windsor)Hayley Ewener (London)Hayley Haskett (London)
Hayley Malcolm (London)Hayley Walker (London)Haylie (London)
Hazel Lorico (Brampton)Hazel McCallion Senior Public School (Mississauga, ON )HDGH (Windsor)
Hdgh (Windsor) (2)Hdgh ICU Denise LeBoeuf (Windsor)Heather (Barrie)
Heather (London)Heather (United States)Heather & Kevin Quinn (Elmira)
Heather Brown (London)Heather Campbell - MSW - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Heather Cumming (Barrie)
Heather Deruelle (London)Heather Earl (London)Heather h (London)
Heather legue (Kitchener)Heather Lucas (Barrie)Heather MacNally LHSC (London)
Heather Malcolm (London)Heather McNutt-Loiselle (Barrie)Heather Moller (London)
Heather smith (Newmarket)Heather Speight (London)Heather Stevens (London)
Heather Tuorila (Barrie)Heather Walker (Kitchener)Heather Wilson (Barrie)
Heba Elshurafa (London)Heidi Hayden (London)Heidi Reimer (Regina, SK)
Heike Nippa (Kitchener)Helayna R (Bradford)Helayna's Boutique (Kitchener)
Helen (London) (3)Helen Campbell (Waterdown)Helen Connell/Western University (London)
Helen Dobbs (Barrie)Helen Gormandy - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Helen M. Radics / Helen Radics Jr. (Kitchener)
Helen Mathers (Barrie)Helena (Collingwood)Hélène Holleville - Conseil scolaire Viamonde (secteur EDU) (Toronto)
Helene Montfort (Windsor)Hellensteiner (Italy)hello (york)
Helmut Schneider (Woodstock)Help Legal Kitchener (Kitchener)Hendrix Restaurant Equipment (London)
Henri Forget (Bradford, Ontario, Canada)Henrik Lagerlund (London)Henry Leparskas (London)
Henry St High School (Whitby Ontario)Henry Street High School (Durham) (2)henry street high school (Whitby)
Henry Verstrate-Sullivan Insurance Brokers (Barrie)Heritage Academy (Ottawa)Heritage Academy Of Learning Excellence (Ottawa)
Hetherington Public School (Windsor)HETHERINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOL (Windsor)Heydon Family (Windsor)
Hh (Barrie)Hickson Central P.S. (London)Hickson Central Public School (Hickson)
High Jinks Indoor Playcare & Imaginarium (Windsor)High School of holy Trinity (Bradford, Ontario)Hiillcrest (Barrie)
Hilary Dingman (London)Hilary eves Peischl (London)Hilary Zorgdrager (Kitchener)
Hill Family (London)Hillary Houston (London)Hillcreastt (Woodstock )
Hillcrest (Barrie) (2)Hillcrest PS (London)Hillcrest PS London Ontario (London)
Hillcrest public school (Barrie) (2)Hillcrest Public School (London)Hillside School (Kettle And Stony Point FN)
Hilton-Hoover Empires (Brantford Ontario)Hi-Way Church (Barrie)Hobbs Family (Barrie)
Hoekstra Family (Kitchener)Holland Landing Public School (York Region)Hollie McKenzie (London)
Hollmark Farms (London)Holly Brown (London)Holly family (Kitchener)
Holly Ing (Windsor)Holly Meadows (Barrie)Holly Meadows Elementary School - Mr. Smith's Grade 8's (Barrie)
Holly Meadows Elementary School Dawn Garness (Barrie)Holly Painter (London) (2)Holly Scott (Kitchener)
Holy Child Catholic School (Toronto) (6)Holy cross (Niagara)Holy Cross (St. Catharines)
Holy cross (St.catherines)Holy Cross Catholic School (Barrie)Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School Grade Nine Visual Art Class (St. Catharines, Ontario)
Holy Cross Secondary School (Niagara ) (2)Holy Family (Kitchener)Holy family (Kitchener) (3)
Holy Family ~ grade one/two class (London)Holy Family Catholic French Immersion School (London) (2)Holy family catholic school (Kitchener)
Holy Family Catholic School (Kitchener) (2)Holy Family Catholic School Grade 5/6 (Kitchener)Holy Family School (New Hamburg)
Holy Family school (Kitchener)Holy family school (Kitchener) (2)Holy Family School (Kitchener)
Holy Family School: Matt D (Kitchener)Holy Family Student (Kitchener)holy trinithy dj (bradford)
holy trinity (bradford)Holy Trinity (Anthony Sousa)Holy Trinity (Barrie) (5)
Holy Trinity (Bradford Ontario)Holy Trinity (Bradford, Ontario )Holy Trinity (Bradford )
Holy Trinity (Bradford, Ontario)holy trinity (bradford , ontario )Holy Trinity (Bradford) (3)
holy trinity Tomas Pecchia (bradford )Holy Trinity Cathlioc High School (Bradford )Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Bradford)
Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Bradford) (18)Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Simcoe County- Bradford West Gwillimbury)Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Barrie) (7)
Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Bradford, Ontario) (2)Holy trinity catholic high school (Barrie) (3)Holy Trinity Catholic High school (Barrie)
Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Bradford ) (2)holy trinity catholic high school (bradford, ontario)Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Bradford, Ontario) (3)
holy trinity catholic high school (Bradford, Ontario )Holy Trinity Catholic High School (bradford)Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Bradford West Gwillumbery)
Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Brockville) (2)holy trinity catholic high school (bradford west gwillimbury)holy trinity catholic high school (Bradford Ontario )
Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Bradford) (2)Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Bradford Ontario) (2)Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Bradford, ontario)
holy trinity catholic high school (bradford)Holy Trinity Catholic High school /Erica (Bradford)Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Christopher Harmaz (Bradford )
holy trinity catholic high school. dhalia (bradford)Holy Trinity Catholic High School/Daniela Marques (Barrie)Holy Trinity Catholic High School/Joshua Wilkerson (Bradford)
Holy Trinity Catholic High School/Megan (Bradford)Holy Trinity Catholic High School-Language Teacher- Mme.Benvenuto (Bradford)Holy Trinity Catholic Highschool (Bradford)
Holy Trinity Catholic Highschool (Barrie)holy trinity catholic highschool (bradford)Holy Trinity Catholic Highschool, Brennan Fellman (Bradford)
Holy Trinity Catholic Highschool/Teodor (Bradford)Holy Trinity Catholic School (Bradford West Gwillimbury )holy trinity catholic school, Nicola makhlouta (Bradford ontario)
Holy Trinity High School (bradford)Holy Trinity high school (Barrie)Holy Trinity High School (Bradford, Ontario)
Holy Trinity High School (Bradford Ontario )holy trinity high school (bradford, ontario)Holy Trinity High School (Bradford)
Holy Trinity High School (Barrie)holy trinity high school jacob lush (bradford)Holy Trinity High School/ Silvana Johnson (Barrie)
holy trinity highschool- Rachel Gomez (Bradford)Holy Trinity Highschool- Trent (Bradford )Holy Trinity- Kenna (Bradford)
Holy Trinity/ Kodak Black (Bradford, Ontario)Holy Trinity/ Sabrina (Bradford) (3)Holy Trinity/ Vanessa (Bradford)
Holy Trinity/bradford (Bradford, Ontario+)Holy trinity/daniella (Barrie)Holy Trinity/Tay (Bradford, ON)
holy triniy cathioc high school (bradford )Holy trinty (Barrie) (3)Holy Trinty (Barrie)
Holy Trinty high school (Barrie)HolyT (bradford)Hone (Windsor)
Honour & Ashley Ford (London)Hooper's Martial Arts (Chatham)Hope Deshane (Orillia)
Hope Hill (Durham Region )Hope Martin (London)Hope Timmons (Barrie)
Hope Vann (United States)Hope.H (Barrie) (2)Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare (Windsor) (4)
Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare/Sharmaine Tanario-Battagello (Windsor)Hotel Dieu Grace Hosiptal (Windsor)Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)
Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital/ Corrine Schentag (Windsor)Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital-Denise-Pathology Department (Windsor)Hotel Diey Grace Healthcare (Windsor)
Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (Windsor)Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (Windsor)Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare - Shannon Tompkins (Windsor)
Hotel-Dieu Hospital (Windsor)House of Friendship (Kitchener)Houston Porteous-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
howard hall (guelph)Hrlan (London) (4)HSC (Burlington)
HT (Barrie) (2)HT (Bradford)Huaimei Gu (London)
Hubertvon Wuthenau (London)Huge Balls Mc.Homer Blaster (Windsor) (5)Hugh Beaton Public School (Windsor)
Hughes (Calgary)Hughes family (London)Human (London)
Humber college (Barrie)Humber college (toronto)Hunter (Barrie)
Huntsville Resident (Muskoka)Huron (London)Huron County EMS (Huron County)
Huron Heights (Kitchener) (3)Huron heights secondary school (Kitchener) (8)Huron Heights Secondary School (Kitchener) (8)
Huron Heights Seconday School (Kitchener)Huron Park Secondary School (London)Huron Park SS (London)
Huron University College (London) (2)Huron University College (UWO) (London) (2)Hutchison Family (Kitchener)
Hwms (Usa )Hyland's (Kitchener)I care (London)
I feel the breeze between my knees (Windsor)I M Confident Niagara Canada (Niagara Canada)Iain Smith (London)
Ian Davis (Windsor)Ian Graub (United States)Ian Kerr (London) (2)
Ian Silver (London)Ian Sommer (Kitchener)IB (London)
Ida Thomas (Hamilton)Idske Rienstra R.N.COHN (London)Igor Rikić (Bijeljina)
Illyssa Bardwell (Windsor)Ilona Shepherd (toronto)I'M STANDING UP FOR THE ONE'S WHO CAN'T (Windsor)
Imcool (Kitchener)Immanuel (London)Individual (Windsor)
Individual (London) (3)Individual (Kitchener)Individual (Canada)
Individual (Edmonton)individual (united states)Individual Peacemaker (Windsor)
Industrial Admin Solutions (York Region - Stouffville)Ines Mnteiro (bradford)Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute (London)
Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute ( IDCI ) (London)Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute ~ IDCI (London)Inglenook Creche - Gwen West (Owen Sound)
ingrid molina (ab)Ingrid Montalban (Barrie)Inima (London)
Innerkip Central School (London) (2)Innisfil Central Public School Gr.2 (Barrie)Innisfil YMCA Youth Leaders (Innisfil, Ontario)
Innovation Works (London)InRetro Radio Network / The Nancy Duffy Show / Owen James Communications Inc. (Windsor)Interfaith Community Counselling Centre (Kitchener)
Investing in Children (London)Investors Source Insurance (Barrie)Investors Source Wealth Management (Barrie)
Ion Family (Windsor)Irene Fairles (London)Iris (London)
Iruuyami (London)Irvine Paralegal Services (Windsor)is 49 (america)
Isabel (London)Isabel Tatoiu (Windsor)Isabell Taylor (Windsor)
Isabella (London) (3)Isabella Lim (London)Isabella Moran (London)
Isabelle (London)Isabelle Bouffarde (Sarnia)It's G from John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)
Ivan Poole (London)Ivey business school (London)Ivey Business School (London) (7)
Ivey school of business / Paola H (London)Ivey school of business Western (London)Izabell P (Kitchener)
J and J Nesbitt (London)J Clarke Richardson Collegiate (Toronto)J McCallum (London)
J Robert Giffin, MD (London)J Schroeder (London)J Stevens (London)
J Whelpton (London)J. Clayton (Kitchener)J. Dekeyser (Kitchener)
J. Douglas Skinner (London)J. Schill (Kitchener)J. White (Kitchener)
Jacalene krall (Saugeen Shores)Jacalyn Kelly (London)Jacinta Dias (London)
Jack (London)Jack - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Jack & Carey Mording Show - KICX 106 (Barrie)
Jack Bullen (Durham)Jack Chambers P.S. (London)Jack Chambers PS Grade 3 (London)
Jack Chambers Public School (London)Jack Chambers Public School Grade 3 (London)Jack Chambers Public School Ms. Abbott's Grade 2/3 (London)
Jack McRigers (Newmarket)Jack Wawa (Windsor)Jacki Bouillon (Kitchener)
jacki smith (Huntsville, Bracebridge, Barrie Area)Jackie (Barrie)Jackie Alaln (London)
Jackie Alberto (London)Jackie Allan (London)Jackie Black Dave Black (Barrie)
Jackie Bleecker (Kitchener)Jackie Dan Teagan Will (Kitchener)Jackie Karbi (London)
Jackie Kinder (London)Jackie McLean (London)Jackie Moore (London)
Jackie Patton (London) (2)Jackie Siegner (Kitchener)Jackie Westelaken (London)
Jackie Windsor (London)Jackson Carruthers (Bradford ON)Jaclyn Seres (London)
Jacob (London)Jacob (Windsor)Jacob (Barrie)
Jacob Guenther (Kitchener)Jacob Heslpeler Secondary School (Cambridge) (2)Jacob Hespeler Secondary (Kitchener)
Jacob Hespeler Secondary School (Waterloo)Jacob Jaroszewski (London) (2)Jacob Johnson (London) (2)
Jacob Morris-Wheeler (Meaford, ON)Jacob Overholt (Windsor) (2)Jacob Siskos (Bullying needs to stop. It is a major problem of this generation.)
jacob Thomas (Greensboro)Jacob Ursic (London)Jacqueline (Western U) (London)
Jacqueline Craveiro (Kitchener)Jacqueline Crosby (London) (2)Jacquelynne Smith (Newmarket ) (2)
Jacquie Geneau - Schulich School of Medicine & Denstistry UWO (London)Jacquie Officer (London)Jacquie Rose (London)
Jada Prendergast (Kitchener)Jade (Barrie) (2)Jade S (Barrie)
Jade Stewart (London)Jade Stewat (London)Jaden fess Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Bradford)
Jadyn lovell (London)Jaeger doering (Barrie)Jaida (Canada) (2)
Jaiden (London)Jaime Henderson (Goderich )Jaime McGuire (London)
Jaime Silva (London)Jaime-Lynn (Barrie)Jaimie Bird (Guelph)
Jake Clark (Windsor)Jake Skinner (London)James (London) (2)
James Bonnell (London)James Adams. B. Davison S.S. (London)James Beynen (London)
James Buchanan High School (I dont know what a this is)James glover (London)James Gunn (Toronto)
James Kocoronis (Pennsylvania)James McCracken (London)James McHardy (Wales, UK)
James Stockford (London)James Topping (London)James Yip (London)
Jamie (Newmarket)Jamie and mike Hrycyshyn (Barrie) (2)Jamie Bestwick (Huntsville)
Jamie Morgan and Lucas (Barrie)Jamie Quistberg (Kitchener)Jamie White (Bradford)
jamiel archer (newmarket)Jamie-Lynn Friesen (London)Jan (Toronto)
Jan & Jim Shantz (Kitchener)Jan Bedard - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Jan Blaxall (London)
Jan Paniccia (Windsor)Jana (Barrie)Jane Coulter (Windsor)
Jane Edwards (London) (3)Jane Irvine (Barrie)Jane Man (Toronto)
Jane Powers (London)Jane Tucker (London)Janelle Ready (London)
Janet and Craig (Barrie)JANET BATEMAN (Barrie)Janet Clark (London)
Janet Foster (London)Janet Murray (Prescott, ON)Janet Smith (London)
Janette (Windsor)Janette McGee and family (Barrie)Janey Green (Barrie)
Janice Cooper (Delhi) (2)Janice Dietz Stoney Creek Public School (London)Janice Dunn (Windsor)
Janice Germain (Kitchener)Janice Kaffer (Windsor)Janice Kaffer CEO Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare Windsor (Windsor)
Janice Lam (London) (2)Janie Grand (Niagara)Janine & Sydney (Vancouver Island BC)
Janine Brydges (Windsor)Janis (Kitchener)Janis Cardy (London)
Janita (London)Jann Danyluk (London)Jannah Loomis (London)
Jardin A de l'École St-Michel (Windsor)Jared Mollard (London)Jarrett Evon (Barrie)
Jarvis Strong (Collingwood)Jasmeen Siddiqui (London)Jasmin Beal (Kitchener)
Jasmine (New York)Jasmine Liu (London)Jasmine Mahgerefteh (London)
Jasmine Sean (Toronto Ontario) (2)Jason Blackburn (Barrie)Jason bylsma (London)
Jason Gerhard (London)Jason Hudie (London)Jason J (Kitchener)
Jason Jackson (Kitchener)Jason james Mullis (London) (2)Jason Johnston (Kitchener)
Jason L. (London)Jason O (Niagara)Jason Wolfe (Kitchener)
Jasroop Rai (Windsor)Javed Gangjee (London)Javier Becerra (London)
Jaxson (London)Jayden (Barrie)Jayden Collingbounre (Barrie)
Jaye Campbell (London)Jayme DOdge (London)Jayne Cichon (Windsor)
JD Communication and Design (London)Jean (London)Jean banker Catholic high school (Collingwood)
Jean Gaudette (London)Jean Keating (Toronto)Jean Noordhoff-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
jean vainuer (russia boooooom look at thAT)Jean vanier (London) (9)Jean Vanier (London) (9)
jean vanier (York region)Jean Vanier - Kayla (London)Jean Vanier Catholic Elementary School Gr. 8 class (London)
Jean Vanier Catholic School - LCDSB (London)Jean Vanier Catholic School - London District Catholic School Board (London)Jean Vanier- Mrs. Thompson's Grade 5 class (London)
Jean vanier/ brenia (London)Jean Vanier/Ghilea (London)jean vinan (richmound hill)
Jean Woon (London)Jeanean, Chantelle & Lana (Kitchener)Jeanette (Kitchener)
Jeanette Heywood YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka (Barrie)Jeanette McFadden (Windsor)Jeanne King (London)
Jeanne Macdonald-Head Custodian Sandowne Public School (Kitchener)Jeanne Sauve (London)Jeanne Sauve French Immersion Public School (London)
Jeanne Sauvé French Immersion Public School (London)Jeanne Sauve Stratford (Stratford)Jeannine Hutty (Lefroy, Innisfil)
Jeannine Hutty (Barrie)Jeff Balogh (London)Jeff Bedard (Windsor)
Jeff Jackson (St. Catharines)Jeff Kamperaud (London)Jeff Lehman (Barrie)
Jeff Naujokaitis (London)Jeff nichols (London)Jeff Patterson (Hanover ON) (2)
Jeff Podsadecki (London)Jeff Ryan (Minden)Jeff Schryer (Windsor)
Jeff St. Pierre (London)Jeff Taylor-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Jeff Tennant (London)
Jeff Townshend (London)Jeff Turner (Ottawa)Jeff Van Vliet (Strathroy Rockets) (London)
Jeffersonville High school (USA)Jeffrey (London)Jeffrey Groves (London)
JeMs Virtual Assistant Services (London)Jen (Kawartha Lakes)Jen (Windsor)
Jen Cascagnette (Barrie)Jen Foxcroft, Western University (London)Jen Knights (London)
Jen L. (Windsor)Jen McDonald (London)Jen McMahon (Kitchener)
Jen, Dave, Abby and Riley (London)Jena Clementi (London)Jenifer (Elmira, Waterloo)
Jeniffer Karas - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Jenn Carpenter (Kitchener)Jenn corriveau (London)
Jenn Del Tin (Tottenham, Ontario)Jenn Jewitt (Mount Brydges)Jenn Mc (British Columbia)
Jenn Meksula (London)Jenn Purdy (London) (2)Jenn R (Kitchener)
Jenn Savarie (Ottawa)Jenn Schneider (Barrie)Jenn W (Kitchener)
Jenn Wilkins/YMCA (Barrie)Jenn Zehr, University of Waterloo (Kitchener)Jenna Kressler (London)
Jenna Smith (London) (2)Jenna Strong (London)Jenna Walker (London)
Jenna Western (London)Jennie lee (Barrie)Jennie's Junior Jungle Daycare (Saskatchewan)
Jennifer (London)Jennifer (Kitchener)Jennifer and Kendra Stanley (Brantford )
Jennifer Arbeider (Barrie)Jennifer Arthur (Stratford, ON)Jennifer Beckett (Kitchener)
Jennifer Belrose (Owen Sound)Jennifer Brush - YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka (Barrie)Jennifer Butkus (London)
Jennifer Carson (Tilbury)Jennifer Chisnall (London)Jennifer cloutier (Windsor)
Jennifer Cloutier (Windsor) (3)Jennifer colebourn nuclear medicine hotel dieu grace hospital (Windsor)Jennifer Coll (Windsor)
Jennifer Cormier (London)Jennifer Cox (London)Jennifer Cox - Western University (London)
Jennifer Dewbury (Kitchener) (2)Jennifer Ducharme (Windsor)Jennifer Durst - Canadian Mental Health Association (Kitchener)
Jennifer E. Smith (London)Jennifer Ehiwario Nwabiani (London)Jennifer Foster - London Police Services Board (London)
Jennifer Fowler-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Jennifer Gillies (London)Jennifer Greene (Barrie)
Jennifer Guse (Barrie)Jennifer Harrison (London) (2)Jennifer Howley (London)
Jennifer Jeffery (London)Jennifer Jesso (London) (2)Jennifer Jones (London)
Jennifer Kay (Kitchener)Jennifer King (London)Jennifer McNamara (Barrie)
Jennifer McNorton (Windsor)Jennifer Nancekievill (Newmarket) (2)Jennifer Patenaude (London)
Jennifer Perras/King's university/Compass Group Canada (London)jennifer power (west lincoln)Jennifer Schroeder (London)
Jennifer Skuja (Barrie)Jennifer Spaulding (Kitchener)Jennifer Spencer (London)
Jennifer Stagg-Schaefer (Kitchener)Jennifer Taylor (Hensall, Ontario)Jennifer Tozer (London)
Jennifer Wall (London)Jennifer Williams (Stoney Creek)Jenniffer Bonilla - HDGH (Windsor)
Jenny (London) (2)Jenny (Chatham)Jenny Cornish (London)
Jenny Couse (London)Jenny Couse, Thames Valley District School Board (London)Jenny Hall (Guelph)
Jenny Keene (London) (2)Jenny Keppler (Kitchener)Jenny Kim (London)
Jenny Lehman (Kitchener)Jenny McGregor (London)Jenny parsons (London)
Jeremy De Mello (London)Jeremy Doucette (London)Jeremy Fisher (Kitchener)
Jeremy Maddux (Blountville, TN)Jeremy Mugford (London)Jeremy Turner (Windsor)
Jerry Hansen (Barrie)Jersey (London)Jess Murray (London)
Jess Rueger (London)Jess Welten (Thedford Ontario)Jess, Jordana, Stephanna, Jill, Katherine & Liz (London)
jessa v (bradford)jesse (Newmaret)Jesse Brown - King's University College at Western (London)
Jesse Givan (London)Jesse Taylor-Vigneux (Windsor)Jessica (Brampton)
Jessica (Richmond Hill)Jessica (London)Jessica Baber (Barrie) (2)
Jessica Brown (London)Jessica Burtt (London)Jessica CHin (London)
Jessica Da Costa (Kitchener)Jessica Danielle Favylyn Armas (Kitchener)Jessica Demille (Edmonton)
Jessica Diniz (London)Jessica Fisher (Kitchener)Jessica Gibson (London)
Jessica Holy Trinity High School (Bradford)Jessica LaButte (Leamington, ON)Jessica Laurie (London)
Jessica Mailloux (Windsor)Jessica Murray (London)Jessica Nguyen (London)
Jessica Norrie (London)Jessica Oakes (Durham)Jessica Peroff (Mississauga )
Jessica Poole (Barrie)Jessica Quackenbush (Oxford County)Jessica Rawn (Barrie)
Jessica Saint (Barrie)Jessica Salituri (London)Jessica Salomon (London)
Jessica Scheuneman (Windsor)Jessica Schweyer (London) (2)Jessica Szucki (Windsor)
Jessica Thompson-Western University (London)Jessica villeneuve (Kitchener)Jessica Zakoor (Windsor)
Jessie (London) (2)Jessie (Windsor)JESSIE MAO (London)
Jessie szabo (London)Jessie Wang (Kitchener)Jessie White (Kitchener)
Jett Wombwell (Barrie)Jewel Green (Kawartha Lakes)Jewlee (London)
Jia Kelleher, Student @ John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)Jieni Hou (London)Jill Procter, YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka (Barrie)
Jill Rolfe (Kitchener)Jill Taylor (Kitchener)Jillene MacDonald (Barrie)
Jillian Ann Bertrand (London)Jillian Law (London) (2)Jim @ lorna hueston (London)
Jim and Donna hopkins (York)Jim and Jan Davidson (Utterson)Jim Bob Sherwood (Barrie)
Jim Creen (Port Sydney)Jim Cressman (London)Jim Dickie (Barrie) (2)
Jim Douglas, Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Jim Gojmerac (Kitchener)Jim Kennedy (London)
Jim Lillie - HDGH (Windsor)Jim McKever - Barrie Ymca (Barrie)Jim Passmore (London)
Jim Pomeroy - YMCA Geneva Park (Barrie)Jim Reyno Metro London (London)Jim Templin (Barrie)
Jim Wylie (London)Jina Kum (London)Jo jennings (London) (2)
Jo MacIntosh (Barrie)Joa (Barrie)Joan Atchison (London)
Joan E. Wray (Whitby,Ontario)Joan Hamilton-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Joan Harvey (London)
Joana Jesus (Bradford Ontario)Joanna Dales, Fansahwe College (London)Joanna S (Kitchener)
Joannah Campbell (London)Joanne & Bob Fraser (Windsor)Jo-Anne Chipping (Innisfil)
Joanne Colling (London)Joanne Davies (Brampton)Joanne Desjardins - HDGH (Windsor)
Joanne Hammerton (London)JOANNE LANSARD (London)JOANNE MACNEIL (BRANT)
Joanne Morency (Windsor)Joanne Orr (London)Joanne Papadopulos- Surace (Windsor)
Joanne Smith (London)Joanne Timmons (Barrie)Joanne timmons (Barrie)
Joanne Tsambis-Skakoon (Sudbury)Joanne Vanderbeeten (London)Joanne Verbeek (London)
Joanne Verbeek, Jacob Ursic, Sailor Verbeek (London)Joanne Witt (York Region)Jocelyn Ip (London)
Jocelyn Phillips (Windsor) (2)Jocelyn wilkins (London)Jocelyne Robinson (London)
Jo-Dee Btown HDGH (Windsor)Jodi Guthrie (London)Jodi Rattai (WINNIPEG!!)
Jodi Simpson (London)Jodi Waite (London)Jodie (London)
Jody Campbell & Riches Tran (London)Jody Rimmington/Jennifer Bainbridge (Huntsville, Ontario)joe (muskoka)
Joe (Windsor) (2)Joe C. (NBL Canada Fan)Joe Heath (Bradford)
Joe Lewin-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Joe Palmeri (Bradford )Joe Sales (Kitchener)
Joel (London) (2)Joel Amos (London)JOEL HURWITZ (London)
Joel Ravi - John Cabot C.S.S. (Mississauga)Joel Sherlock (London)Joel Willemse (London)
Joey Karb RN Hotel Dieu Grace (Windsor)Johan Delport (London)Johanna Drennan (London)
Johanna Meesters (Collingwood Ontario)Johanna Weststar (London) (2)Johanne Bietola (Windsor)
Johanne Dean (Windsor)John Alderton (London)John Bertrand (London)
John Cabot (Toronto)John Cabot C.S.S Leah Walzak (Mississauga)John Cabot C.S.S/ Clare Barry (Mississauga ON)
John Cabot catholic secondary school (Roland nwachukwu riches)John Cabot/ Aaliyah (Toronto)John Carter (Barrie)
John Cena (Windsor)John cena (Windsor)John Conley (JC) Fanshawe College (London)
John Critchley (London)John Dafesh (Windsor)John Doe (Windsor)
John Drozd (London)John Dunn (Windsor)John English Junior Middle School (Jigme Kelsang)
John Facey (London)John Fast (Niagara)John Long (Whitby)
John McConnell (Barrie)John McGregor Secondary School (Chatham Kent)John Meadows (Toronto)
John P. Shewchuk & Family (Kitchener)John Paul II Catholic Secondary School (London)John Scott London Public Library (London)
John Summers (London)John Szegner (Windsor)John Thompson (Kitchener)
John Toth (Windsor)John Wise PS (London)john wise student grade 5 (st thomas)
Johnson Sanitation/Howard Print (Parkhill)Jon (Brampton)Jon B. (Barrie)
Jon Brown (Windsor)Jon glover (London)Jon Lalonde (Barrie)
Jon Mollon (London)Jon morby (Collingwood)Jonah (Windsor)
Jonah James templeton cumpson (Sarina Ontario )Jonathan Coles (London)Jonathan Embree (Toronto)
Jonathan Rom (London)Jony (London)Jordan (durham)
Jordan (London) (3)Jordan (U.S.)jordan (Stratford,ont)
Jordan DaSilva (Strathroy Rockets) (London)Jordan Duyck (Windsor)Jordan Hargreaves (Barrie) (2)
Jordan Hart (Ontario)Jordan Marks Duncan. B. Davison S.S. (London)Jordan Schaus (London)
Jordan Tompkins (London)Jordon Newlands (London)Jorge Alcala (London)
Jose A Gomez, MD (London)Jose Quiles (United States)Joseph Fischer (Kitchener) (2)
Joseph Turnbull (London)Josephine Florio (Aurora)Josh (Barrie)
Josh "Peacekeeper" Alamshah (Mississauga)Josh Adams (London)Josh Coulis (Whitby)
Josh Morgan (London)Josh Morgan, Chair, London Public Library Board (London)Josh Panza (Bradford, Ontario)
Josh Peters (London) (2)Josh Peters - Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System (London)Josh Peters - London Family Court Clinic (London)
Josh Ramsay (Barrie) (2)Joshua (Kitchener)Joshua Battistella (bradford west gwillimbury)
Joshua Battistella (Bradford West Gwillimbury)Josie (London)Josie everett (London)
Josie Ivicz (Brampton)Journey (Barrie)Jovana Majstorovic (London)
Joy Cowell - Clarke Road Secondary (London)Joy Hagerty (London)Joyce Nicoletti - HDGH (Windsor)
Joyce payne (London)JOyce R. MacKinnon (London)JP Saroya (Edmonton)
JRC (London)JT (Windsor)Juanita DeJong (Kitchener)
Juanita romero (London)Jude (London)Judi Graystone (London)
Judi Hopkin (Kitchener)Judi Shepherd (London)Judith Butera (Windsor)
Judith Fitzgerald (The Almaguin Highlands)JUDITH HULL & ASSOCIATES, Personal Injury Lawyers (London)Judith Moore-Hepburn (London)
Judith Plante (Windsor)Judy (Barrie)Judy Cooper- Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)
Judy Garritano (Windsor)Judy Harris (London)Judy Hcken (London)
Judy Kovacs (London)Judy Stein (London)Judy T (Toronto)
Julia (Windsor) (6)Julia (Bradford)Julia (London)
Julia Bak (London)Julia Birnie (Toronto)Julia Lazarito - Don Wright Faculty of Music, Western University (London)
Julia Lukatschuk (Bradford, Ontario) (3)Julia Niimi (Guelp[h) (2)Julia p (Barrie)
Julia Renaud (Windsor)Julia Student of John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)Julia U John Cabot (Mississauga)
Julia Voin (Kitchener)Julian Puskarits (Antioch Californaia)Juliana Figueiredo (Bradford) (2)
Juliana Martins Figueiredo (Bradford)Juliann (Windsor) (9)Julie and Barry Maltby (London)
Julie Atchison (London) (2)Julie Boon (London)Julie Campbell (Barrie)
Julie D - Western University (London)Julie Goverde (London)Julie H (London)
Julie Helmi (Toronto)Julie La (London)Julie Langelaan (London)
Julie Last (London)Julie Lauzon - Hotel Dieu (Windsor)Julie Leblanc (Windsor)
Julie Legacy (London)Julie Lewis & Dana D'Arville of Julie Lewis Counselling and Consulting Inc. (Barrie)Julie Major (Barrie)
Julie Maltby (London)Julie Maltby, Thames Valley District School Board (London)julie McLean (Toronto)
Julie McRoberts (London)Julie Raei (York Region)Julie Statler (London)
Julie Timewell (London) (2)Julie Warren (London)Julienne harvie (London)
julieth (Bradford,Ontario )Julieth garzon unas (Barrie) (2)June Rose Callwood PS (St Thomas, Ontario)
June Rose Callwood Public School (London)June rose Public School (London)Justice Bennett. B. Davison S.S. (London)
Justice Jenkins. B. Davison S.S (London)Justice Williamson-Deneau (Windsor)Justin (London)
justin (York)Justin Bishop (Barrie)Justin Cooper (London)
Justin Cottrell (London)Justin Fitzelle (London)Justin Kicks (London)
Justin Pereira (London) (3)Justin Spencer (London)Justin Y. - UWO (London)
Justine Brown (Kitchener)Justine McCabe (London)Justine W. (London)
Jutta Abernethy (London)jv (Los Angelas) (2)K L A E. W (Barrie)
K. Jones (London)K. Power (Windsor)K\ ka4bab\ko (London)
K12 Inc (US)Kabs Boutique (London)Kacey Tangredi (London)
Kaely (London)Kaelyn Bumelis (London)Kaffer/Prentice family (Windsor)
Kahley (Kitchener)Kaija (Mundy's Bay) (Midland, Ontario)Kailey Maskell (Barrie)
Kailey McGillivary (London)Kaitlin (London)Kaitlin Morin (Orillia Ontario)
Kaitlind Van Hende (London)Kaitlyn Durkan (Everett) (2)Kaitlyn Geere (Barrie)
Kaitlyn Lee (London)Kaitlyn Moffat (London)Kaitlyn V (Windsor)
Kamarr.zeae (London)Kapp family (Kitchener)Kappa Alpha Theta, Gamma Epsilon Chapter (London) (2)
Kara Brown (London)Kara Kinsman (Kitchener)Kara Sue Slatnik B. Davison S.S (London)
Kara, Josh, Rylen and Zoey (London)Kareem El Naggar (London)karehbee and family kcco (Hanmer Le )
Karen (London) (3)Karen (Caledonia , Ont)Karen - Kings University College student (London)
Karen A (Woodstock)Karen Adams McConnell (Windsor)Karen B (London)
Karen Bax-The London Family Court Clinic (London)karen bedford (collingwood)Karen Burrell (London)
Karen Calwell (Barrie)Karen Charbonneau - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Karen Cousins (London)
KaRen Ertel (Kitchener)Karen Haines (London)Karen Hord (Toronto)
Karen Joly (Kitchener)Karen McDonald (Woodstock)Karen McIlroy (Kitchener)
Karen Mierkalns (London)Karen Poulin (Tillsonburg)Karen Pulla (Barrie)
Karen Ridler (London)Karen Riggs (Woodstock)Karen Schmitt (Orillia)
Karen Trotter (Windsor)Karen Yeryk (Windsor)Karen, Braden, and Nicole Bosma (London)
Karenbedford (Barrie)Karina Bannon (London)Karina Midence (Toronto)
Karishma Taneja (London)Karissa (London)Karl straky (Windsor)
Karly Heino (Windsor)Karyn Rowe (London)Kassandra Hallett (London)
Kassandra Loewen (London)Kassandra lynn mclellan (London)Kassie (London)
Kate (London)Kate Bennett (Toronto)Kate Bennett (London)
Kate Bennett- Harrison Pensa LLP (London)Kate Crawford, First-St. Andrew's United Church (London)Kate Driver (Kitchener)
Kate Lesperance - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Kate O'Donnell (London)Kate prentice (Windsor)
Kate Rivest (London)Kate V (London) (2)Kate Venn (Barrie)
Kate Wang (London)Katelin McPherson (Barrie)Katelyn doidge (Barrie)
Katelyn King (London)Katelyn Sauer (London)Katelynn Gallant (Barrie)
Katey Lynn (London)Katherine Dalgard (London)Katherine - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)
Katherine & Jeff Lecours (Kitchener)Katherine Butso, UWO (London)Katherine Li (London)
Katherine Medeiros (Windsor) (8)Katherine Mustachi @ Kings University College at the University of Western Ontario (London)KATHERINE WHITNEY (NORFOLK COUNTY)
KATHERINE WHITNEY (Simcoe, ON (NORFOLK COUNTY))Kathi Smith (Kitchener)Kathi Smith WRDSB Trustee (Kitchener)
Kathleen (London) (2)Kathleen Mendelin Marchbank (London)Kathleen Walsh (London)
Kathleen Williams (Safe School Advocate-Hamilton) (Hamilton Ontario)Kathryn (Kingston)Kathryn Mann (Ralph Mann)
Kathryn Patterson (London)Kathryn Pierce (London)Kathryn Wiepjes (London)
Kathy (London)Kathy Deadman (London)Kathy Graham-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Kathy Holden (London)Kathy Lappan - RN - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Kathy McIntosh (Windsor)
Kathy McKenzie (Newmarket ) (2)KATHY MOJSOVSKI (London)Kathy Parks (Barrie)
Kathy Quinlan (Windsor)Kathy smith (Barrie)Kathy Vansickle (London)
Kathy Wallis (London)Kathy Westelaken (London)Katie (Windsor)
Katie Artuso (London)Katie Ashdown (Richmond Hill)Katie Belz (London)
Katie Cain - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Katie Campbell (Muskoka )Katie Carter (London)
Katie Clark (London)Katie Dutot (London)Katie Hines (Durham)
Katie Hoffman (London)Katie Hunter (London)Katie McEvoy (Windsor)
Katie McGuire (London)Katie Moskowitz (London)Katie Naus, Metro London (London)
Katie Osborne (London)Katie Pickering - St. Leonard's Community Services (London)Katie Rieger (Kitchener)
Katina (Kitchener)KATRINA (London)Katrina Busmanis (London)
Katrina Kostecki (Kitchener)Katrina Kypri-Pancham (Pickering)Katrina Lamoureux (London)
Katy Evans (London)Katy Hudson (Hamilton )Katy Pattullo (Barrie)
Kay Family (Barrie)Kaydence Nguyen (London)Kayla (London) (2)
Kayla Belchuk (Windsor)Kayla cunningham (London)Kayla Duncan (London) (2)
Kayla Grummett (Meaford)Kayla Jackson (Orillia)Kayla Oosting (London) (2)
Kayla Poole (London)Kayla-- Western University (London)Kayle Van Meerbergen (London)
Kaylee Gregor (Newmarket)Kaylee Thornton (London)Kayleighdawn (London)
Kayne (Barrie) (8)Kazimiera Harrison (London)KB (Windsor)
KCI's WAYVE GROUP (Kitchener)Keegan BURKE (Barrie)Keegan short (Barrie)
keegan winter holy trinity (bradford)keeley coyle (Whitby)Keely Ryan (Windsor) (5)
Keesha Bellemore - HDGH (Windsor)Keesha Hodgins (Windsor)Keith Chinnery (Windsor)
Keith Hole (Chatham)Keith Marnoch, Western University (London)Keith Thompson - Lutherwood (Kitchener)
kelli (united states)Kelli Sirianni (Windsor)Kelli Sirianni - University of Windsor and GECDSB (Windsor)
Kelli Wallace (Kitchener)Kellie Hansaruk and family (Windsor)Kellie Hill - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Kellie Hill and Family (Barrie)KellMurr Consultants in Education (Sydney, Nova Scotia)Kelly (London)
Kelly (Windsor) (2)Kelly Brogan (United States of America, Chicago, Illinois)Kelly Burgess (London)
Kelly Duchesne (Kitchener)Kelly Gain (London)Kelly Gutpell- Western University (London)
Kelly hickey (Kitchener)Kelly Jones (London)Kelly Langille (London)
Kelly Lawley (Kitchener)Kelly Lawrence (Barrie)Kelly McGregor (United States)
Kelly McNeil Wildlife Artist (Kitchener)Kelly McNeil Wildlife Artist (Brampton)Kelly Paul (Windsor)
Kelly Shaw (London)Kelly Vriesema (London)Kelly White (Barrie)
Kelly Ziegner (London)Kelly Zuk (Kitchener)Kelly, Tracey, Megan and Shanon McGrath (London)
Kelly-Jane McKague-Rember (Embro, Ontario)Kelsey and Jenna (London)Kelsey Jackson (Barrie)
Kelsey Johnson (London)Kelsey MacEachern (London)Kelsey Pilon (London)
Kelsey Stojkovic (Thunder Bay)Kelsey Turnbull (London)Kelsie stewart (London) (2)
Kelsie Tuck (Toronto)Keltie Shields (Markham)Kem Rogers (London)
Kempster's (Kitchener)Ken (www.GamersRUs.ca)Ken (Manchester)
Ken Andrews (London)Ken Andrews, Huron University College (London)Ken Dube / Longtime Bully (Barrie)
Ken Strong (Windsor)Ken Sullivan (Kitchener)Ken Yeung, University of Western Ontario (London)
Kenji Saito (London)Kennedy (London)Kennedy House (Niagara)
Kensal Park (London)Kensal Park French Immersion Public School, Thames Valley District School Board (London)Kensal Park/Michelle Murray (London)
Kent Cox (North Bay )Kent Guy (London) (2)Kenzie Moran (London)
Kenzie Schmidt (London)Keri Robbins (Barrie)Kerri Loudoun (London)
Kerri Lyn DeLaronde (Windsor)Kerry Sommers-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Kerry Stover (London)
Kerry Thorne (Essex County)Kerry-Anne Gibbins (Barrie)Kesler (London)
Kevin (Switzerland)Kevin Read (London)Kevin and donna baker (Barrie)
Kevin Caswell (Thunder Bay)Kevin Cutler - Provincial Schools, Ministry of Education (Muskoka)Kevin Gill (Mississauga)
Kevin Haughey (Kitchener)Kevin Miller (Whitby) (2)Kevin Stewart (Barrie)
Kevin Stout (London)Khushnum Z Khatow (London)Kiarra Travis (USA)
Kids Help Phone- Sofia (London)Kiera Green. B. Davison S.S. (London)Kiera Kenny (Newmarket)
Kiki (Toronto)Kim (London)Kim (Barrie)
Kim Bradford (London)Kim Breedon (Barrie) (2)Kim Carter (Kitchener)
Kim Catherine Livingstone (Windsor)Kim Coldham (Cambridge) (2)Kim Connolly (Barrie)
Kim de l'Eveille (Windsor)Kim de l'eveille (Windsor)Kim Gillis (London)
Kim Hambrook (Barrie)Kim Jeffery (Barrie)Kim Law (London)
Kim Law, Western University (London)Kim Lockwood (London)Kim Mako (Holland Landing)
Kim Mayordomo (London)Kim McPhee (London)Kim mcqueen (Windsor)
Kim Moore (Kitchener)Kim Murphy (Kitchener)Kim Peaker-Roes (London)
Kim Reader (London)Kim Robb (Barrie)Kim Slager (London)
Kim Smith (London)Kim Tracey (Barrie)Kim Usher (London)
Kim Wolff (London)Kimberley Fleming (London)Kimberley Jackson (London)
Kimberley PB (London)Kimberly Booth (London) (3)Kimberly Brant (Burlington )
Kimberly gibson (Barrie)Kimberly J. Kirt, MS,NCC (Windsor)Kimberly Lockwood (London)
Kimberly Poole Designs (London)Kimberly Wemigwans (London)Kim's Tiny Tots Home Daycare (London)
Kindra Thibault (London)King Albert Public School (Lindsay, Ontario)KING'S (London)
King's College at University of Western Ontario (London)Kings College at Western University (London)King's University (London)
Kings University College (London)King's University College (London) (4)Kings University College - J.S. (London)
King's University College (University of Western Ontario Affiliate) (London)Kings University College at the University of Western Ontario (London)King's University College at The University of Western Ontario (London)
Kings University college at UWO (London)King's University College at Western (London)Kings University College at Western University (London)
King's University College at Western University (London)Kings University College, Yolanda (London)Kin's University College at the University of Western Ontario (London)
kira eldridge (australia)Kirsten D. (Newmarket)Kirstie Taves (Kitchener)
Kit Li (London)Kitchener Professional Firefighters Assoc (Kitchener)Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate (Kitchener)
KJ (Toronto )Klea (Toronto)Kohulann Surendran (London)
Kortney Smail (Kitchener)Kourtney Cromwell (Abbotsford, BC)Kris Dowler (London)
Kris S (Barrie)Kris Usher (London)Krishna Satram (Toronto)
Krista (Barrie)Krista Barrasso (Barrie)Krista Doyle (London)
Krista Giannakopoulos (London)Krista Holtby (London)Krista N (London)
Krista Sweeney (London)Kristen (London)Kristen Chatelain (Windsor)
Kristen Craig (London)Kristen Crane (London)Kristen Draper (London) (2)
Kristen Dupuis (London)Kristen Gore (Windsor)Kristen Harris (London)
Kristen Jorge (Toronto )Kristen M. (London)Kristen martin (Hamilton)
Kristen Rajnovich and Aaron Bullock (London)Kristen Rosehart (London)Kristen Rosehart, Western University (London)
Kristen Zinger (London)Kristie B (London)Kristie McClean (London)
Kristin Cliff (London)Kristin Knight (London)Kristin Luckins (sarnia)
Kristina & Brent Bell (London)Kristina Bradley UWO (London)Kristina M (Barrie)
Kristina Murray (Windsor)Kristine (Windsor)Kristine Huston (London)
Kristine Schroeder (London)Kristy Holden (London)Kristy Lakin (London)
Kristylee Palma (Kitchener)Kristylee Varley - AM800 CKLW Radio (Windsor)Kristyn (Kitchener)
Kristyn Karpinchick (London)Krit Adamski (London)Krystal Banfill (Windsor)
Krystle Hendrikx (London)Krystle Horan (Barrie)Krystle McKay (Listowel,Ontario)
Ksenia (St. Catherines)Kurtis Sander (Strathroy)Kurtis Sander (Strathroy Rockets) (London)
K-W Cousnelling Services (Kitchener)KW habilitation (Kitchener)Kyla Blackie (London) (2)
Kyla Garvey (London)KYLE (London)Kyle (Windsor)
Kyle (London)Kyle (Kitchener)Kyle allen (Kitchener)
Kyle J.M. Hickey (Kitchener)Kyle March - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Kyle tulloch (Windsor)
Kyle Zelkovich (Orillia)Kylee Morris (Bradford)Kylie Seabrook (London)
Kyra B (Newmarket)Kyria (London)L Maheu (Orillia)
L Michienzi (London)L. Caron (Windsor)L. Leckie (Windsor)
L.A. Desmarais (Windsor)L.A. Desmarais Elementary School Grade 6T (Windsor)L.Alexandre (Barrie)
L.K (Kitchener)la classe de 2e/3e à l'école St-Michel (Leamington)La classe de Mlle O'Meara (London)
La classe de Mme Chantal Beattie (London)La classe de Mme Galbraith (London)La classe de Mme Monique 4B (Windsor)
La classe de Mme Monique 4B (Leamington)La famille Deshaies (Windsor)La famille Dufault/École St. Ambroise (Windsor)
La famille Meloche (Windsor)La famille Meloche (Leamington)Lacey Smith (London)
Lachine High (Montreal)Lafond / Belanger (Windsor)Laleh hadisi (London)
LaMarsh (Niagara )Lambeth Girl Guides and Pathfinders (London)Lambeth P.S. (London)
Lambton College (Sarnia)Lambton-Kent School District *Peacemakers* (Lambton and Kent counties)Lane vanboekel (London)
Lanette (Windsor)Lanette Waldner (London)LANGLOIS FAMILY (Windsor)
LANGS TRANSPORTATION (London)LANI (London)Lara Calucag, student and cast member @ John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)
Larissa Grant - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Larissa McClinchey (London)Larissa Romanow (London)
Larissa Scimmi (Windsor)Larmand Family (Barrie)Larry Clark (Northeast Ohio)
Larry Henry (Sarmla)Latecia Koyle, Brad Rodrigues, & Finlay (London)lATEISHA Grant (Whitby)
Latin Class at OD/Park S.S. (Orillia)Laura (Barrie) (2)Laura Andrews (London)
Laura belle (London)Laura Brinkmann (Windsor)Laura Brown (Kitchener)
Laura Driver (Kitchener)Laura F (London)Laura Gillis & Brian Gillis (Windsor)
Laura Godts (London)LAURA HAMPSHIRE-KOOL FM (Barrie)Laura hogan (Barrie)
Laura Hurst-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Laura MacDonald (London)Laura Mattice (Midland)
Laura Misener (London) (2)Laura Mundinger (London)Laura o (Bradford Onatrio)
laura orchard (Bradford)Laura Reilly (London)Laura Reilly - Harrison Pensa (London)
Laura Reynolds (Barrie)Laura Richards (Huntsville, Ontario)Laura Rimmer (Barrie)
Laura V (Bradford, Ontario )Laura Vanderwoude (London)Laura Zielinski (London)
Laura! (Bradford Ontario)Laura, from Holy Trinity High School (Bradford Ontario)Laure Long (Quesnel, British Columbia )
Laurel Astridge (London) (2)Lauren (Private in York Region)Lauren (London) (3)
Lauren (Toronto )Lauren Buchanan (London)Lauren Castle, Western University (London)
Lauren Demers (London)Lauren Hurst (London)Lauren L (London)
Lauren Munn (London)Lauren Rowert (Kitchener)Lauren Schmenk (London)
Lauren Strasser (London)Lauren Tordoff (London)Laurence Simner (London)
Laurentian Senior Public (Kitchener)Laurentian Sr Public School (Kitchener)Laurie bratscher (London)
Laurie Hawkins PS (London)Laurie Hawkins Public School/Dan Burton (London)Laurie Strome (Kitchener)
Laurier (London)Laurier Peer Helpers (London)Lazar (London)
LCES - T.B (London)LDSS (London)Le Caron (Barrie)
Lea DeThomasis (Windsor)Leadership Waterloo Region (Kitchener)Leah (London)
Leah Balduckie (Barrie)Leah Collins (Peterborough Kawarthas)Leah Krisak (London) (2)
Leah Smith Family (London)Leah Wearn (London)leamington district memorial hospital (leamington)
Leamington District Secondary School (Leamington)Leamington Upstander (Windsor) (2)leaminton district memorial hospital (carla anne rita catherwood)
Leandro Dantas Holy Trinity High School (Bradford, Ontario)Leanna De Lucia (London)Leanne Bonello (London)
Leanne Derrah (London)Leanne Gutsell (London)Leanne Howlett (London)
Leanne johnson (Barrie)Learning Disabilities Association of London Region (London)LeCoure (Windsor)
Lee Downs (Barrie)Lee Kools (Kitchener)Lee Nicholson (London)
Lee Smith (London)Lee Storm (Kitchener)Leesa Couper, University of Western Ontario (London)
Leigh Levetr (London)Leigh Levett (London)Leigh-Anne Smith & Abel Asefaw (Kitchener)
Leila MacBean (London)Leilani Mangal (Kitchener)Leneida White (Barrie)
Leni Kryiakou (Newmarket)Leo van der Hoff (London)Leon Sugarfoot (Windsor)
Leroy Trottman (Kitchener)Les Loups-Garous (Owen sound)LESIA CORMACK (PARRY SOUND)
Lesleigh Turner (London)Lesley Butterick (London)Leslie L (Kitchener)
Leslie Lamb (London)Leslie Roth (London)Leslie Shelley (Stratford )
Leslie Thorpe (Toronto)Lester B. Pearson School for the ARTS (London)Letisha Fay (Kitchener)
Letty Lopez - HDGH (Windsor)Leveille Family (Chatham-Kent )Level Ground (GTA )
Lewis newtman (Windsor)Lex & Lennon Gifts (Burlington)Lexi Newhook (Windsor)
Lexie C (Calgary )Lexy McQueen (Kitchener)Lhsc (London)
LHSC (London) (8)LHSC - Anesthesia (London)Lhsc Angela Boyle RN OR (London)
LHSC -MP (London)LHSC Switchboard (London)LHSC, LRCP, Natalia Akentieva (London)
LHSC/Byron Northview Public School (London)LHSC-nursing staff (London)LHSC-VH (London)
Lia Renaud (London)Liam Bauer (Windsor)Liam Collier (Windsor)
liam flany (straford)Liam Kenny (Newmarket )Liam McWade (London)
Lianne Boxall (Barrie)Lice Squad Canada (Barrie)Lice Squad Canada (Windsor)
Lice Squad Canada (Toronto)Lidia (Barrie)Lidia Bianchi (Barrie)
Life Pathways Psychotherapy (North York)Lightfoot/Harris Household (London)Liisa belig (Windsor)
Lilka Young (London) (2)Lillian Pyszniak (Windsor)Lillian Reid (London)
Lily (London) (2)Lily Skakavac (Windsor)Lincoln avenue public school (durham)
Lincoln McCardle (London) (4)Linda Baldwin (London)Linda Biggs (United States)
Linda Cathcart - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Linda CG (London)Linda Gutjahr (London)
Linda hiebert (London)Linda Kruger (Kitchener)Linda Leonard (London)
Linda Lewin-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Linda LoMascolo- HDGH (Windsor)Linda Palubiskie (Kitchener)
Linda Reid HDGH (Windsor)Linda Robb (London)Linda Rodriguez (Midland, Ontario)
LInda Warren (Oshawa)Linda Yuzwak (Kitchener)Linden Crain (Windsor)
Lindsay (London) (2)Lindsay (Barrie) (2)Lindsay (Windsor)
Lindsay Baker (London)Lindsay Bloch (London)Lindsay Burdis ~ Bell Media Radio (London)
Lindsay Chabot (London)Lindsay Charlesworth (Kitchener)Lindsay Clayborne (London)
Lindsay D'souza student at John Cabot Catholic Secondary School Mississauga (Mississauga)Lindsay Dukelow (London)Lindsay Edwards/Izabella Levesque/Roy Levesque (Huntsville)
Lindsay Henderson (London)Lindsay Leitch (London)Lindsay Meldrum (London)
Lindsay Morrison (Newmarket High School) (Ontario)Lindsay Seaton (London)Lindsay Sommerauer (London)
Lindsay Stark (London)Lindsay Sutton (London)Lindsay Waffle (Kingston Ontario)
Lindsey (London)Liq Midiq (London)Lisa ANderson (Chatham)
Lisa Autuchiewicz (London)Lisa Barnes-Gray (Fort Smith, Arkansas USA)Lisa Bentivoglio (Aurora)
Lisa Boerner (Kitchener)Lisa Bondy (London)Lisa Boon (London)
Lisa Chard (Kitchener)Lisa Chevrette (London) (2)Lisa Collins (Kitchener)
Lisa Cox (London)Lisa Di Martino (York Region) (4)Lisa Fiorelli - Drama Teacher @John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)
Lisa Gale (Kitchener)Lisa Gignac (Windsor) (2)Lisa Godden (London)
Lisa Gray (London) (2)Lisa Guthrie (Barrie)Lisa Hawthornthwaite (London)
Lisa Hazen (Kitchener)Lisa Hoggard (London)Lisa Johnston (Peterborough)
Lisa Johnston (St. Thomas) (2)Lisa Jones (Windsor)Lisa K. Jones (Windsor)
Lisa Kasab (Barrie)Lisa Longman (Barrie)Lisa Mazerolle (Barrie)
Lisa Merriam (London)Lisa New (Windsor)Lisa O'Driscoll (Barrie)
Lisa Paolatto (Windsor)Lisa Phillips (London)Lisa price (Kitchener)
Lisa Roth (Alliston Ontario)Lisa Rysdale (Central Elgin)Lisa Scott (Windsor)
Lisa Scott (Mitchell)Lisa Smith - Thames Valley DSB (London)Lisa SP and Family (London)
Lisa Talbot (Richmond Hill)Lisa Tsimerman (London)Lisa Valente (Windsor)
Lisa Van Osch (London)Lisa Van Osch from Tavistock Public School (London)Lisa Wall (London)
Lisa Wall (oxford county/Tillsonburg)Lisa Wallace (London)Lisa Whatley (Windsor)
Lisa, Louie, Aaron & Adam Raffoul (Windsor)Lise Robinson (London)Listowel Centaral Public School- Grade 3B Class (Kitchener)
LIttle Bit Like Home Daycare and the Barker Family (Kitchener)Little Falls Public School - Grade 4 (Newman) (St. Marys, Ontario)Littlefalls public (London)
Liv Cazzola (London)LiveFit (London)Livingston Family (Windsor)
Liz Brown (Windsor) (2)Liz Melvin (London)Liz Nash (London)
Liz Srebot (London)Liz Thompson (London)Liz Wismer - Heart FM (Woodstock)
Liza Larsen (London)lizbeth chavez (Bradford,ontario and Mexico.)Lizdeth Cortez (usa )
Lizzy Everest (London)LOCAL 2458 CAW (Windsor)Local citizen who has been bullied (Barrie)
Locall 444 (Windsor)Locke's Public School (London)L'Odyssée (Guelph)
Log Cabin Variety (Barrie)Logan Patterson (Ridgetown ON)Logan thomson (London)
Lois Hayter - Western University - Schulich Medicine (London)Lois J Bickley, OCT (Innisfil, ON)London Abused Women's Centre (London)
London and District Distress Centre (London)London Anti-Bullying Coalition (London)London Block Parent Program (London)
London bridge child care (London) (2)London Central (London)London Children's Museum (London) (2)
London Community Foundation (London)London District Catholic School Board - meeting of the Board of Trustees November 11 2013 (London)London Environmental Education Centre - TVDSB (London)
London Family Court Clinic (London)London family court clinic (London)London Family Court Clinic - Executive Director, Dr. Dan Ashbourne (London)
London Family Court Clinic ~ Tammy Riley (London)London Hawkrigg Family (London)London Health Science Center (London)
London Health Science Centre/Linda Holland Keogh (London)London Health Sciences Center- Victoria Hospital (London)London health sciences centre (London)
London Health Sciences Centre (London) (14)London Health Sciences Centre/Craig Hawkins (London)London hospitol linen inc. (London)
London Life (London)London Lightning Basketball (London)LONDON LIGHTNING BASKETBALL TEAM (London)
London Police Service (London) (4)London Police Service S/Sgt (London)London Public Library (London)
London Public Library Board (London)London Public Library Board - Trustees (London)London Public Library CEO & Senior Team (London)
London Regional Cancer Program (London)Long Investments Inc/Claire Long (Kitchener)Lonny Simmons (London)
Lord Dorchester Secondary School (London) (2)Lord Nelson (London) (2)Lord Nelson Public School (London)
Lord Roberts FIPS (London)Lord Roberts FI-PS (London)Lord Roberts French Immersion - La classe de Mme Wells 4-5 (London)
Lord Roberts French Immersion Public School (London) (2)Lord Roberts Public School (London)Loreen Teoli (York Region)
Lorena Rogers (Windsor)Lorenzo, John Cabot Catholic SS Student (Mississauga)Loretta Peregrina (London)
loretto DiCristofaro (bradford)Lori (Bolton)Lori (Nanaimo British Columbia)
Lori Coulombe (York Region - Georgina)Lori Cunningham (Grey / Bruce)Lori Cunningham (Windsor)
Lori hill (Kitchener)Lori Lynn (Windsor)Lori Parker (London)
Lori Richards (Woodstock )Lori Stocking (London)Lori Wilkins (Barrie)
Lori Wilkins (Victoria Harbour)Lorie Grandmont (London)Lorna Bruce (London)
Lorna Martin (Windsor)Lorna Walsh - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Lorne Ave. P.S. (London)
Lorne Falkenstein (London)Lorraine Fay (London)Lorraine Gabriel (Stayner, Ontario)
Lorraine Stavenow (Kitchener)Lorraine Tangen (London)Lorri Detta (Kitchener)
Lorrie Lalonde (London)Lorrie Por (London)Lorry-Ann Hunt (Norfolk)
Lou Crowley (London)Lou Lou Fisher (London)Louisa Menzie-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Louisa Xu (London)Louise (Barrie)Louise Coker (Barrie)
Louise Surnoskie (Kitchener)Louise Tudisco (Kitchener)Lourdes Toro and family (Kitchener)
Love. (Iowa and Texas or simply the United States of America :))lovernotafighter (white)Lowes Home Improvement (Kitchener)
Luann Kapasi (Windsor)Luann Kapasi - HDGH (Windsor)Luc Culhane (London)
Luc Desrosiers (Barrie)luca (Richmond hill)Lucas (Barrie)
Lucas (USA)Lucas Kenneth Follis Wright (Toronto)Lucas Porteous-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Lucas Renaud (Windsor)Lucia Codeco (Kitchener)Lucie (Barrie)
Lucie Viezner (London)Lucien Lamoureux (London)Lucky (Hamilton )
Lucky Santos, John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga )Lucy (London)Lucy Codeco (Kitchener)
Lucy Doan (London)Luis (Barrie)Luisa Miceli - Hotel Dieu Hospital (Windsor)
Lukas (Barrie)Luke (Kitchener)Luke Jackson (Strathroy Rockets) (London)
Luke Overbeek (London)LUSO Community Services (London) (6)LUSO Community Services - Lord Elgin P.S Literacy Booster Club (London)
Lutherwood (Kitchener) (9)Lutherwood JI (Kitchener)Lydia (London) (2)
Lydia Heuving (Dorchester)Lydia Reabel (London)Lynda Cunningham (London)
Lynda Laskey (London)Lynda Refoir (Middlesex County)Lynda Remmert (Windsor)
Lyndie Schnarr (Kitchener)Lyndsay Lock (Durham region)Lyndsey (St. Thomas)
Lyne Cossette (Windsor)Lyne Lulic (Windsor)Lynken Vosburg (Sarnia)
Lynn Grant (Tillsonburg)Lynn Guilbeault (Windsor)Lynn Herlick (Kitchener)
Lynn Kitchen (Windsor)Lynn Leger Herlick (Kitchener)Lynn Oliver (Kitchener)
Lynn Ridgewell & Family (Windsor)Lynn Sowrey (Barrie)Lynn Wright (London)
Lynne Jeffries (Kitchener)Lynne Mergelides (Windsor)Lynne Pageau-Kelly (teacher) (Barrie)
Lynns Bakery (London)Lyssa Lovering (Port Alberni, B.C.)M Corbin (USA)
M Hinnegan (London)M Shearer (Kitchener)M. A. Hall (from LHSC) (London)
M. Austen (Barrie)M. Cleveland (London)M. Martin (London)
M. Stéphane Messier (London)M.E. Burton (London)M.J. Livingstone - HDGH (Windsor)
M.K. (Rochester, NY) (3)MAB (Mom Against Bullying) (Windsor)MacGregor Public School (Kitchener) (5)
MacGregor public school (Kitchener) (2)MacGregor Public School (Barrie)Maciah Telfer (Windsor)
Mackenzie (London) (2)Mackenzie (Windsor)Mackenzie (Barrie)
Mackenzie Beltran (Windsor)Mackenzie Coombe (London) (2)macpail (flesheton)
macpail (flesherton)macpail (grey county)macphail (grey conty)
Macphail (Barrie) (8)macphail (fleserton )MacPhail (Flesherton)
MacPhail (flesherton)Macphail (Flesherton) (2)macphail (Grey county)
Macphail (Flesherton )macphail (flesherton)macphail (Grey County)
macphail memorial (flesherton)macphail memorial (flesherton)Macphail Memorial Elementary (flesherton)
macphail memorial elementry (flesherton)MacPhail Memorial Public School (Flesherton, ON)Madame Marasovic, Core French, John Cabot Catholic S.S. (Mississauga)
Maddison (Barrie)Maddisun,laylla,elisha,kayleigh,alexxa and matt (Barrie)Maddy (Kitchener)
Maddy and Marcha and Stephanie and Ainslee (Newmarket) (2)Madelaine Bechard-Wong (Windsor)Madelaine Uliana (London)
Madeline Barbaro (Barrie)Madeline Bassnett, Western University (London) (2)Madeline Holder (Glencoe)
Madelyn brown (London)Madelyn Porter (London)Madie HH (London)
Madison (US)Madison Bettle (London)Madison Cueva (Mississauga )
Madison Gagnon (London)Madison lee (London)Mae Kaya (Ottawa)
Maeghan (Windsor)Maggi (London)Maggie (United States)
Maggie (Windsor)Maggie Fraser (London)Maggie Kelly (Toronto)
Maggie Kitchener - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Maggie Safdari (Kitchener)Maggie Wright (Kitchener)
Mags (London)Mags Ellis (London)Maisonneuve Family (Barrie)
Major Hope (Windsor) (2)Major Hope - C. Paquette (Windsor)Makayla Allas-Canares (Bradford )
Makaylyn Schultz (USA )Makenna Ruddy (York Region)Malachi (Kitchener)
Malcolm Ruddock (London) (2)Malik Lakhdhir (Richmond Hill Onatario)Mallory Hodsdon (Bradford Ontario)
Mallory Sullivan (London)Malvern Collegiate Institute (Toronto)Man Made by Design (Kitchener)
Mana Khami (London)Mander, Raj and Matharu family (Windsor)Mandi Fields (London)
Mandy J Lambier (Windsor)Mandy Jones (Town of Minto)Manny (Bradford)
Manuela fletcher (London)Maple Lane PS (London)Maple Lane Public School (London)
Maple Leaf Marketing (Barrie)Maple Leaf Marketing Steve McKeown (Barrie)Mapleview Heights Elementary School (Barrie)
Mapleview Heights Elementary School, grade 1/2 (Barrie)Maplewood middle school (Barrie)Maplewoods Bully Project (Barrie) (2)
Mara - HDGH (Windsor)Maranda King (London)Marc Garneau CI (Toronto)
marc gerneau CI (Toronto)Marc Tonon (Woodbridge)Marc-André Proulx, École Saint-Dominique-Savio, Csc Providence (Owen Sound)
Marcel JR (Braford)Marcela (London)Marcia John (Whitby, Ontario)
Marcia Steyaert (London)Marcia Steyaert, Western University (London) (2)Marcie Simmonds Hill (London)
Marco Fuentes (Bradford, Ontario)Marco Maccario (London)Marg (Bracebridge)
Marg and Andy Smillie (London)Marg Glendon (London)Marg Henderson (London)
Margaret bouchard (Windsor)Margaret Davison (London)Margaret Dow - Western University (London)
Margaret Gobatto (Windsor)Margaret levack (Windsor)Margaret Slack (Windsor)
Margaret Wollensak - UWO (London)Margaux Evans (Kitchener)Margie Shapcott (Barrie)
Margie Underhill (London)Margot Beverley (Barrie)Mari Gutierrez (London)
Maria (London) (2)maria (bradford )Maria Becerra (Kitchener)
Maria D (London)Maria deBoer (Kitchener)Maria Ditchburn (Barrie)
Maria Ferraccioli (Kitchener)Maria Gagne (Kitchener)Maria Khami - Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry - Western University (London)
Maria Matteis (Windsor)Maria Talbot (London)Mariah (Windsor)
Mariah Marentette (Windsor)Mariam A. (London)Mariana Bustamante Reina (London)
Marianne Larsen (London)Marianne Plut (Windsor)Marianne Wales (Kitchener) (2)
Marie (London)Marie Beaumont (Kitchener)Marie Clayton (London)
Marie Coates (California, USA)Marie Dennison (Kitchener)Marie downing (Barrie)
Marie Frise (University of Western Ontario) (London)Marie G. Brown (London)Marie Oppedisano (Barrie)
Marie Phillips (Hamilton)Marie-Laure (London)Marija Vicovac (London)
Marika Tselonis (London)Marilyn Kurtz (Regina Saskatchewan)Marilyn Warner (London)
marina (Durham Region)Marinelli Family (Kitchener)Mario Beltran (London)
Marion Lewis (London)Marisa (Barrie)Marissa (Barrie)
Marissa - Western University (London)Marissa Amaral (London)Marissa B (Barrie)
Marissa Buckle (Bradford)Marissa DeOliveira (London)Marissa Gobin (London)
Marissa Gomes (Bradford )marissa holy trinity high school (bradford) (2)Mark (London) (2)
Mark Anderson (London)Mark Enos (London)Mark French, student @ John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga )
Mark Gelinas - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Mark macdonald (London)Mark Schembri (London)
Mark Snyders (London)Mark Van Geffen (Strathroy Rockets) (London)Marlee (Windsor)
Marlene Ellis (Windsor)Marlene Miranda (London)Marlie Standen (Orillia)
Marlyn Pellerin (Grey Bruce)Marna Crooks (Barrie)Marnie Branfireun (UWO) (London)
Marnie Burn -RN - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Marsha Blum - Community Living Owen Sound and District (Owen Sound, Ontario)Marsha Cummings/Indicidual (Toronto)
Marsha Stuart (Barrie)Martha (London)Martha Lewis (London)
Martha Rizk (Kitchener)Martin (London)Martin Belanger (London)
Martin Frankland (London)Martina Kolbe (London) (2)Marty Taylor (City of Kawartha Lakes)
MARY (Windsor)Mary and don mitchell (Barrie)Mary Beth Fellner (London)
Mary Branson (Louisiana, USA)Mary carmen vera (London)Mary Collier (London)
Mary DeJonge (Brampton)Mary Den Dekker (London)Mary Ellen Fetterly (Barrie)
Mary Fowler - Barrie Ymca (Barrie)Mary Genge (Chatham-Kent)Mary Hilts - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Mary Kay Chevalier (Windsor)Mary Laslett (Windsor)Mary Lou Hogan (Windsor)
Mary Mae Schwartzentruber (Kitchener)Mary Magni (London)Mary McCannell (Bracebridge)
Mary Mungar (London)Mary Newby and Family (London)Mary Rushe (London)
Mary Wallace Morris (Bruce Peninsula)Mary Wright P.S FDK - Ms. McPhee and Mrs. Robinson (London)Mary Wright Public School (London)
Mary Wright Public School (Strathroy)Mary Wright Public School TVDSB (London)Mary Young (London)
MARY ZILBA (VANCOUVER)Maryanne and Carol (Kitchener)Mary-Anne Andrusyszyn (London)
Mary-Anne Froebe (Kitchener)MaryBoily-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Mary-Ellen O'Neill-Madeley (Innisfil)
Mary-Jane DeJonge (London) (2)Marymount Academy (Sudbury)Mason p. (Kitchener)
Masonville Public School (London)Masonville Public School/ with my family/ Samuel Acyl Morco Grade 1 (London)Massa family (London)
Mata Maria Alexiou (London)Matea Jozic (London)Mateo Hunt (Barrie)
mathew mazereeuw (newmarket)Matt (London)matt cousineau (bracebridge, Ontario )
Matt Kelledjian (London)Matt Loop (London)Matt Medeiros (London)
Matt Ross (London)Matt Senechal (Windsor)Matt Simioni (London)
Matt Sowinski (London)Matt Waghorn (London)Matt Wannan (London)
Matthew (Windsor)Matthew Bennett (London)Matthew Griezzman (Bradford)
Matthew Henrique Coutinho Marques Araujo (Bradford, Ontario)Matthew Iaboni (Markham) (4)Matthew J Mills (London)
Matthew Kurvink (Barrie)Matthew Mercer (Kitchener) (2)Matthew Power (Kitchener)
Matthew Swain-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Matthew Wahl (London)Matthew Watson (Strathroy Rockets) (London)
Matthew Wismer (Windsor)Matthews Hall - 3F (London)Maura Brisbane (London)
Maureen (London)Maureen Brown (London)Maureen Candy (Barrie)
Maureen DeGraw (London)Maureen E. Janssen (Bright, Ontario)Maureen Macpherson, London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph's Health Care London (London)
Maureen Spencer Golovchenko (London)Maurice Derby - Secondary Classroom Teacher WD Sutton (London)Mauricio Osorio (London)
Max Gibson (London)Max Naus (London)Maximimiliano LLamas (united states)
Maxine Ridgewell (London)Maya (Barrie)Maya Fischhoff (London)
Maya McPherson (London)Maycee Dias (John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga))MC and BC (London)
Mccormick canada (London)McGillivray (London)McGregor PS Mrs Makos Grade 2 3 class (London)
McIntosh Gallery (London)McKenna Turner (Windsor)McKenna Wilkie (Barrie)
Mckinlea Stephenson (Sarnia)McKinney Family (Durham)McKinnon Park Secondary (Caledonia)
Mcmaster university (Brantford)McNutt family (ingersoll)Mcphail (Flesherton)
McQuarrie Family (London) (2)me (Guð)Me (Windsor)
Me and them JD (Windsor)Meadow McClintock (London)Meagan (Windsor)
Meagan Seale (London)Meaghan Drummond (Windsor)Meaghan Evon (Barrie)
Meakle Sava (Barrie)Medway High School (London)Medway Highschool Ashleigh Beacham and Alyssa Santos (London)
Meera Joseph (London)Meg Perinpanayagam (London)Megan (Windsor)
Megan Blum (London)Megan C (London) (2)Megan Copeland-Dinan (Kitchener)
Megan Crossan (London)Megan Fisher (Kitchener)Megan Foerster (London)
Megan knicely (orillia)Megan Lockhart (London)Megan Mazzei (Windsor) (5)
Megan minielly (London)Megan Sabean (Barrie)Megan Simpson (London)
Megan Spencer (London)Megan Stainton Payne (Kitchener)Megan Van Dinther (London) (2)
Megan Welsh (Toronto)Meghan Bennett (Mississauga)Meghan Harper (London)
Meghana Garisa (London)Mehdiya Hemani (London)Mei (London)
Mei Wen (London)Mejra sejdic (London)Melaney Mathews (London)
Melanie (Kitchener)Melanie beaton (London)Melanie Burdick, Scott Burdick (London)
Melanie Caperchione (London)Melanie Coombs (Barrie)Melanie Deveau (Windsor)
Melanie Hall (London)Melanie mackie (Barrie)Melanie Prior (London)
Melanie Rose (London)Melanie Silos-Crowell (London) (2)Melanie Sinclair (Burlington)
Melanie T (Kitchener)Melanie Tobias (London)Melanie Van den Borre (London)
Melanie VandenBorre (London)Melanie Weiss (London)melbourne family (red deer, alberta)
Meldrum family (Manitoba)Meleta MacKinnon (London)Melina Z. (Kitchener)
Melinda Demendi (London)Melinda Maika (London)Melinda mathurin (Windsor)
Melinda Reith (Mackey, Ontario)Melissa (Niagara)Melissa (ON)
Melissa (London)Melissa Abrams (London)Melissa Almond (London)
Melissa and Vivien-Leigh Tomlin (Barrie)Melissa Battler (Kitchener)Melissa Boehler (Windsor)
Melissa brautigam (clinton ont)Melissa Brown (London)Melissa Dobrovich (Maple)
Melissa Downing (London)Melissa Downs (London)Melissa Gatti (London)
Melissa Gillmore (orillia)Melissa Harris (London)Melissa Henry (London)
Melissa Kerr (Kitchener)Melissa Kinghorn (Windsor)Melissa Marentette (Windsor)
Melissa McDermott (Cromwell)Melissa Menaul (Barrie)Melissa Mills (London) (2)
Melissa Penner (Kitchener)Melissa Pinnegar (London)Melissa Price (Barrie)
Melissa S. (London)Melissa Soares-Femme Force Sisters (London)Melissa Stiles (Ottawa)
Melissa Sutherland (London)Melissa Thompson (Windsor)Melissa visser and ryan drabbant (London)
Melissa Whalley (London)Melissa Y (Kitchener)Melissa Zettel (Kitchener)
Melissa Ziegler (Kitchener)Melody Ouellette (Windsor)Members of CAW Local 88 at GM-CAMI (London)
Meredith (Windsor)Meredith Beresford (Toronto)Meredith Giammarco (London)
Merna Barakat (London) (2)Merrymount Family Support & Crisis Centre (London)Merrymount Family Support and Crisis Centre (London)
Mettle Sports Training (Toronto)Mia and Michelle Tracey (London)Micaela Davidson (Bradford)
Michael (London)Michael (Barrie)Michael (Bradford)
Michael A. Kakaletris (London)Michael Anderson (Barrie)Michael Balogh (Windsor)
Michael Blair (London)Michael Buzamlak (London)Michael Chen (London) (3)
Michael Distefano (Niagara Falls)Michael Flaherty and family (Barrie)Michael Hancock (Newmarket)
Michael Hartrick Photography (Barrie)Michael Harvey (London)michael j ketcham (bennington, vt)
Michael J Kovacs (London)Michael jafs (Newmarket)Michael Labiak (Windsor)
Michael Mallia (bradford, ontario)Michael Pretli (Windsor)Michael Sheppard (North Bay)
Michael Suchocki (Innisfil) (2)Michael Zarb (Barrie)Michaela Gerhard (United states)
Michaela Zechner (London)Michel Allard, Lynda Allard (Kitchener)Michela Rebuli (London)
Michele Gibson (Kitchener) (2)Michele Hamer (Kitchener)Michele Hancock (London)
Michele Locke (Barrie)Michele Martin (London)Michele Murray-Smith (London)
Michele Terzis (London)Michelle (Mississauga)Michelle (Windsor)
Michelle (London) (6)Michelle (Toronto)Michelle Amlin-Girty (Windsor)
Michelle Arnett (London)Michelle Baleka (London)Michelle Bothwell (London)
Michelle Carey (London)Michelle Clermont (London)Michelle Crane (Innisfil)
Michelle cutler (Barrie)Michelle Dawtrey / Femme Force Fitness (London)Michelle Gagnier (Barrie)
Michelle Gaiser (London)Michelle Hastings (United States)Michelle Herron Georgian College SSW (Barrie)
Michelle Hutchinson (London) (2)Michelle Hyatt (London)Michelle K. Schilling (Barrie)
Michelle Keeri-Szanto (London)Michèlle Laurin (Barrie)Michelle McIntyre (Barrie)
Michelle Prestwich, Fanshawe College (London)Michelle Radauskas (London)Michelle Ritchie (Barrie)
Michelle Runge and Family (Barrie)Michelle Tofilovski (Windsor)Michelle Vanderveen (London)
Michelle Wenger (London) (2)Michelle Wenger - London Police Service (London)Michelle, Madison & Pat McLean Family (Barrie)
Michellena Davis (Kitchener)Michel-Ness Family (Bolton)Middlesex Spine and Sport Clinic (London)
Middlesex-London Health Unit (London)Midland Secondary School (Midland)Midland Secondary School (Midland )
Miguel Fuentes (Barrie)Miguel Plante (Sarnia) (3)Mikaela (London)
Mikaela Bodkin (London)Mikaela Dent (Windsor) (3)Mikayla and Tyler Richardson (York Region)
Mikayla Hanlon (London)Mike (London)Mike bannister (London)
Mike Bissette (Barrie)Mike Bondy (Strathroy Rockets) (London)Mike DeJager (London)
Mike DeJonge (Brampton) (2)Mike Lovric CAW LOCAL 444 (Windsor)Mike Martynyshyn - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Mike Mckay-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Mike Miles (Barrie)Mike Steyaert (London) (2)
Mike Storey (Kitchener)Mike weiss (Barrie)Mike Zarb (Barrie)
Mike, Julie, Ryan & Michelle DeJager (London)Mikel (Barrie)Mildred Gonzalez Toledo (Barrie)
Miller-Motte Technical College (Virginia)milton (north bay)Minakshi Sharma (London) (2)
Minelle Toussaint-Greene (Windsor)Ministrey of Education (London)Ministry-Dawn Winter (London)
Miranda Burgess (Parkhill)Miranda Green-Barteet (London)miranda n Giuseppe (st Thomas) (2)
Miriam Schwabe (Mississauga)Mishel (Barrie)Miss Cooper's class (Kitchener)
Miss Cooper's Grade 3 class (Kitchener)Miss Petite Simcoe County (JessicaKatie Foster) (Simcoe County (Orillia))Miss Sam (London)
Miss Teen United Nations World 2015- Chelsea Girard (Windsor)Miss. Kurtz (London)Mitch Den Boer (London)
Mitchel Desmarais (Windsor)Mitchell Grossutti (Windsor)Mitchell Hepburn Gr.7 Class (London)
Mitchell Hepburn Public School Grade 2/3 (St. Thomas)Mitchell Thom (London)Mitchell Tulloch (Windsor)
Mizgala/Stobbe/Bussey Family (Owen Sound)MJ Edgar (London)MLakes (London)
MLCP (Ontario)Mme Dawn Telfer (London)Mme Telfer (London)
Mohamed Salih (London) (3)mohawk college (hamilton)Moira-Sharon Magee (Kitchener)
Molly (London)Molly McPhee (London)Molly Sue DeJonge (Windsor)
Molly Sue DeJonge (London)Mom (Stayner)Mom (London)
Mom (Kitchener)Mom of a bullied child (London)Mom of a Child being Bullied (Windsor)
Mom of Bullied child (Windsor)Mom, Dad, Son (Woodstock)Momma & Baby Girl K (London) (2)
Mon had (London)Mona Brennan-Coles (London) (2)Mona Kugel (London)
Monica Escobar (London)Monica gelinas -maxwell davis public school (Windsor)Monica Van Maanen (Kitchener)
Monika Kuklinski- Western University (London)Monique A. Bertrand, MD (London)Monique Castonguay (London)
Monique Castonguay-Conseil scolaire catholique Providence (London) (2)Monique parent (Windsor)Monseigneur Bruyere (London)
Monseigneur Jean-Noël (Windsor)Monsignor Castex Catholic Elementary School (Barrie) (2)Monsignor J.E Ronan (Beeton) (3)
Monsignor J.E Ronan (Alliston)Monsignor J.E Ronan (Barrie)Monsignor J.E Ronan Catholic School (Beeton/Bradford)
Monsignor J.E. Ronan Catholic School - SMCDSB (Barrie)Monsignor Morrison (London)Monsignor Morrison Catholic School - St. Thomas (London)
Monsignor O'Neil Catholic School (London)Monsignor Ronan (Beeton)Monsignor Ronan (Beeton) (4)
monsignor Ronan (simcoe muskoka)Monsignor Ronan (Beeton, Ontario)Monsignor Ronan Catholic School (Barrie)
Monsignor Ronan Catholic School (Beeton)Monsignor Ronan Catholic School | Sofia (Beeton)Monsingor J.E ronan cathlic school (Beeton)
Montana Woodhouse (London)Monterey Trail High School (Sacramento,CA )Montessori Academy of London (London)
Montessori Learning Centre of Pickering MLCP (Pickering)Mooi Laser Clinic & Professional Skincare (London)Moranda Burnfield (Whitby)
Morden Mennonite church (Morden) (2)Morgan (Barrie)Morgan (Hamilton )
Morgan Davis (London)Morgan/ Lilium Knight (Brantford)Morrigan (newmarket)
Morrigan E (Newmarket)Morton Family (Bolton)Mosa Central Public School (London) (2)
Mosinee Middle School (Wisconsin) (3)Mother Bear (London)Mother Teresa Junior High School (Laval, Quebec)
Mountsfield Public School (London) (2)Moyer Family (London)MPP Chris Bentley's Office (London)
MPP Deb Matthews (London) (2)Mr. Barker (London) (3)Mr. Bristow's 5/6 Class - Birchview Dunes - Wasaga Beach (Wasaga Beach)
MR. J.K Public Relations & Event Planning (Burlington )Mr. Korber's Grade 5 Class The Good Shepherd Catholic School Barrie (Barrie)Mr. McRogers, Dr. Denison S. S. (York Region) (2)
Mr. Nixon's class southside public school (London)Mr. Paterson (Windsor)Mr. Robitaille's Grade 5 class - Monsignor Michael O'Leary School (Barrie)
Mr. Sloos (Kitchener)Mr. Smith's Class: Holly Meadows Elementary School (Barrie)Mr. Watson (London)
Mr. Weber's Photography Class (Orillia)Mr.McDonalds Grade 5 Class - Holly Meadows Elementary School (Barrie)Mr.Vincer Grade 7/8 (Barrie)
MRO (Beeton) (4)mro (beeton)mro (Beeton,Ontario)
MRO (Barrie) (2)MRO | Samantha (Beeton)Mrs Mills Grade 5s - Mapleview Heights ES (Barrie)
Mrs. Bertola's Grade 5's Our Lady of Hope School (Richmond Hill)Mrs. Blackwood's Grade 2/3/4/5 Class - Schreiber Public School (Schreiber)Mrs. Bruining & Mrs. Galle's Kindergarten Class, Hyde Park P. S (Barrie)
Mrs. Bruining's Kindergarten A class @ Holly Meadows E.S (Barrie)Mrs. Clark's Grade 3 Parkview PS (London)Mrs. E. Filtsos (York Region)
Mrs. Edgeworth's Southside P.S (London)Mrs. Ferris' 3/4 class at Southside P.S. (London)Mrs. Horan (Windsor)
Mrs. K. Holmes (Barrie)Mrs. Knight's Class, Orchard Park PS (London)Mrs. Knight's grade 1/2 class (London)
Mrs. Major's aMazing Grade 1s! (Aylmer)Mrs. McDermott's Grade 3 class at Cookstown Central Public School (Barrie)Mrs. McGregor's Grade One and Two class Emily Carr School (London)
Mrs. Radauskas' class Southside (London)Mrs. Rybicki's Class at Mapleview Height E.S (Barrie)Mrs. Slota's Grade 2 class at St. Martin! (London)
Mrs. VanDerWyngard's 4/5 class at Southside P.S. (London)Mrs. VanRompaey's 3/4 class at Southside P.S (London)Mrs. Yeck's class Southside P.S (London)
Mrs.Bailey's class Southside P.S (London)Mrs.Ferris's grade 3 class at Southside (London)Mrs.Malloy's class Southside P.S (London)
Mrs.Nolan's class- Grade 7/8 (Barrie)Mrs.Turner (Angus)Ms. C. Harrison (Muskoka-Parry Sound)
Ms. K's Grade 4 Class (York Region)Ms. Lawson (Orillia )Ms. Liza Pajulio - Got Your Back, Century Secondary School (Windsor)
Ms. Patterson's Grade 4 Class (Minden, Ontario)Ms. Porter's grade 8, Pope John Paul (Barrie)Ms. P's GLE 10 class (Orillia)
Ms. Rae's Grade Threes at Emily Carr PS, Evan, Akbar, Trecel, Deandre, Dylan, Mya, Mason, Seth, Summer, Dana, Ila, Troy, Kian, Liam, Jack, Rebecca, Hussein, Rowan, Aaryan, Ezra (London)Ms. Terry Lynne Thompson (Barrie)Ms. Voskakis' Grade 7s - Mackenzie Glen P.S. (Maple, ON)
Mss (Waubaushene)Muneeb (Barrie) (3)Mutt-Grahe (whitby)
Mwangi Kiriri (London)My (Kitchener)My home (Dubrovnik)
N.A. MacEachern P.S. (Kitchener)N.Miller (Kitchener)Nadia (Brampton)
Nadia (Toronto)Nadia Fordham (Toronto)Nadia Hachem (Windsor)
Nadia R (Innisfil)Nadia Sharma (London)Nadine (Barrie)
Nadine Russo (Kitchener)Nakita Hayes (Orillia )Nana & Bompa (Barrie)
Nancie Irving (Dorchester Ontario)Nancy (London)Nancy (Windsor)
Nancy Worrod (Barrie)Nancy and James Armstrong (Windsor)Nancy Bowman (London)
Nancy Bruneau (Calgary )nancy coulson (parry sound)Nancy Davies (London)
Nancy Dufour (Windsor)Nancy Fraser (Durham Region)Nancy Gidge (Barrie)
Nancy Gingerich - New Hamburg - Grief Counsellor (Kitchener)Nancy Moon (Newmarket)Nancy Patrick/Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing (London)
Nancy Singhla (London)Nancy Stewart (London)Nancy Warren (London)
nancy wos-mackenzie (toronto)Naomi (London)Naomi Bell (Barrie)
Nardi Family (Hamilton)Naseem (London)Nashid Smith (London)
Nassib Eid (London)Natalia Olczak (Bradford)Natalie (Kitchener) (2)
Natalie (London) (3)Natalie Cawson (London)Natalie Fasheh (London)
Natalie Favero (Windsor)Natalie Trabucco (Kitchener)Natalie Villeneuve (London)
Natalie Waddell - WRDSB Trustee (Kitchener)Natasha (London)Natasha Green (London) (7)
Natasha Hansford - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Natasha Harvey (Barrie)natasha pyatt (st thomas ont)
Natasha Teja (Vancouver, BC)Natassia Kopanos (toronto)Nathalie (London)
Nathan (London)Nathan Carroll-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Nathan Drummond (Windsor)
Nathan Wilson (Collingwood Ontario)Nathanael Tewodros (London)Nathaniel Caudle (Kitchener)
Nathaniel Westman (London)Nathasha.Ibrahim / triOS college london / medical office programme (London)Natnail (London)
Natthew Klimczak-London CAS (London)Naw S. (Windsor)Nawabi Family (London) (2)
Nawaz Tahir (London)Naysan Malakouti - HDGH (Windsor)Neabel Family (Kitchener)
neel (York)Neighbourhood Legal Services (London & Middlesex) (London)Neil Anthony (KICX 106) (Barrie)
Nellie DeWit,RN,LHSC (London)Ne'Shel Gates (Oakland County)New Beginnings/YOS (Windsor)
New Dawn (Kitchener)New Dawn Alternative Education Program (Kitchener)New Dawn Behavioral School (Kitchener) (2)
New Lowell Central Public School (New Lowell)New Sarum (London)New Sarum Public School / TVDSB (London)
New Sarum Public School Students and Staff (London)Newmarket high (Newmarket)Newmarket high school (Newmarket ) (3)
Newmarket High School (York Region) (9)Newmarket High School (Newmarket) (7)Newmarket High School (Newmarket ) (2)
Newmarket high school (newmarket) (4)Newmarket High School (Newmarket,ON)Newmarket High SChool (Barrie)
Newmarket High School (York)Newmarket high school (nemarket)Newmarket High School (Ontario)
newmarket high school (newmarket) (3)Newmarket High School (Newmarket)Newmarket High School (YRDSB)
newmarket high school (newmarket, on)Newmarket high school (Newmarket) (2)Newmarket High School (Toronto)
Newmarket High school (Newmarket)Newmarket High School - Olivia Godden (Neemarket )Newmarket High School : Miss Wannan's Grade 9 Math Class (Newmarket)
Newmarket High school, (Newmarket)Newmarket High school, Nickolas (Newmarket )Newmarket High School/ Alysha Li (Newmarket )
Newmarket High School/Ioana Staicu (Newmarket)Newmarket High School/Leah (York)Newmarket High School-Leah Gale (Newmarket)
Newmarket high schpol (newmarket)Newmarket Highschool (Newmarket) (3)newmarket highschool (york region)
Newmarket highschool (newmarket)Newmarket Highschool (York Region)Newmarket HS (Newmarket) (2)
Newmarlet high (Newmarket)Newsarum (London) (2)Nganga n (London)
NHS (newmarket)NHS Staff (York Region) (6)NHS Staff (york region)
NHS Staff Member (York Region) (2)NHS student (York Region )NHS Student (York Region ) (2)
NHS Student (York Region) (25)NHS Student (York Region) (4)NHS Student (york region )
NHS Student (york region)NHS Student (york Region ) (2)nhs Student (York Region)
Nia I. James (United States)Niagara Support Services/Nancy Mills (Port Robinson)Nic O'Doherty. B. Davison S.S (London)
Nicholas Azevedo holy trinity highschool (Bradford, Ontario )Nicholas Dempsey (London)Nicholas Veal (London)
Nichole McRoberts at Western University (London)Nichole Moore-Early Childhood Educator Supply TVDSB (London)Nick (Windsor)
Nick (London)Nick B. (Kitchener)Nick Boyer (Strathroy Rockets) (London)
Nick Russell (Windsor)Nick Scott (London)Nick Vandenberk (Strathroy Rockets) (London)
Nick, holy trinity catholic high school (Barrie)Nicky Cottee (London)Nicola Pilkington - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Nicola, Karen, Alex, Annabelle, Alun Holland (Sarnia )Nicole (London) (3)Nicole (Kitchener)
Nicole (Windsor)Nicole Barbour (Barrie)Nicole Bellemore (Windsor)
Nicole Bullbrook (London)Nicole Campbell (London)Nicole Charbonneau (London)
Nicole Corbo (London)Nicole Coutinho - senior student, John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)Nicole Crewson (Barrie)
Nicole Dakon - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Nicole Dorssers (London)Nicole Ellis (Windsor)
Nicole Fox (London)Nicole Hewgill- UWO (London)Nicole Hoben (Bradford Ontario)
Nicole Hoben. (Bradford Ontario)Nicole Istifan - Corus Radio (London)Nicole Karsch University of Western (London)
Nicole Ladouceur (Barrie)Nicole Lawrence (Barrie)Nicole Martin - HDGH (Windsor)
Nicole McCarty - RN - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Nicole Misikowetz (London) (2)Nicole Monaghan (London)
Nicole Morley (London) (2)Nicole Myers (Windsor)Nicole R. (London)
Nicole Sanchez (London)Nicole St. John (London)Nicole Turner, King's University College, Thames Valley Children's Centre (London)
Nicole Williams (Windsor)Nicole Williams - HDGH (Windsor)Nikki Colautti (Niagara Region)
Nikki Grozelle (London)Nikki LeBlanc (Windsor)Nikko Crystal - John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)
Nikkole Croft (Owen Sound)Nikola Mitrovic (London)Nikole Gaal / Western University (London)
Nina (London)Nina Louise Mccutcheon (London)Nina McCurdy (London)
Nina Robitaille (Barrie)Ning Yi (London)Nipissing University (North Bay)
Nipissing University - Emily Amer (North Bay)Nivy singh (Brampton-Peel)Nneka Allen (Windsor)
Nneka Allen (London)No more bullying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Kitchener)Noah (London)
Noah (Barrie)Noah Halloran-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Noah Mintz (London)
Noah Mueller (Windsor)Noah Saint (Orillia)Noémie (London)
Nolan holy trinity (bradford)Nolan Thomson (Newmarket)Noor yousif (Barrie) (2)
Norah Rows (London)Noreen Welsh (London)Norene Doxtator (Windsor)
Norma Clare (London)Norma Gniewek (London)Norma Nambayan - HDGH (Windsor)
Norman isherwood (Windsor)North London Dance Centre (London)North Meadows Public School (London) (4)
North Middlesex District High School (London)Northbrae Public School (London) (2)Northdale central (London)
Northdale Central (Dorchester)Northdale Central (London)Northdale Central Grade 6C (London)
Northdale Central P.S. 4B (London)Northdale Central Public School (London) (2)Northdale central public school (London)
Northdale Public School Woodstock (London)Northridge (London)Northridge Public School (London)
Northwestern Secondary School (Stratford)Not a Bystandard (London)Not a victim (Windsor)
Not me (Kitchener)nottawasga pine secondary school (angus)Nu Wavz Hair and Barbershop (Hornings Mills)
Oakridge Optimists (London) (2)Oakridge Secondary School (London)OCAD U (Toronto)
Occupational Therapist (London)Ocean C (Kitchener)Ocean Pengelly. B. Davison S.S. (London)
O'Connor (United States)O'Connor Family (Barrie)Oct ik (Canada)
Od park (Orillia)od/p (Orillia)Od/park (orillia)
OD/Park (Orillia) (2)OD/Park S.S. (Barrie)OD/Park secondary school grade 12 homeroom#226 (Orillia )
OD/Park Secondary School; SNC2P (Barrie)ODP (Orillia)Office of the Ombudsperson, Western University (London)
Ola Milkowska Student at John Cabot C.S.S (Mississauga)Ola Polkowski student at john cabot catholic secondary school (mississauga )Ola Soszynski (Windsor) (3)
Oladapo Olamide Oyebode (Western University) (London)Older sister and student of John Cabot CSS (Mississauga)Oliver Stephens Public School (London) (2)
Oliver Stephens Public School- Woodstock, Ontario (London)Oliver Stephens Public School, Woodstock (London)olivia (bradford)
Olivia (Barrie)Olivia (Halton) (2)Olivia and Megan☺ (Windsor)
Olivia Foster (London)Olivia Griggs (London) (2)Olivia Hussey (London) (2)
Olivia Lynka (Windsor)Olivia McLenon (Strathroy )Olivia Murphy-Centennial Central (London)
Olivia Popescu (Windsor)Olivia Sommers - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Oma (Innerkip, Ontario)
Omro HighSschool (omro)O'Neill Family (Barrie)Ontario auto market and tires (Cambridge)
Ontario Northland - Lynn Blunt (North Bay)Ontario Provincial Police- Middlesex Detachment (London)Ontario SEO (London)
Oomama (Oakville)Ooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaq (Ooooo yaaaaaaaq)Ooooooooo (Kitchener)
OPP Offender Transport (London)OPP officers (London)Optimist Club of West Lorne (London)
Orchard Park Public School (London) (5)Osborne/MacDonald Family (London)Oscar Meferenfertodd (Barrie)
Osceola High School (Florida)Our family (Windsor)Our Lady Immaculate (London)
Our lady of grace (Barrie) (3)Our lady of grace (Barrie) (5)Our Lady of Grace (Barrie) (3)
our lady of grace (Angus, ON)Our Lady of Grace (Angus, ON) (2)Our lady of Grace (Barrie)
Our Lady Of Grace (Barrie)Our lady of grace catholic school (Barrie) (2)Our Lady of Grace Catholic School (A boy who gets bullied a lot )
Our Lady of Grace Catholic School - Ruffolo (Barrie)Our Lady of Grace- Miss K McGrath (Barrie)Our Lady of Grace Mrs Martin and Mrs. Poirier's Kindergarten (Barrie)
Our Lady Of Grace School (Angus)Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School (LDCSB) (London)Our lady of mercy high school (Ney York)
Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women (New York)Ourselves family (Sarnia)Owein Phillips (Windsor)
Owen (Kitchener)Owen Bell (Kitchener)Owen Fowler - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Owen keenan (London)Owner/Operatir truck driver Bruce Armstrong JR (Southwest Aylmer Ontario )Oxbow Public School (London)
Oxford Dodge Chrysler 1992 Ltd. (London)Oxford Learning, London Byron (London)Ozz (Barrie)
P Beltrano (Barrie)P family (Windsor)P. Beltrano (Barrie) (2)
P. Reed (Toronto)P.E. McGibbon Public School (Sarnia Lambton)P.E. McGibbon Public School - Mr. Ngo's Grade 6 Class (Sarnia)
P.r.e.s. (Barrie)P.Rimnyak (StThomas)P.spikings (London)
Pablo Alvestegui (Bolivia)Pablo Palacios (Bradford)pacekeeper (stayner)
Paige Brown (Windsor)Paige Frigault (London)Paige Gibson (London)
Paige McParlan (London)Palmetto HIgh Shool (Florida)Pam & Malia (London)
Pam Gardner (London)Pam Gray (London) (2)Pam Kitzan (London)
Pam P. (Durham Region)Pam Todd-Lutherwood (Kitchener)Pam Turnbull (York Region)
Pam Xuereb (London)Pamela Munro (London)Pamela oakes (Kitchener)
Pamela Paterson (London)Paolo Fermo (Toronto)Parent Guide Inc. (London)
Parent Guide Inc. (Kitchener)parent of 2 boys age 8 and 15 girl 1 1\2 (St.Thomas)Parent of child that goes to Dunwich Dutton Public School (Dunwich Dutton)
Pari Karem (Kitchener)Parker McMann (Barrie)Parkside Collegiate Institute (London)
Parkview Public (London)Parkview Public School - Mr. Crestan & the Awesome Grade 7 Class (Windsor)Partners In Research (London)
Pat (Barrie)PAT DAVEY (Kitchener)Pat Hiebert (Kitchener)
Pat Schiller (Fraser Valley)Pat Schnare (London)Pat Smith - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Pat Yong (London)Paterson (London)Pathways Skill Development (London)
Patricia (Midland)Patricia (Windsor)Patricia E Day, Author (Innisfil, Ontario)
Patricia Impens (London)Patricia Martin (London)Patricia McKinney - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Patricia Moore (Quinte Area)Patricia Morden-Lahey (Ottawa)Patricia Rashmawi (London)
Patricia Wilbur (London) (2)Patricia-lynn Rodgers (Magnetawan)Patrick Foster (Kitchener)
Patrick Kelly (Windsor)Patrick Kiely (Australia)Patrick Leahey (Kitchener)
Patrick Leyland (London)Patrick McNamara (Windsor)Patrick McNaught (London)
Patrick Whitten (Barrie)Patsy Morgan (London)Patti Berry (Niagara)
Patti Dzilums (Sudbury)Patti Grubisich (Windsor)Patty Kwiatkowski-HDGH (Windsor)
Patty Shearer (Kitchener)Patty Wilson, Western Libraries UWO (London)Paul (London)
Paul Armstrong (London)Paul Bastien- London Police Service (London)Paul Demarco (London)
Paul Emerson (Ottawa)Paul Marining & Tracy Wood (London)Paul Mercer (London)
Paul Oberoi (York Region)Paul Paterson (Toronto)Paul Raymond (Barrie)
Paul Rolo (London)Paul Schaffner (Windsor)Paul Stuart (London)
Paul Swag (Windsor) (4)Paula Almeida (London)Paula Chatterson (London)
Paula Podolski (Kitchener)Paulette (Barrie)Paulina Pryciak (London)
Pauline nutt (London) (2)Pauline Betts (London)Pavillon des jeunes (Windsor) (2)
Pavillon des Jeunes (Windsor)Pavillon Des Jeunes (Windsor)Pavillon des Jeunes 3e année (Windsor)
Pavillon des Jeunnes (Lakeshore)Payten Deshane (Orillia)Pdworakowska - john cabot catholic secondary school (Mississauga )
peace (vancouver island)Peace keeper (Kitchener)Peace keeper (Tillsonburg)
Peace keeper (Windsor) (2)Peace Keeper (Windsor)Peace keeper (Elkridge)
peace keeper (Stratford)Peace keeper 8902 (Oakville)Peace loving mom (Newmarket )
Peace maker (London)Peace Tree Committee (Richmond Hill)Peacekeaper (Midland)
Peacekeeper (Kitchener) (25)Peacekeeper (GTA)Peacekeeper (London) (140)
Peacekeeper (Barrie) (27)Peacekeeper (Calgary, AB)Peacekeeper (Ajax)
peacekeeper (NWT)Peacekeeper (Windsor) (35)Peacekeeper (Chatham-Kent)
Peacekeeper (Sarnia)Peacekeeper (Toronto) (3)Peacekeeper (Ajax)
Peacekeeper (USA)Peacekeeper (Hamilton)Peacekeeper (Ontario) (2)
Peacekeeper (St Williams)PeaceKeeper (Windsor)Peacekeeper (United )
Peacekeeper (St Thomas)Peacekeeper (Etobicoke)Peacekeeper (Thunder Bay)
Peacekeeper (Lambton)Peacekeeper (Beaverton, Ontario)peacekeeper (ptbo)
Peacekeeper (Hamilton) (2)PeaceKeeper (Barrie) (2)Peacekeeper (Woodstock)
PeaceKeeper (Kitchener)PEACEKEEPER (London)Peacekeeper (York Region )
Peacekeeper (Etobicoke)PeaceKeeper (London)Peacekeeper (Grimsby ontario )
Peacekeeper (Markham)Peacekeeper (Midland, Ontario)Peacekeeper (Americz)
Peacekeeper (Ingersoll)Peacekeeper (Kleinburg)Peacekeeper (Stratford) (4)
peacekeeper (bradford)Peacekeeper (Waterdown ont)Peacekeeper (Orillia )
Peacekeeper (Toronto )Peacekeeper (bradford)Peacekeeper (United States)
Peacekeeper (Stratford )peacekeeper (spring lake)peacekeeper (toronto)
PeaceKeeper (Beeton)Peacekeeper (Whitby)peacekeeper (stratford)
peacekeeper (Orillia )Peacekeeper at UWO (London)Peacekeeper from Western University (London)
Peacekeeper- UWO (London)Peacekeeper Wiggins (Barrie)Peacekeeper.. SHALYN JENSEN (Niagara )
Peacekeeper/Advocate (London)Peacekeeper/MOM (Windsor)Peacekeeper/UWO (London)
Peacekeeper242013 (London)Peacekeeper4, The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada (London)Peacekeepers (Kitchener) (2)
Peacekeepers (Barrie) (3)peacekeepers (vaughan )Peacekeepers (Strathroy)
Peacekeepers (Windsor) (2)Peacekeepers grade 5 (London)Peacekeepers Schurmans (London)
Peacekeeping Family (Atwood)Peacekeepr (London)Peacekepers (Kitchener)
Peacemaker (London) (5)peacemaker (Stratford)Peacemaker (Barrie)
Peacemaker Elaine (Kitchener)Peacemakers (Bradford)Peaceman (Kitchener)
Peackeeper (Windsor)Peackeeper (Kitchener)Pearl Ho (London) (4)
Peel District School Board (Brampton)Peggy Allen (Windsor)Peggy Onlock (Barrie)
Peggy Sattler, MPP (London)Pengelly family (London)Pengelly Family (London)
Penny (London)Penny Curtis - Barrie YMCA (Barrie) (2)Penny M (London)
Penny Penticost (Kitchener)Penny Townsend (Barrie)Penny Westmacott [Western University] (London)
PepperBrooks (Toronto)Percy P. McCallum (Windsor)Percy/Donna Townes (Barrie)
Perry Schmidt (Kitchener)Perth County EMS (St.Marys)Perth County Paramedics and Staff (Kitchener)
Pete Cloud Sr. (Kettle & Stony Point F.N)Pete Hannaberg (London)Peter D Buglass (London)
Peter Forsyth (Bradford)Peter Fragiskatos (London)Peter Loveless (Whitby)
Peter McDonald (London)Peter Talbot (London)Peter Verlinden (London)
Petyon (Barrie)Phatty's Pizza (London)Phil sidsworth (Windsor)
Philip babb (London)Philip Bakos (Windsor)Philippe Morin (Owen SOund)
Phillip (Barrie)Phillip JOnes (Ottawa)Phoebe Daramola (Niagara)
Phoenix Elektra (Windsor)Phyllis Ellis (London)Pi Beta Phi - Ontario Beta Chapter (London)
Pierre Elliot Trudeau (St.Thomas)pierre elliot trudeau (st.thomas)Pierre Elliott Trudeau FIPS (St Thomas, Ontario)
Pierre Elliott Trudeau French Immersion Public School (London)Pierre Elliott Trudeau, classe de Mme Kemp (London)Pike Moore Wood (Keswick/Newmarket)
Pillar Nonprofit Network (London)Pine River (Angus)Pine river E.S (Barrie)
Pine River Elementary (Angus)pine river elementry (Angus)pine river elementry school (angus ON)
Pine River ES (Barrie)pineriver E.S (angus)PineriverES (Barrie)
Piper Bews (Saskatchewan)Pirotta Van Twest Household (Acton)Pius XII School (Greater City of Sudbury)
PJ (Owen Sound )Planting Seeds Landscaping (London)Plattsville and District Public School (London)
Pluto day care (Kitchener)Poet Lamia (California )Poitras Family (Sault Ste. Marie)
Polly Hamilton (Ottawa)Pooja Chaudhari (London)poplar bank (holland landing)
poplar bank p.s (newmarket) (2)Poplar Bank Public School (Newmarket)Poplar Bank Public School / Nicole (Newmarket )
Port Burwell P.S. (London) (2)Port Burwell Public School (London)Port perry high school (Port perry)
Port Stanley Public School (London)Prabhjeev Gambhir (London)Prairie Point Middle School (USA)
Precious Blood Catholic School Exeter (Huron County)Precious Blood School Cassidy, Drew and Thomas Neilands (Exeter, Ontario)Preferred Insurance (London)
Prince of Wales (Peterborough)Princess Anne French Immersion Public School - London (London)Priscilla Lassaline - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)
Prof. T.E.B., University of Western Ontario (London)Professor A. Ian McLeod (London)Prokop's (Winnipeg)
Promise (Barrie)Protector (London)Provincial Constable Kevin Howe (London)
Pscal (London)Puddle Jump Coaching (Ottawa)QLine Solutions Inc. (Peterborough)
Queen Elizabeth (Chatham-kent, Ontario)Queen Elizabeth Public School (Windsor)Queen of Heaven (Ontario)
Queen of Peace Catholic School (Windsor)Queensmount public school/ Ethan (Kitchener)Quenby Joanette (Ottawa)
Questyn Rodriguez (London)R Bruce MacKinnon CD,CET (London)R Fray (Barrie)
Rabab hammoud (United States)Rachael (London) (2)Rachael D'Emanuele-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Rachal Bolger (Kitchener)Rachel Breese (London) (2)Rachel cave (London)
Rachel Colquhoun (London)Rachel Craig (Scotland)Rachel Crawford - London Family Court Clinic (London)
Rachel Denman (London)Rachel Girard/HDGH (Windsor)Rachel Lanoue (Windsor)
Rachel Mallon (London) (2)Rachel Millar, Bluevale Collegiate Institute (Kitchener)Rachel Morin (London)
Rachel Sabone (Windsor)Rachel T. (Kitchener)Rachel Trudell (Windsor)
Rachel Usher (London)Rachelle Buxton (Barrie)Rachelle Martin (London)
RadmanZ (United States of America)Rae Smith - YMCA Barrie (Barrie)rafid yousif (bradford)
Rahzia Johnson (Pacific Northwest)Raisah Mehrali (Bradford,Ontario)Raising Energy (bradford,ontario)
Rajesh Kumar Gupta (London)RALPH AND COLETTE BAILEY (CLEARVIEW)Ramona Taylor (London)
Randi shiells (Windsor)Randy Chapman (London)Randy McVeigh (London)
Randy Verqeylen (Barrie)Raphaela Garcia Chagas Theophilo (London)Raquel Simoes (Bradford Ontario)
Ray Mawhinney (Barrie)Rayan Hill B. Davison S.S (London)Rayanna (Kitchener)
Rayna (London)Rays Driving School (Barrie)RCC social worker (Windsor)
RCRies (Virginia, USA)RE/MAX Realty Services Inc. (Brampton)Rea Deen (Ottawa)
Reagan (London)Reanna Gardner (London)Rebecca Aboud (London)
Rebecca Amoah (Windsor)Rebecca Butler (Kitchener)Rebecca F. (London)
Rebecca Hartley (London)Rebecca Hua (London)Rebecca Mudge, Huron University College (London)
Rebecca Nelson ella Nelson Tammy Brown (HURON PARK )Rebecca Ouellette (Medicine Hat)Rebecca Pister (Kitchener)
Rebecca Quirie (London)Rebecca Ripco (London)Rebecca Robinson (Barrie)
Rebecca scarr (Barrie)Rebecca Small (London)Rebecca Thomson (Newmarket) (5)
Rebekah (Kitchener)Red Tent Women`s Peer Support Center (London)Red Tent Women`s Peer Support Center Founder M Richings (London)
Reddit Stanley (Windsor)Reed (Windsor)Reed Marshall (London)
Reem Tabbara (London)Reena (Kitchener)Reese (London)
Regent Park Public School - Mrs. Barkley's Grade 7 Class (Orillia)Regina "Giene" Grier (Charlotte, NC)Reginal Children's Centre (Windsor)
Regine Li - University of Western Ontario (London)Regional Childrens Centre (Windsor)Regional Support Associates (Woodstock)
Reinhardt & Adele Lutzer (Kitchener)Renae O'Driscoll (London)Renata - Western (London)
Renaud (Windsor)Renee Primeau (London)Renee Quinlan (Granton)
Renee, brad, evan and parker parsons (Windsor)Renná Bruce- Author of the Jazlyn J series (Kitchener)Renná Bruce-Author of the Jazlyn J series (Guelph)
Respect Group (Canada)Respectful Human Being (London)Ressurection (Kitchener) (2)
Ressurrection (Kitchener)Ressurrection CSS (Kitchener)Resurrection (Kitchener)
Resurrection catholic secondary school (Kitchener)Resurrection css (Kitchener)Resurrection CSS (Kitchener) (2)
Resurrection Highschool/ rEbEcCa (Kitchener)Resurrection Secondary Catholic School (Kitchener)Reta Groff (Kitchener)
Reta Ismail (London)Retired police security officer (Kitchener)Reuben Concessao (Mississauga)
Rev. Dr. Kate Crawford, First-St. Andrew's United Church (London)Reva Brontiu (RidleyReva) (Barrie)Reva Brontiu (RidleyReva) Blue Mountain Iron Sirens (Riding Club For Chicks) (Barrie)
RGSS Child and Youth Workers (Barrie)Rhodri Cusack (London)Rhonda Robertson (London)
Rhys (Barrie)Ricarda Owusu-ansah (Brampton)Rich Garton (Windsor)
Richard Bowness (London)Richard Irvine (London)Richard Ribeiro (Mississauga)
richard vaughan (Keswick ont)Richmond Green (Richmond Hill) (2)Richmond Green- (Richmond Hill)
Richmond Green S.S (Kara Bainbridge)richmond green secondary - sania lalani (york region )Richmond Green Secondary School (Barrie) (2)
Richmond Green Secondary School (York Region) (3)Richmond Green Secondary School (York Region) (2)richmond green secondary school (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School (Richmond Hill)Richmond Green Secondary School - \aaliyahbenjamin (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Adrian L, Aria H (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Adrienne Lee (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Aidan Wm (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - aiman moeen (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Akash P (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Ali Elkaabi (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Ali S, Momo H (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Amshana Thayaparan (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Andrea Dias (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Anson T (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Ashfyia (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Ashley Vyner (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Aui Arora (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Brianna (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Daniel Han (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Dorsa Mamedatria (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Elaine Zhang (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Eleesa Jacob (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Eric C (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Erica (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Gabriel TU (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Giancarlo M, Brendan Y, Porter G, (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Hamza J, Artem S, Peter Z, Devan S (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Hedie Mahmadian (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Helen L (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Ivy Tran (York Region)richmond green secondary school - Jacob P., Jeremy F. (york region )Richmond Green Secondary School - Jamie W (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Jervoise Lee (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Jimmy Ma (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Jonathan K (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Josh T (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Julian L (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Katherine Zhuang (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Kelly L (York Region)richmond green secondary school - kinjal R (york region )Richmond Green Secondary School - Kyle C (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Lemore Cohen (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Lexie Demetriou (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Malish Walji (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Meagan C, Christel B, Jessica T (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Megan Laursen (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Mehdi Nogdrali (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Melissa Veerasammy (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Mr.Negru (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Nasha Sethna (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Nyosha Valaei (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Olivia Y, Mariam A, Akriti D (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Paco T (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Pinky Lau (York Region) (2)Richmond Green Secondary School - Rachel Cheng (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Rafay Hussain (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Richard H, Babak S, Zoraiz (York Region)richmond green secondary school - Samantha Lee (york region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Samantha Maron (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - samira abeid (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Serad Abdi (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Serena Ismail (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Serena Ong (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Shannuka S (York Region)richmond green secondary school - Shirley Lin, Claire Yang (york region )
richmond green secondary school - steven p., zahid m. (york region )Richmond Green Secondary School - Thirushi Siriwardena (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Timothy Chan (Yok Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Wendy (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Winsome Tse (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School - Zenia Sethna (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School - Zeuleez (York Region) (2)Richmond Green Secondary School - Zuleika Leung (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School- Alia Rashid (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School- Angelique Kapteijn (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School -Cameron K, Akesan P (York Region) (5)Richmond Green Secondary School- Carl Carlson (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School- Deanna Hashin (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School- Keyarah Drakes (York Region) (2)Richmond Green Secondary School- Maliha Karawalli (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School- Maria Nor-Arevyan (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School -Megan H, Deanna S (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School- Monique Tai (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School- Parissa Manteghi (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School- Reyhaneh Mohammadi (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School- Sana Malik (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School- Shannon Cevinson (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School- Sunithey Sritharan (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School- Tania Mani (York Region)
Richmond Green Secondary School- zain malik (York Region)Richmond Green Secondary School, Ali Taghva (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School, Daniella G (Barrie)
Richmond Green Secondary School, Shannon Balfour (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School/ Cassandra Lee (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School/ Derek Chan (Barrie)
Richmond Green Secondary School/ El Franco (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School/ El Franko (Barrie) (2)Richmond Green Secondary School/ Isabelle Zwicker (Barrie)
Richmond Green Secondary School/ kerenzayuen (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School/ Kevin Hou (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School/ Ms.Mocherla (Barrie)
Richmond Green Secondary School/ Rogan Kim (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School/ Stephanie Cheung (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School/ Wesley Pau (Barrie)
Richmond Green Secondary School/andrewmarkwart (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School/Bianca Chauhan (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School/Brian Lui (Barrie)
Richmond green secondary school/leslie kwok (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School/Makarie Anees (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School/Miss Bull (Barrie)
Richmond Green Secondary School/Monica Yiu (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School/Riva Yeung (Barrie)Richmond Green Secondary School2 (York Region)
Richmond green students (Barrie)Richmond green/ Howard (Barrie)Richmond Green/Justin Hon (Barrie)
Richmond Green-Aaron (York Region)Richmond Green-Aaron Mui (York Region)Richmond Green-Agashan (York Region)
Richmond Green-Akansha Krishnan (York Region)Richmond Green-Alvin Dai (York Region)Richmond Green-Anjini Datt (York Region)
Richmond Green-Arthi Kunasigam (York Region)Richmond Green-Bella Debono (York Region)Richmond Green-Cathrine Tchang (York Region)
Richmond Green-Devin Rosemin (York Region)Richmond Green-Ekaterina Vasiliva (York Region)Richmond Green-Fasha Raufdeen (York Region)
Richmond Green-Jenna Yousif (York Region)Richmond Green-Marjan Mahmoudian (York Region)Richmond Green-Maya Kojevnikov (York Region)
Richmond Green-Mohsin Baig (York Region)Richmond Green-Mram Musa (York Region)Richmond Green-Natasha Nazir (York Region)
Richmond Green-Rabaya Malik (York Region)Richmond Green-Rojanne Saadi (York Region)Richmond Green-Roman Abramovsky (York Region)
Richmond Green-Shanza Waqar (York Region)Richmond Green-shayan rabbi (York Region)Richmond Green-Shivani Kasra (York Region)
Richmond Green-Thurgaa Jeganathan (York Region)Richmond Green-Vaness Ho (Richmond Hill)Richmond Terrace Kitchen Staff (group #1) (Windsor)
Richmond Terrace Kitchen Staff (group#2) (Windsor)Rick and Tina Hill (Kitchener)Rick Clymer (Barrie)
Rick Craddock (Barrie)Rick laforet (Windsor)Rick Powless (London)
Rick Smith (Huntsville, Bracebridge and Barrie Area)Rida (London)Riddhi Desai (London)
Ridgetown (RDHS) Anti Bullying Committee (Chatham Kent)Ridley College St Catharines (Niagara )Rien Joris (London) (4)
riichmond green (york region)Riley Craig (London)Riley G (Barrie)
Riley McLelland (Beaumont, Alberta)RioCan Georgian Mall (Barrie)Ripley Huron Community School grade 3/4 (Kitchener)
Rita Benvenuto (Bradford Ontario)Rita Benvenuto (Bradford, Ontario)Rita Clark (London) (2)
Rita Grégoire (London)Rita Rahmati (London)Rita Zurbrigg (London)
Ritchie Ople/HMMS (London)River Heights (London)River Heights Public School (London) (2)
Riverside Public School (London)RJ Bronson (Kitchener)Rob (Windsor)
Rob and Kat Hern (Toronto)Rob Brown (Halton)Rob Campbell/ TVDSB Trustee (London)
Rob Gain (London)Rob Lindsey (Windsor)Rob Martin (Kitchener)
Rob Mitchell (London)Rob Moeller (London)Rob Moroz - HDGH (Windsor)
Rob Mullins - HDGH (Windsor)Robby O'Brien (London)Robert & Gaye Oliver (Kitchener)
Robert Aves (London)Robert Clayton III (United States)Robert Demers (Chatham)
Robert Eaton (London)Robert Finlay (London)Robert McNeil (St. Catharines)
Robert Paterson (London)Robert Vanderminnen (London)Robert W. Baird (London)
Robert Wojkowski (West Lorne, ON)Roberta Flemming (London)Roberta Lindal from Western University (Toronto)
Roberta Taylor and Richard (Windsor)Robin (Windsor)Robin Bender (Kitchener)
Robin Locken (London)Robin Myles-Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Robson Family (Grande Pointe, Ontario)
Robyn (Huron County)Robyn (Orillia)Robyn (Barrie)
Robyn Blanchet (Barrie)Robyn Janssen (London)Robyn Rees (London)
Robyn Whyard (London)Roch Carrier French Immersion School (Woodstock)RocketGirl (London)
Rod Ruehle (Kitchener)Rod Woods (Centre Hastings)Roderick Singh (London)
Rodney DeKoter (London)Roger & Mary Ann Ecker (London)Roger LaHaie (London)
Rogers Communications (Brantford)Rolph Street School (London) (2)Rolph Street School, Tillsonburg (London)
Roman (Bradford Ontario)Roman Nagy (London)Roman Sakac (Bradford Ontario)
ROn & Diane Brown (London)Ron coulson (parry sound)Ron Heuving (London)
Ron MacLellan (Barrie)Ron Ramsey (London)Ronald Menchenton (Niagara Falls)
Ronda Dunec (Barrie)Rosa Villacob (London)Rose (London)
Rose (Windsor)Rose Thompson (Ontario)rose yazdanparast (Thornhill)
Roselle Middle (midwest)Roselle middle School (midwest)Rosemary (Kitchener)
Rosemary Lawrence-Pitt, Western University (London)Roseville Peacekeepers (Kitchener)Ross beal teames (London)
Ross Jewiss (Muskoka)Ross K (London) (2)Rossana Wyatt (London)
Rotary Club London South (London)Rowan Wilson (London)Roxana Peacekeeper and Upstander (Windsor)
Roxanne Riddell (London)Roxanne Talbot (London)Roxy Rusu (London)
Roya Hakami (London)Royal Roads P.S. (London)Royal Roads PS (London) (2)
Royal Roads Public School (London) (2)Royal Roads Public School (Ingersoll)Royal Victoria Regional Health Center (Barrie)
Royal; Roads Public school (upstander)RS Mclaughlin CVI (Oshawa)Ruby Sweeney (London)
Rumi (Toronto)Ruth Martin (London)Ruud Veldhuizen (London)
Ryan (London) (2)Ryan and Dani McFarlane (London)Ryan Beliveau - Metro News (London)
Ryan Connell (Kitchener)Ryan davidson (London)Ryan Gillespie (London)
Ryan Gregory (London)Ryan MacDonald (Bradford)Ryan Mackay (London)
Ryan Marchello King's University College (London)Ryan Miller-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Ryan O'Hagan (London)
Ryan Seguin (London)Ryan Usher (London)Ryerson Public school (London)
Ryerson Public School (London)ryley reid (whitby)S Deborah Lucy (London)
S Family (Vaughan)S Jackson (Barrie)S Macfie (London)
S. Lupsor's Class- GDHS (London)S.D.C.I (London) (3)S.O.A.R (Scarborough)
S.T.A.R.T. EA Thames Valley District School Board (London)Sabbath Place: A Centre for Spiritual Wellness & Exploration (London)Sabrina (London)
Sabrina B (London)Sabrina Banka (London)Sabrina Sequeira (bradford)
Sacared Hearat School (Windsor)Sacha boudreau (Kitchener)Sacred Heard School (India)
Sacred Heart Catholic School (London)Sacred Heart Elementary (Windsor)Sacred Heart Elementary School (Midland)
Sacred Heart Elementary School /Caroline Contois (Midland)Sacred Heart School Grade 3D (Windsor)Sacred heart1 (Barrie) (2)
Sadaf Hatam (London)Sadie Rose (New Mexico) (2)Sadie Smith (London)
Safe haven shelter (Kitchener)Safinaz (London) (3)Sage Brandie (Windsor)
Sahil Kumar, John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)Sahlia Wong (Windsor)Sain-Jean de Brébeuf (London)
Sain-Jean-de-Brébeuf (London) (2)Sain-jean-de-brébeuf (London)Saint jean de brébeuf (London)
Saint jan de brébeuf (London)Saint jean de brébeuf (London) (2)Saint Jean DE BRÉBEUF (London)
Saint - Jean - de -Brébeuf (London)Saint Andre bessette catholic secondary school (London)Saint annes (Windsor)
Saint annes highschool (Windsor)Saint de brebeuf (London)Saint Dominic cathlic secondary school (Barrie)
Saint Dominic Cathollic Secondary School (Barrie)Saint Dominic CSS (Barrie) (2)Saint Dominique Savio (Owen Sound)
Saint Dominique savio (Owen Sound)Saint dominique savio (Windsor)Saint François-Xavier (London)
Saint Jean De Bébeuf (London)Saint jean de brebeuf (London) (23)SAINT JEAN DE BRÉBEUF (London)
Saint Jean de Brébeuf (London)Saint jean de brébeuf (London) (9)Saint Jean de Brébeuf 6B (London)
Saint jean de brébref (London) (2)Saint Jeanne D'arc (London)Saint Mary School (Huntsville, Ontario)
Saint-Antoine 4e Année (Windsor)Saint-Dominique-Savio Gillian Russell (Owen Sound)Sainte Ursule 7/8e (Windsor)
Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc- Dumouchel family (London)Sainte-Thérèse (London)Saint-Francois Xavier, Carmen Bryan (Sarnia)
Saint-François-Xavier (London)Saint-François-Xavier - Mark Phillips (Sarnia)Saint-Jant-de-Brébeuf (London)
Saint-Jean de Brébeuf (London) (2)Saint-jean de brébeuf (London)Saint-jean-de_brébeuf (London)
Saint-Jean-de-Brebeuf (London)Saint--Jean-de-Brébeuf (London)Saint-Jean-De-Brébeuf (London) (6)
Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf (London) (10)SAINT-JEAN-DE-BRÉBEUF (London)Saint­-jean-de-brébufe (London)
Saint-Thomas d'Aquin/ Mouna Baalbaki (Sarnia)Sait-jean-de-brébeuf (London) (2)Sait-jeune-de-brébef (London)
Sajjan Singh (London)Salam(peace)keeper (London)Sally Sarachman (Kitchener)
Salon21 (Barrie)Saltsman Family (Penetanguishene)Sam Allen (London)
Sam Broderick (Windsor)Sam Heino (Windsor)Sam mclean (Windsor)
Sam Oh Neill (London)Sam Stajfer. B. Davison S.S. (London)Samantha (Barrie) (2)
Samantha Crosby (London)Samantha Edwards (London)Samantha Li (London)
Samantha Mcintyre (Windsor)Samantha Ouellette (London)Samantha Paixao (Bradford, Ontario)
Samantha Radley (London)Samantha Stewart (London)Samantha Tolkamp (Kitchener)
Samantha Zacg=h (London)Samantha Zach (London) (2)Samaya kochis (London)
Sambina Bevilacqua (Newmarket)Samiya Naomi (Ontario)Sammy B (Windsor)
Samuel Halloran-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Samuel Leese (London) (2)Sandra + Terry Fielder (Kitchener)
Sandra bailey (London)Sandra Bondy (Windsor)Sandra Clark (Windsor) (2)
Sandra Couture (London)Sandra DeCoste (Barrie)Sandra Fieber (London)
Sandra Fielder (Kitchener)Sandra Kajan - Touch of Maple Farm (London)Sandra Latondress (Barrie)
Sandra lynch (London)Sandra Ng (London)Sandra Purcell (Kitchener)
Sandra Sa (London)Sandra Schultz (London)Sandra Simpson (London) (2)
Sandra V (London)Sandra Yang, Nicole Selfe (Newmarket)SANDY (London)
Sandy Ballas (London)Sandy C & Lizzie Lizard (Waterloo)Sandy Campeau (Windsor)
Sandy digou (Windsor)Sandy dtgou (Windsor)Sandy ellis (Barrie)
Sandy Hill (London)Sandy Hodgins (Kitchener)Sandy Ouellette - RN - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor) (2)
Sandy Parmley (London)Sandy Sulaiman (Bradford )Sant jean de brébeuf (London)
Sara Brookfield (London)Sara F. Bown (Windsor)Sara Francis (Guelph)
Sara Kurbegovic (London)Sara LeMay (London)Sara Saldana (London)
Sara Straatman (London)Sara Thériault (Windsor)Sara Wong (Kitchener)
Sarah (Kitchener)Sarah (Barrie) (2)Sarah (London) (3)
Sarah (Toronto )Sarah (Windsor)Sarah - YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka (Barrie)
Sarah Anderson (London)Sarah Antilope- John Cabot Catholic S.S. (Mississauga)Sarah Antilope- John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)
Sarah Bender (London)Sarah Bonin (London)Sarah Burke - FM96 Afternoon Host (London)
Sarah Burke (Corus Entertainment, FM96) (London)Sarah burt age 26,angel burt age 5 (London)Sarah Byers (Oxford County)
Sarah Charbonneau (Chatham-Kent)Sarah delong (Barrie)Sarah Denomy (London)
Sarah Dickson (London)Sarah Dubeau (Barrie)Sarah Emms (London)
Sarah Farrants (London)Sarah from Holy Trinity High School (Bradford, Ontario)Sarah Girdwood (London)
Sarah Graham (London) (2)Sarah Jane Mete (Barrie)Sarah Lagrove (London)
Sarah Lawson (Barrie)Sarah Masri (London)Sarah Mifsud - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Sarah Mooney (London)Sarah Moore (London)Sarah Morrison (London)
Sarah Morrison (Windsor)Sarah Muto (London)Sarah Nadeem (London) (2)
Sarah P (London)Sarah Park (Newmarket High School) (Ontario) (2)Sarah Quinlan (London)
Sarah Reese (Bradford, Ontario)Sarah Renaud, Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare (Windsor)Sarah Siddiqui (Toronto)
Sarah Tahery (London)Sarah Tani (London)Sarah Wade (Tillsonburg )
Sarah Walker (London)Sarah Walters (London)Sarah Wilson (Barrie)
Sarah Zulak (London)Sarah&honey&babyroo (Kitchener)Sargon aka "showtime" youkhana (Toronto )
Sari Pryor (London)Sasha (Barrie)SATEC @ WA Porter C.I. (Ontario)
Saugeen Maitland Hall (London)Saunders (London) (3)Saunders Family (Barrie)
Saunders S.S (London)Saunders secodary school (London)Saunders Secondary School (London) (11)
Saunders secondary school (London) (2)Sava Demic - RPN - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor) (2)Sava Mohammadi (Kitchener)
Savannah (Barrie)Savannah Hayes (London)Sawyer (Barrie)
Scaife family. (Barrie)SCDSB Trustee Michele Locke (Barrie)Schomberg Public School (York Region)
Schoolshows.ca (Barrie)Schoolshows.ca (Windsor)Schooner Window Cleaning (London)
Schroeder Family (London)Schulich - Joanna (London)Schulich Achool of Medicine and Dentistry (London)
Schulich Medicine and Dentistry/Khwaja Ilyas Ahmed (London)Schulich Medicine Windsor Program (Windsor)Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry (London)
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Windsor Program (Windsor)Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry (London) (4)Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry (Kitchener)
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry - Windsor Program (Windsor)Scott (Kitchener)Scott Boles (London)
Scott Chisholm. B. Davison S.S. (London)Scott Davis (London)Scott Drennan (London)
Scott Gilpin (London)Scott Massie. B. Davison S.S. (London)Scott Miller-CTV Wingham (Wingham)
Scott Monich (London)Scott Ouellette (Windsor)Scott Spindler (London)
Scott, Jalen and Tracey Grover (London)SDCI (London) (2)SDCI (Strathroy)
SDCI Ms Owen and Mrs Patkau's class (and Cookie :) ) (London) (2)Sdfsdf (Barrie)Sean (Windsor)
Sean Irvine (London)Sean Makins (London)sean munsell (USA)
Sean N. B. Patterson (Hanover)seana casey (rodeny)Seanna Aarts-magee (London)
Sebastian Lagos - John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)Sebastian Sokolski (London)Ség (London)
Seguin Family (London)Selena (Barrie)Selena Bowman (Barrie)
Selena Tansella (Bradford)Selina Facca (London)Sendhil (Kitchener)
Serena Clavenna (London)Serena sanders (London)Serena Tapping (Windsor)
Serenity W. (Kitchener)Seynette (Barrie)SGDSB (Thunder Bay Region)
Sgt John Armer London Police (London)Shabana (Ontario)Shadow (Strathroy ON)
Shafaz Veettil (London)Shailla Seth/ Western University (London)Shailyn gouthro/amanda todd (Barrie)
Shalini Venga (London)Shan and Gill Jose-Riz (Victoria)Shan Hasan (Windsor)
Shanda (London) (2)Shane Buchner, Jennifer Laframboise (London)Shane Chappus (Windsor)
Shane Litherland (Barrie)shania wray (picton ontario)Shanice (London)
Shanice Wade (USA)Shankars (Mississauga)Shanna Wellink (Oxford County)
Shannon and family (Inwood Ont)Shannon Buckley (Windsor)Shannon Christie (Kitchener)
Shannon Crooks (Kitchener)Shannon Daurio - Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Shannon Ferguson (Kitchener)
Shannon Holek (London)Shannon Moniz (Lucan )Shannon O'Reilly (Barrie)
Shannon Palmer (Kitchener)Shannon Pynenbrouck (London)Shannon Rankin (Grimsby ontario)
Shannon Woodhouse (London)Shannon Woods (London) (2)Shantanu Basu (London)
Shantell (London)Shanyn Rose (Woodstock )Shara Wood (London)
Shari (Windsor)Sharmane DaSilva (London)Sharon and RemiBrule (Barrie)
Sharon Anderson (London) (2)Sharon Anderson (St Thomas)Sharon Arnold (Hamilton)
Sharon Budden (London)Sharon Campbell - Western University (London)Sharon Kingston (Barrie)
Sharon Marshall - HDGH (Windsor)Sharon Ormerod, Western University (London)Sharron Harrison, School of Nursing, Western University (London)
Sharry Thompson (London)Shauna Elliott (London)Shauna Gibson (London)
Shaundaya Melo (Bradford )Shawn D (Windsor)Shawn Smith (Edmonton Alberta)
Shawn Thompson (Hamilton )Shawn Wheatley (London)Shawna Fraser (London)
Shawna Hamilton-Greener (Alliston, Ontario)Shawna Schmitt (Kitchener)Shawntel Bush (Orillia)
shayla holliday (orillia)Shayla Taylor (London)Shazia Donachie, Anatomy & Cell Biology, Schulich School of Medicine, Western University (London)
Sheelah Chelchowski (London)Sheena Ewen/Tony Culp (Kitchener)Sheena Hinkley (Kitchener)
Sheena Penfold (Barrie)Sheila (London)Sheila (Kitchener)
Sheila A (Kitchener)Sheila Carson (London) (2)Sheila Hamilton (Kitchener)
Sheila Marcoux (London)Sheila Nicol (London)Sheila Porter (London)
Sheila Quiambao (Sarnia)Sheila, Greg and Rowan Weir (London)Sheilagh Lesarge (London)
Sheilagh Lesarge and family (London)Shelisa Cherri (Kitchener)Shelley (London) (2)
Shelley (Barrie)Shelley (Windsor)Shelley Alford (London)
Shelley Brown (London)Shelley Campbell (Bolton, Ontario )Shelley Campbell (Bolton, Ontario)
Shelley Goetze O'Connor and family (Kitchener)Shelley Kaschak - HDGH (Windsor)Shelley Long (London)
Shelley McLeod (London)Shelley Miners (London)Shelley Mongrain (Barrie)
Shelley Parks- Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Shelley Santerre (Whitby )Shelley Woitowich (London)
Shelley Wray (Windsor)Shelly (London)Shelly Hughes (London)
Shelly Tilley Monica Crisp Shane Tilley (Barrie)Shelly Zachert (London)Sheri Bondy (Windsor)
SHERI G (Windsor)Sheri Kennington (Barrie)Sheri longstaff (Kitchener) (2)
Sheri Mcgeen (Windsor)Sheri McGeen - HDGH (Windsor)Sheri Radovich (Windsor)
Sheri Robinson (Eugenia, ON)Sherin Kamal (London)Sherree Fortier - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)
Sherri MacGregor (London)Sherrie K (London)Sherrilene Classen (London)
Sherry Altoft (Hamilton)Sherry Clark (United States)Sherry Gibbs (Owen Sound)
Sherry Hewitt (Kitchener)Sherry Larmand (Barrie)Sherry Shao / UWO (London)
Sherwood Forest Public School (London)Sheryl ( Fanshawe College) (London)Sheryl Banks (Kitchener)
Shiny Yang (London)Shira Korolnek (London)Shirley Beetham - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)
Shirley Bishop (London)Shirley Carter (Barrie)Shirley Little (London)
Shirley Ngai (London)Shirley Smith (Barrie)Shona Babstock (Kitchener)
Shonalee tucker (London)Shop Local (London)Sibel and Salena (Windsor)
Sidney (Orillia )Sienna Jae Taylor (London)Sierra D-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)
Silvano and Alida Mio (Barrie and Bradford)Silvea Chowdhury (London)Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium (Barrie)
Simcoe County Youth Justice Advisory Committee (Barrie)Simcoe Huronia Home Services (Barrie)Simmons Family (Kitchener)
Simon Elterman (London)Simon Evanik (Ottawa)Simon samison (London)
Simona (London)Simone (London)Simone DeVan (Walsenburg)
Simran Malik (Thornhill)Simrin Dehal (Durham Region)Sing Chan (Windsor)
Sing Your Song life coaching (Kitchener)Sint jean de brebeuf (London)Siobhan (London)
Sir Arthur Carty Catholic Elementary School (London)Sir Charles Kao UTC (Essex)Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School (London)
Sir G. E. Cartier Public School (London)Sir George Ross S.S (London)Sir John A Macdonald (London)
Sir John A. Macdonald Public School (London) (2)Sir Wilfred Laurier Secondary School (London)Sir Wilfrid lauirer (London)
Sir Wilfrid Laurier (London) (2)Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI (Toronto)Sir Wilfrid Laurier S.S (London)
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School (London) (12)Sir Wilfrid Laurier secondary School (London)Sir William Osler Oublic School (Barrie)
Sir William Osler Public School (Barrie) (6)Sir william osler public school (Barrie) (4)Sir William Osler SACC Program (Dundas, Hamilton Area )
sirinya (stratford)Sitel/ Marineland (Niagara)Sj -jean-de brébeuf (London)
Sjaelan r Jardim (London)S-J-D-B (London)Sky (Alberta)
Skye Kingsley (Kitchener)Skylar Agee (Idk)SLC Kingston nursing student (Kingston)
Sluch (Swiss)Sluch (London) (2)Smidt tech (United states)
Smith Family (London)Social woeker (Mississauga)Socially Good (Toronto)
Sofia Geraci (Bradford, Ontario)Sofia Hrstic- Kids Help Phone (London)SOGS @ Western University (London)
Sol Pound (London)Solomon abraha (London)Sonders secondary school (London)
Sondre H Elgaaen (Norway)Sonia (Barrie)Sonia Mitchell (London)
Sonja (London)Sonja Grbevski - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Sonja lightowlers (Kitchener)
Sonja Sonnenberg - St. Leonard's Community Services (London)Sonya blanchard (Kitchener)Sophia (Barrie)
Sophia Lemon (Owen Sound)Sophia Liu (London)Sophia Matuzic (London)
Sophie (Kitchener)Sophie jensen (Bradford)Sophoany Say (Kitchener)
Sorinna Chim (Toronto)Sorsha Heard (Barrie)South Dorchester (London)
South Dorchester P.S. - Grade 5 (Powers) (London)South Huron District High School, Ryan Thompson (Exeter Ontario )South huron high school (London)
South Ridge P.S. (London)South Ridge PS (London)South Umpqua High School (United States)
South Western Ontario Rural Medicine Network (London)Southdale Public School (London)Southern Canadian (Windsor)
Southside P.S. (London)Southside Public School (Woodstock, ON)Southside Public school (London)
Southside Public School (London)Southside Public School (TVDSB) (London)Southside Public School Family (London)
Southside Public School Leadership Club (London)Southside Public School Mrs. Redigonda (London)Southside Public School Mrs. Shackelton (London)
Southside Public School Mrs. Thompson (London)Southside Public School Ms Gombas grade 5/6 (London)Southside school grade 2/3 (London)
Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services (MyBigYellowBus) (London)Southwold P.S. (London)Southwold Public School (London)
Southwold Public School FDK 2 (London)Spencer (Windsor)spencer MacDonsld (USA)
Spencer Nichols (New York) (2)Sponsorship Direct (London)Sport Tourism London (London)
Springbank Public School (London)Springfield Public School (Springfield Ontario)Springwater Fire and Emergency Services (Barrie) (2)
Sreya Banerjea (Toronto)Ss (London)St jean de brébeuf (London) (2)
St .jean de brébeuf (London)St je an de Brébeuf (London)St jean de brébeuf (London)
St jean de brébeuf (London)St jean de brébeuf (London)St jen de brébref (London) (2)
St Angela Merici (Vaughan)St Anne (Windsor)St anne (Windsor) (2)
St anne catholic high school (Windsor)St Anne high school (Barrie)St Anne High School (Windsor) (4)
St Anne high school (Windsor)St anne highschool (Windsor)St Anne highschool (Windsor)
St Anne Highschool (Windsor)St annes (Windsor) (5)St Annes (Windsor) (2)
ST ANNES (Windsor)St Anne's (Windsor) (3)St Annes Catholic High School (Windsor)
St annes Catholic high school/ Hunter (Windsor) (4)St annes catholic highschool / Bret (Windsor) (3)St annes h/s (Windsor)
St Annes High School (Windsor)St Anne's High School/ Ashley (Windsor)St Anne's St Thomas (London)
St Anne's/ jake nimmo (Windsor) (2)St annes/kade (Windsor)St -Antoine (Windsor) (2)
St Brigid elementary school (Toronto Ontario )St dominc css (Barrie)St Dominic (Barrie) (2)
St Dominic Catholic Secondary School (Barrie)St Dominic CSS (Barrie) (5)ST dominic CSS (Barrie)
St Dominic css (Barrie)ST Dominics css (Barrie)St dominique savio (Owen Sound )
St Dominique Savio (Owen Sound)St gean de brébeut (London)St guy (Kitchener)
St Janne de Brébeuf (London)St je an de Brébeuf (London)St jean de brébeuf (London)
St jean de brébeuf (London) (2)St jean de Brébef (London)St jean de brébeuf (London) (2)
St jean de brébeauf (London) (2)St jean de brébef (London) (3)St jEAN DE BREBEUF (London)
St jean de brebeuf (London) (2)St Jean de brebeuf (London)St jean de brébeuf (London) (8)
St Jean de Brébeuf (London)St Jean de brébeuf (London)St jean de brébeufe (London)
St jean de brebuef (London)St -jean-de brébeuf (London)St jean-de-brebeuf (London)
St Jean-de-Brébeuf (London)St Mary's School - Barrie - Grade 7/8 Class (Barrie)St Mary's School Barrie (Barrie)
St Michael (Barrie)St Michel 5e AM (Leamington)St Michel the arec angel (Barrie)
St Michels (Barrie)St Monica chatholic school (Barrie)St peter's barrie- grade 12 chemistry class (Barrie)
st rob (York region)St Robert Catholic High School (Toronto)St Robert Catholic High School (Richmond Hill ) (3)
St Robert Catholic School (London)St Robert CHS (Toronto) (2)st robert ctholic high school (York region)
st robert ctholic high school (Toronto) (6)St thomas alternative secondary school (London)St Vincent de Paul catholic elementry school-Jessica Antilope (Mississauga)
St, jean, de, Brébeuf (London)St.- jean - de - brébeuf (London)st. abrose (stratford )
St. Agatha School (Kitchener)St. Agnes Catholic Elementary School (Chatham-Kent)St. Ambrose Catholic School (Stratford )
St. Anne (Windsor) (4)St. Anne Catholic highschool (Windsor) (7)St. Anne catholic school (Windsor)
St. Anne high school (Windsor) (2)St. Anne High School (Windsor) (7)St. Anne Highschool (Windsor)
ST. ANNE SCHOOL - London (London)St. annes (Windsor) (12)St. Annes (Windsor) (7)
St. Anne's (Windsor)St. Anne's Catholic High School (Windsor)St. Annes High School (Windsor) (2)
St. Anne's High School (Windsor)St. Anne's highschool (Windsor) (3)St. Annes Peacekeeper (Windsor)
St. Bernadette Secondary Catholic School (Barrie)St. Bernard Catholic Elementary Amherstburg (Amherstburg)St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School (London)
St. Catherine of Siena School (London) (2)St. Catherine of Sienna Secondary Catholic School (Barrie)St. Charles Catholic Elementary School, Glencoe, Ontario (Glencoe, Ontario)
St. Charles Catholic School (London)St. Clair College - EA Student - Kimberley 'Peacekeeper' Klyn (Windsor)St. Clement Catholic School (Kitchener)
St. Dominic (Barrie) (4)St. dominic (Barrie)St. Dominic css (Barrie)
St. Dominic C.S.S (Barrie)St. Dominic C.S.S. (Barrie) (2)St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School (Barrie) (2)
St. Dominic CCS (Barrie)St. dominic css (Barrie)St. dominic CSS (Barrie)
St. Dominic CSS (Barrie) (13)St. Dominics (Barrie) (2)St. dominics css (Barrie)
St. Dominique Savio (Windsor) (2)St. Dominiques Savio (Owen Sound)St. Domonic CSS (Barrie)
St. Domonics C.S.S (Bracebridge)St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic School (Barrie)St. George's P. S. (London)
St. Jean de Brebeuf (London)St. Jean de Brebeuf (Bradford )St. jean de brebeuf (London)
St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic Elementary School, Bradford ON. (Barrie)St. Jean-de-Brébeuf (London)St. Joan of Arc H.S. (Barrie)
St. Joe's (London)St. John Catholic French Immersion School (London)St. John French Immersion (London)
St. Joseph's Catholic Elementary School, Thamesford (London)St. Joseph's Catholic High School (London)St. Jude's School, Ingersoll (London) (3)
St. Kateri Catholic Elementary School (London)St. Leonard's Community Services (London)St. Leonard's Community Services London & Region (London)
St. Leonard's Community Services London & Region (Staff and Community) (London)St. Leonard's of London (Barrie)St. Magaret School - Room 6 (Kitchener)
St. Margaret of Scotland (Cambridge)St. Margaret Room 18 (Kitchener)St. Marguerite d'Youville Catholic Elementary School (London)
St. Marguerite d'Youville Catholic School (London)St. Maria Goretti (Windsor)St. Marie of the Incarnation Catholic School, Bradford (Barrie)
St. Martin (London)St. Martin Catholic School - London District Catholic School Board (London)St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church (London)
St. Mary's Catholic High School (Woodstock)St. Mary's Catholic High School (London)St. Mary's Catholic School - Barrie (Barrie)
St. Maurice (Toronto)St. Michael Catholic School (London) (London)St. Michael the Archangel (Barrie)
St. Michael the Archangel - Mr. G's 4/5 class (Barrie)St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School (Barrie)St. Michaels catholic secondary school (Bolton)
St. Michael's Woodstock (London)St.- Michel (Leamington)St. Michel (Maternelle de Mme Angèle) (Windsor)
St. Patrick Catholic School - Lucan (London)St. peters (Barrie) (2)St. Peters Catholic Secondary High School (Barrie)
St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School- Ms. Wolfe's biology class (Barrie)St. Robert (London) (2)St. Robert Bully Chargers (London)
St. Robert Catholic High School (Thornhill) (4)St. Robert Catholic High School (Toronto) (4)St. Robert Catholic High School (Ontario)
St. Robert Catholic High School (york region)St. Robert Catholic School (London) (2)St. Robert CHS (markham) (7)
St. RObert CHS (markham)St. Robert's Catholic School (Toronto)St. Rose School (Windsor)
St. Sebastians (London)St. Swag (Kitchener)St. Thomas Anti-Bullying Coalition-Focus Fairview (London)
St. Thomas Aquinas (Barrie)St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School (London)St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School - Gr. 9 Religion Class (London)
St. Thomas Aquinas CSS (Barrie)St. Thomas d ´aquin (Sarnia ontario)St. Thomas faquin (Sarnia)
St. Thomas More (London)St. Thomas of Villanova (Windsor)St. Timothy School (Kitchener)
St. Timothy School - Ms. Shermeto Grade 6/7 (Kitchener)St.Ambrose (Stratford)St.anne (Windsor) (2)
St.Anne Catholic High School (Windsor) (2)St.Anne Catholic High School SWAT TEAM (Windsor)St.Anne Catholic highschool (Windsor) (2)
St.Anne High School (Windsor) (2)St.Anne High school (Windsor)St.Anne Highschool (Windsor)
St.Annes (Windsor) (4)St.annes (Windsor) (10)St.annes Adam (Windsor) (3)
St.Annes Catholic HighShool (Windsor)St.annes high school (Windsor)St.Annes High School (Windsor)
St.Annes High School Peacekeeper (Windsor)St.Annes Highschool (Windsor)St.annes highschool/student/Samantha Gorski (Windsor) (2)
St.Augustine (Cambridge Ontario Canada )St.Clair College (Windsor)St.Dominic (Barrie)
St.Dominic Catholic Secondary School (Barrie) (3)St.dominic catholic secondary school (Barrie) (2)ST.DOMINIC CSS (Barrie)
St.Dominic CSS (Barrie) (4)St.Dominic css (Barrie)St.dominic css (Barrie) (2)
St.dominic CSS (Barrie)St.dominicCSS (Barrie)St.Dominics Catholic Secondary school (Barrie)
St.Dominics CSS (Barrie)St.Dominics High School (Muskoka)St.Domnic CSS (Barrie)
St.doms (Barrie)St.jeaand brèbeuf (London)St.jean brébef (London) (7)
St.jean de brebef (London)St.jean de brébeuf (London) (3)St.jean -de-brébeuf (Windsor)
St.jean.de.brebeuf (London) (2)St.jean.de.brébeuf (London) (5)St.Jean.de.Brébeuf (London)
St.jean.de.brébeuf. (London)St.jean-de-BRébef (London) (33)St.jean-de-brébef (London)
St.-Jean-de-Brébeuf (London)St.Jean-de-Brébeuf (London) (4)St.jean-de-brébeuf (London)
St.Jean-de-Brébeufe (London)St.Joesph catholic high school (Barrie)St.joesph catholic highschool (London)
St.Leonard's - CODY CENTRE (London)St.Leonard's - Cody Centre (London)St.Leonard's Community Services (London)
St.Marguerite D'Youville School - Tecumseh/Jade chang (Windsor)St.Matthew Catholic Elementary School (Kitchener) (2)St.Michael the Archangel (Barrie) (2)
St.Michael the Archangel Catholic school (Barrie) (2)St.Michael the Archangel Catholic School (Barrie) (2)St.michael the Archangel Catolic School (Barrie)
St.michaels the arch angel (Barrie)St.Michel The Arch Angel (Barrie)St.michel the rec ngel (Barrie)
St.Monicas cathlioc school (Barrie)St.monicas elementry school (Barrie)St.Peter's Secondary School (Barrie)
st.petes (zimbabwe) (2)St.Robert CHS (Thornhill) (3)St.Robert Highschool (York Region) (6)
St.-Thomas d'aquin (Sarnia)Stacey (London)Stacey Lynn Gibson (London)
Stacey Mitchell (Kitchener)Stacey Nicholls (Windsor)Stacey Pipicelli (London)
Stacey Shoemaker (London) (3)Stacey, Tyson & Ariana (Windsor) (3)Stacie (London)
Stacie Core (London)Stacy & Tammy (London)Stacy Adam - HDGH (Windsor)
Stacy Bergen (Brantford )Stacy Brooks - RocketGirl (London)Stacy Madl (Newmarket)
Stacy Miller (London)Staff and volunteers of John Howard Society of W-W (Kitchener)St-Antoine 6e année de Mme Kristi (Windsor)
Starr McGahey-Albert (London)St-de-Brébeuf (London)Ste Jeanne d`arc (London)
Ste jeanne d'arc (London)Steckley (London)Stefanie Attardi - Western University (London)
Stefanie Cimini (London)Stefanie De Adder (London)Stefanie Masotti (Windsor)
Ste-Jeanne d'arc (London) (6)Ste-jeanne-d'Arc (London)Ste-jeanneD'arc (London)
Steph (London)Stephan Barrett (London)Stephanie (London) (2)
Stephanie (Windsor)Stephanie Authier (Chatham)Stephanie Barber (Kitchener)
Stephanie Carlton (Barrie)Stephanie ElHaddouchi (London)Stephanie Fairbank (London)
Stephanie Grayson (Barrie)Stephanie Green (Barrie)Stephanie Hosang (London) (2)
Stephanie Ireland (London)Stephanie Lewis (London)Stephanie Livingstone (London)
Stephanie M (Kitchener)Stephanie McDonald (Kitchener)Stephanie Meyer (Kitchener)
Stephanie Oliver (London)Stephanie Skelding (West Lorne)Stephanie Stanley - John Cabot Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)
Stephanie Thanase (East Sooke BC)Stephanie Thom (Brampton)Stephanie Urquhart (London)
stephen (York)Stephen Bainborough (Bradford)Stephen Deneault (Barrie)
Stephen McClatchie - Huron University College (London)Stephie McGuire (Windsor)Ste-Thérese (Windsor)
Ste-Thérèse (Windsor)Ste-Ursule (Windsor)Steve Bacvar (Kitchener)
Steve Bartlett-Western University (London)Steve beleutz (Windsor) (2)Steve Erwin, Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor) (2)
Steve Goodine (London)Steve Ricketts (London)Steve skinner (Barrie)
Steve Summers (London)Steve Thomas (London)Steve Tracy Art Studio (London)
Steve Ulrich (Toronto)Steve Ward (London)Steven (London) (6)
Steven Caro (Windsor)Steven Derkach (London)Steven Kobarda (London)
Steven R. (London)Steven Xie (Toronto)St-Francois-Xavier (Sarnia)
Stgean de brébeuf (London)St-Jane-De-Brébeuf (London) (2)St-jean de Brébefe (London)
St-Jean de Brebeuf (London)St-jean de brebeuf (London)St-jean de brébeuf (London) (3)
ST-JEAN DE BRÉBEUF (London)St-Jean -de Brébeuf (London)St-Jean- de-Brébeuf (London)
St-jean -de-brébeuf (London)St-jean de-brébeuf (London)St-jean-baptiste (Windsor)
St-jean-de brbébeuf (London)St-Jean-De brebeuf (London)St-Jean-de Brébeuf (London)
St-Jean-De Brèbeuf (London)St-jean-de-brebef (London) (2)St-jean-de-brebeuf (London)
St-Jean-De-Brebeuf (London)Stjeandebrébeuf (London)StjeandeBrébeuf (London)
St-jean-debrébeuf (London)St-jean-deBrébeuf (London)St-Jean-de-Brébeuf (London) (81)
St-jean-de-brébeuf (London) (47)St-Jean-De-Brébeuf (London) (5)St-jean-de-Brébeuf (London) (5)
St-Jean-De-Brèbeuf (London)St-jean-de-brébeuf. (London)St-jean-de-brébeufe (London) (3)
Stjeandebrébofe (London)St-jean-de-brébuef (London) (2)St-jean-de-brédeuf (London) (2)
St-jean-de-brerbeuf (London)St-jean-drébeuf (London) (3)St-Jen-de-brébef (London)
St-jen-de-brébref (London)St-Jen-de-BRÉBUF (London)St-jene-de-brébeefe (London)
St-Michel (Leamington)St-Michel - 8e année (Leamington)Stoney Creek PS grade 7 class (London)
Stoneybrook Public School (London)Stopar Family (London)St-Paul/Bethann Thomas (Windsor)
St-Philippe Classe de Mme Moore (Chatham-Kent)Straffordville Public School (London)Straffordville School (London)
Stratford Central Secondary School (London)Stratford Central Secondary School GSA (Stratford)Stratford Central Secondary School GSA (Kitchener)
Strathroy District COllegiate Institute (London)Strathroy District Collegiate Institute (London)Strathroy District Collegiate Institute DLC (London)
STRATHROY ROCKETS HOCKEY CLUB (London)Strathroy rockets Shawn Grogan (strathroy, ont) (2)St-Thomas-d'aquin (Sarnia)
Stuart Preston (Woodstock)Stuart-Wannan Family (London)Student (London)
Student Code of Conduct Coordinator - Fanshawe College (London)Student Transportation Services of York Region (York Region)Suddaby Public School Grade 2's (Kitchener)
Sue Barschel (London)Sue Chapman (London)Sue Chappell (London)
Sue Dixon (Huntsville)Sue Duncan (Toronto) (2)Sue Griffin (Windsor)
Sue Kilbourn (London)Sue Mansell (Kitchener) (2)Sue McFadden, Lutherwood (Kitchener)
Sue Rieger Manager London Health Sciences Centre (London)Sue Sparling (Barrie)Suhuan Wang (Kitchener)
Suicide Prevention and Education Committee of Chatham-Kent (Chatham-Kent)Summit high school (united state)Sunbeam Centre (Kitchener)
Sunnybrae Public School: Mrs. Ivey's Class (Barrie)Superior Greenstone District School Board (Greenstone)Superior Greenstone District School Board - Carole Leroux (Thunder Bay) (2)
Superior-Greenstone DSB (NW Ontario)SUPERshan (Angus, ON)Supriya Singh (London)
Surekka Bala (Guelph)Survivor (London)Susan (Owen Sound)
susan (owen sound)Susan & Joe Renon (Kitchener)Susan Abercromby (London)
Susan Bertulli, Ivey Business School (London)Susan Clarke-Brewster (London)Susan Clarke-Brewster and Family Bonaventure Meadows PS (London)
Susan Critch (Barrie)Susan Dawes-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Susan Grant, Oscar Peterson Public School (York Region)
Susan Green (Barrie) (2)Susan H (London)Susan Hopkins (Kitchener)
Susan Huehnergard (Kitchener) (2)Susan McNeil (St. Catharines)Susan Merryfield (Windsor)
Susan Polenz (London)Susan Rotondi (Windsor)Susan Skaith (London)
Susan Usher (London)Susan Williams (London)Susanna Hubbard Krimmer (CEO, London Public Library) (London)
Susanna Olichwier (Windsor)Susanna Song (Kitchener)Susanne Neve (London)
Susie lee (British Columbia)Susie Newland (Barrie)Sutton PS (York Region)
Suzanne Chabot (Barrie)Suzanne Charlebois (Barrie)Suzanne Galley (Barrie)
Suzanne Grouette (Windsor)SWAC-LONDON with Alternative Education (London)Sydney & Joe (Barrie)
Sydney Blackmere (Windsor)Sydney Godzisz (London)Sydney Granger (London)
Syed Iftekhar Ahmed (London)Sylvie (Norfolk County)Symbria P. (United States)
T A Norris (grade 5&6 French Immersion) (Peace River, AB)T. Bulea (London)T.S (Kitchener)
T.Smith (Kitchener)T.Walker -Centre for Children & Families in the Justice System (London)Tabitha (Windsor)
Tabitha Cribbie (South River, Ontario)Tadelech kassa (Kitchener)Tahereh Sarchami (London)
Takara (Barrie) (2)Take It To The Streets Canada (London)Takeshi M Takahashi (Windsor)
Talia Ricci (London)Tamara (London) (3)Tammie Schwartzentruber (London)
Tammy (London)Tammy Adkin (London)Tammy Belliveau (London)
Tammy Eskildsen (London)Tammy F (London)Tammy Hill (London)
Tammy lariviere (London)Tammy Lee Marche (London)Tammy Lewis (London)
Tammy Meloche (Windsor)Tammy Powell (Kitchener)Tammy Robertson (Barrie)
Tammy Roy (London)Tammy Teixeira (London)Tammy Vandergaag (Kitchener)
Tammy. Doug & Britiny Landry (London)Tania DeJonge (London) (3)Tanya (Sweers) Sizer (Hamilton)
Tanya ashely (Barrie) (2)Tanya Butler (Orillia)Tanya DeSanto - YMCA Barrie (Barrie)
Tanya Leighton (Wellington County)Tanya Mallette (Wallaceburg)Tanya McIntosh (London)
Tanya Yahnke (Barrie)Tara (Calgary)Tara Bassett (London)
Tara Beuck (Barrie) (2)Tara C. (London)Tara Cameron (London)
Tara Chen (UWO) (London)Tara Davis (London)Tara Dawson (London) (2)
Tara Oke (London)Tara Price (London)Tara Wheeler (Whitby)
Tarlan Med-Nejad (York)Tarryn (London) (6)Taryn (London)
Taryn MacDonald (Bradford )Taryn MacLean (Kitchener)Tasha (Barrie)
Tasha Young (Iowa, United States of America)Tate Kenney (London) (2)Tatijana Parsons-Whittaker (Tillsonburg)
Tavi Jurja (Kitchener)Tavia student at UWO (London)Tavistock Public School (London)
Tawnya taylor (London)Tayler Nichol (London)Taylor (London)
Taylor Cambridge (London)Taylor Gray (London)Taylor Halliday (Windsor)
Taylor Kirk (bradford ontario)Taylor Kuryliw (London)Taylor Lansing (Barrie)
Taylor Middegaal (London)Taylor Renken (London)Taylor Schimmer (London) (2)
Taylor Sparling (London)Taylor Ward (London)Taylor.J and Olivia.W (Kitchener)
Taylore Tye-Bugler (London)TD Canada Trust (London)Tdsb (Toronto)
Teacher (Brampton)Teacher (Barrie)Teacher/Upstander/Peacekeeper/maker at St. Josephs CHS (Windsor)
Teagan keane (London)Tec South (Barrie)Tec,south (Barrie)
Tec. South (Barrie)Tec.south (Barrie) (5)Tecumseh PS (London)
Tecumseh Public School (London)Tecumseh south (Barrie) (3)Tecumseh Vista Academy Secondary School (Windsor)
Tecumseh Vista Academy Student Parliament (Windsor)Tecumseh Vista High school (Windsor)Tecumseth Beeton Grade 4 (Beeton Ontario)
Ted Baerg (London)Ted Dyjach (Kitchener)Ted Greig (Barrie)
Teen Challenge Canada (London)Tehman (Kitchener)Teires Mekhael (Windsor)
Telcom Enterprises (Barrie)Tenykia Scott (London)Terence Yu (London)
TERESA CLIPPERTON (London)Teresa Palmer (Kitchener)Teresa Piruzza (Windsor)
Teresa Poole (Kitchener)Teri St. Louis (London)Teri St.Louis (London)
Terra Cadeau (Windsor)Terra Cadeau - HDGH (Windsor) (2)Terrace Bay Public School (Thunder bay Region)
Terralyn Mills (London)TERRI O'GRADY (Kitchener)Terri Cooper (Windsor) (2)
Terri R (London)Terry (Brampton)Terry Aitcheson (Kitchener)
Terry fox elementary school (Barrie)Terry Fox Public School (Barrie)Terry Gakuru (London)
Terry Hardwick (London)Terry Lynne Thompson (Barrie)TERRY st Bernadette's LDCSB (London)
Test (London)Test (Barrie)TestUser (Kitchener)
Teuta Islami (London)Teya Haufe (London)Thames Valley District School Board (London)
Thames Valley Children's Center (London)Thames Valley Children's Centre (London) (2)Thames Valley D.S.B. Sandra Venner (London)
Thames Valley District School Board (Kitchener)Thames Valley District School Board (London) (2)Thames Valley District School Board - Education Centre (London)
Thames Valley District School Board Education Centre (London)Thames Valley District School Board-Forest Park Public School (London)Thames Valley Education Foundation (London)
Thatmishta youtube.comSLASHcSLASHthatmishta (Ottawa)The 2% Factor (Niagara) (4)The Alien Diner (Business Organization) (Toronto)
The Aston Family (Toronto)The Berman Family (Barrie)The Book Store at Western University (London)
The Bookstore at Western (London)The Butler Family (London)The Campbell's (Kitchener)
The Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System (London)The Children's Path Child Care Centre (Nobleton)The Cooks (London)
The Coop Family (London)The Davitt Family (Markham )The DeMelo Family (London)
The dojo (London)The Dougan Family (Barrie)The Douglas' (Dean,Tammy,Zane Ayden) (Point Clark On)
The Downs Family (Victoria Harbour, Ontario)The Dukes Family (London)The Dutot Family (Windsor)
The Elkassems (London)The family of Janice Dunn (Windsor)The Fishleigh Family (London)
The Franks Family (Kitchener)The Geddes Family (St. Thomas)The Gosling Family (London)
The grade 4 class at Southside Public School (London) (2)The Grant Family (Barrie)The gray family (London)
The Herns (London)The Hoffmans (Kitchener)The Horoky Family of London, Ontario (London)
The James Family (London)The Johnson Family (Kitchener)The Klonowski's (Beaverton)
The Lapps (Barrie)The Laurel School (Toronto)The Lawrence Family (Barrie)
The Leeuwen Family (London)The London Block Parent Program (London)The London Children's Museum (London)
The Matos Family (Kitchener)The McCreight Family (Kitchener)The McGregor family (Owen Sound)
The McGregor household (Owen Sound)The Miranda Family (London)The Morgan Family (Barrie)
The murray family (Kitchener)The Murray Family (London)The Nagle Family (London)
The New Vision Advocates (London) (2)The O'Hara's (Barrie)The Paines (Todd, Jennifer, Dylan and Allison) (Barrie)
The Parker's (Wasaga Beach)The Parrell Family (Barrie)The Pattersons (London)
The Peckham Family (Barrie)The Pedler family (London)The Phoenix family (London)
The Placzek Family (Barrie)the Pople family (Keswick ontario)The profiti family (Woodbridge, Ontario)
The Rathwell Family (Kitchener)The Reaume Family (Windsor)The Renaud's (Windsor)
The Riddell Family (London)The Roberts Family (Windsor)The Rollo Family (St. Catharines, Ontario)
The Saldana Family (London)The Sebben Family (Windsor)The sharpes (London)
The Shy Girl (London)The Sign Worx (London)The Smith Family (London)
The Stea Family (Barrie)The Stemmler Family (St. Marys)The Stockford Family (London)
The Student Success Centre - Western University (London)The Sunset Clan (London)The Sutherlands (Kitchener)
The Terhaerdt Family (London) (2)The Thames Valley Parent Involvement Committee (London)The Three Musketeers (London)
The Ulicny's (Tecumseh)The University of Western Ontario (London) (20)The university of western ontario (London)
The University of Western Ontario/Cailin Whincop (London)The UPS Store @ 92 Caplan Ave (Barrie)The Upstanders (Barrie)
The Vording Family (London)The Walker Family (Barrie)The Waltons (London)
The Weaver Family (London)The Webber Family (London)The Window and Door Galler (Barrie)
The Wood Family (Kitchener)The Zittlau's (Windsor) (2)Thel Pryce (Port Stanley)
Theo KD and Own P (Kingston)Theo mason gomes (newmarket)TheOKq (Windsor)
Theresa (London)Theresa B. Whiteside (Windsor)Theresa Blackmore (Kitchener)
Theresa Helbig (Tay Township)Theresa Matthews - YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka (Barrie) (2)Theresa McCabe - London Health Sciences Centre (London)
Theresa McNicol (Catholic Trustee YCDSB/East Gwillimbury/Georgina/ Newmarket)Theresa McNicol Newmarket (newmarket)Theresa Regnier (London)
Theresa Will (Kitchener)Theresa Woodcock Moores (Barrie)THINQ Technologies Ltd. (London)
Thomas (Kitchener)Thomas (London)Thomas Alexander Gagnon (Windsor)
Thomas D'Onofrio (London)Thomas Findlay (Windsor)Thomas Fitz-Patrick (Barrie)
Thomas Mcalwee (St Thomas)ThompsonRiversUniversity/Earls/ Tanaya McGowan (Kamloops B.C.)Thorold Jr. B Blackhawks (Thorold, Ontario)
Thr Smith's (Kitchener)Tickle Lover (Ontario)Tiernan (London)
Tiffany (London) (2)Tiffany Austin (London)Tiffany Gartner (Windsor)
Tiffany Lee (London)Tiffany Mato Holy Trinity (Barrie) (2)Tiffany Owen - Future CYW (Windsor)
Tiffany Riehl (London)Tiffany Santos (London)TIm and Wendy Weber (Kitchener)
Tim Blackmore, UWO (London)Tim Cadieux (Barrie)Tim Carrie President Canadian Auto Workers Local 27 (London)
Tim Frewen (London)Tim Huras (Kitchener)Tim McWilliams (Barrie)
Tima Bansal (London)Timothy Gaona (USA)Timothy McKenna (Kitchener)
Tina (Barrie)Tina Barrette (Windsor)Tina Beynen (London)
Tina Chappell (London)Tina Giannopoulos (Kitchener)Tina Harvey-Ryan (London)
Tina Lei (London)Tina Muscedere (Windsor)Tina Quinlan (Kitchener)
Tina Thukral-Sidhu (London)Tina Veenstra (Toronto)Tina Walden-Troke (Kitchener)
Tina, Jordan, and Nigel Forgét (Barrie)Tina/Gary Reid (Barrie)Tina-Louise Trépanier (Toronto)
Tingna Xu (London)Tionna Brennan (London)TJ (OSHAWA)
TMJS (London)Tobi (London)Tobin Family (Barrie)
Today's Country BX93 (London)Todd brown (Windsor)Todd Devlin (London)
Todd Rogers (London)Todd Townshend, Huron University College (London)Todd Welch (London) (3)
Tollgate (Brantford Ontario)Tom Awad (Windsor)Tom Coon (Barrie)
Tom Crooker (London)Tom G (London)Tom Hutchin (London)
Tom Overend (London)Tom Robson (London)Tom, Alison. Taryn and Zachary Murray (Windsor)
Tomikichi homma elementary (Canada)Tommy Hill (London)Toni (Dundalk)
Toni (Windsor) (5)Toni Askey (Flordia)Toni Joly (Sudbury)
Toni share (Barrie)Tony (Barrie)tony (bradford)
Tony Aucoin-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)Tony Costa (London)Tony DiPasquale (Windsor)
Tony Grace (Barrie)Tony Stanziano B. Davison S.S. and LPF (London)Tony Straatman (London) (2)
Tonya Barrett (London)Tori Laird (London)Tori Lamb (London)
Tori-Liz Vazquez (United States)Town of Minto (Wellington County- Town of Minto)Tracey A (Windsor)
Tracey Dotzler (Barrie)Tracey Harding (London)Tracey Hill (London)
Tracey Ramsey (Windsor)Tracey Walden (London)Traci Chambers1 (London)
Traci M (London)Tracy Baselj, Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor)Tracy Freeland-Main (Windsor)
Tracy Hansen (Barrie)Tracy Harrison (London)Tracy Marino (London)
tracy s (guelph)Tracy Smith (London)Tracy Stroeder, KW Habilitation (Kitchener)
Tradewave Inc (London)Trafalgar P. S (London)Trafalgar Public School (London)
Travis Goettl (London)Travon (London)Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© The Secret of Hungarian Cooking™© (Kitchener)
Treena (Barrie)Treena Bell (London)Trent Henkel (Windsor)
Trent Kelly (Windsor)Tressa (London)Tressa Scott (London)
Trevor and Susan Ellis and kids (Chatham-Kent)Trevor Aulis (London)Trevor Dulong (Strathroy Rockets) (London) (2)
Trevor Mullin (London)Trevor Szekeres (London)Tricia Burbidge (Kitchener)
Tricia Johnson (London)Triipout Wood (USA)Trinity greene (London)
Triple Arts Academy (Kitchener)Trish deeley -maynes (London)Trish Kreikamp (London)
Trish Robertson Thames Valley District School Board (London)Troy Lamoure (London)Trudi Lawson (Barrie)
Trudy & Nik Ingraham (Delhi)Trudy Frank-MacEwen (London)Trudy Kitchen - Fanshawe College (London)
Trupti Vyas (Kitchener)Tutor Doctor (London)TVDSB (London) (3)
TVLA (United States)Tweedsmuir Public School (London)Tweedsmuir Public School - Kindree 4/5 (London)
Tweedsmuir Public School Grade 4/5 (London)Twin lakes orillia (Barrie)Twin Lakes Secondary School (Orillia)
twin lakes secondery school (orillia)Tyarra Ouellette (Windsor)Tyler (London) (2)
Tyler Coleman (Stathroy Rockets) (London)Tyler Duarte (Strathroy Rockets) (London)Tyler green (Newmarket)
tyler herrington (durham)Tyler Hildebrant (London)Tyler Jones (Barrie) (2)
Tyler Moore and Julie Proulx (Owen Sound)Tyler Pritz (St. Thomas, ontario)Tyndall elementry (Florida)
Tyson warboys (London)UCC (London)Ulyana (London)
uncle bill's happy fun time crematorium emporium - we WILL touch your heart! (here)Unifor 199 - St. Catharines GM Powertrain (St. Catharines, Ontario)Unifor Local 88 & GM - CAMI - Ingersoll (London)
United Communities Credit Union (London)United Motor Collision (Niagara Region)United Rentals (London)
United Way Cambridge and North Dumfries (Waterloo)United Way Centraide Windsor Essex County (Windsor)United Way Kitchener Waterloo & Area (Kitchener)
United Way London & Middlesex (London)United Way London Midldesex (London)United Way of Cambridge and North Dumfries (Cambridge)
United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County (Windsor)Unitron (Kitchener)University Heights P.S. (London)
University Hospital/Jack Chambers Public School (London)University Of Calgary/ Ashley Chudyk (Calgary)University of waterloo (Kitchener)
University of Waterloo (Kitchener) (2)University Of Westerm Ontario Student (London)University of Western (London) (5)
University of Western Onatario (London)University of Western Ontario (London) (91)University of western Ontario (London)
University Of Western Ontario (London)University of western ontario (London)University of Western Ontario - Ann Bigelow (London)
University of Western Ontario - Anu (London)University of Western Ontario (D Ho) (London)University of western Ontario -Abdullah Zain (London)
University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (London)University of Western Ontario Student (London)University of Western Ontario, Lyle McLean (London)
University of Western Ontario/ Justin Paturel (London)University of Western Ontario/ Katie Gillis (London)University of Western Ontario/ Nicole Off (London)
University of Western Ontario/Dr. David Dozois (London)University of Western Ontario/Jillian DeJong (London)University of Western Ontario/Karen Pypstra (London)
University of Western Ontario/Taylor Cloutier (London)University of Western University (London)University of Windsor (Windsor) (6)
University of Windsor/Diane Hibbert (Windsor)University of Windsor/ESSENTRICS/Marnie Kuhn (Windsor) (2)University of Windsor/Mackenzie Bondy (Windsor)
University Students' Council (Western) (London)University Students' Council, UWO (London)Upper Thames Elementary School (Avon Maitland District School Board)
Upper Thames Elementary School/ Scott,Jenn,Maddy,Bryce Dixon (Mitchell) (3)Upstande (Kitchener)Upstander (London) (81)
Upstander (Kitchener) (11)Upstander (Sarnia)Upstander (Windsor) (10)
Upstander (Orillia)Upstander (York Region) (2)Upstander (Barrie) (11)
Upstander (Toronto) (4)Upstander (Markham)UPSTANDER (Canada)
Upstander (Stratford)Upstander (Alberta)Upstander (beaumont)
Upstander (Huntsville)Upstander (Woodstock) (2)Upstander (St. Thomas)
upstander (newmarket)upstander (Owen sound)Upstander (Coventry)
Upstander (Waterloo )UpStander (Cambridge, Ontario)Upstander (Hamilton )
Upstander (Woodstock)Upstander (Brampton )UpStander (London)
Upstander (stratford)Upstander (Ottawa)upstander (Ottawa)
Upstander (Bradford) (2)Upstander (Aylmer ON)Upstander (Waterloo Region)
Upstander (Bradford Ontario)Upstander (Vaughan )Upstander C (Calgary)
Upstander Tala (London) (4)upstander von peacekeeper (Bradford,On)Upstander! (London)
Upstander, Western University (London)Upstander/Peacekeeper (London)Upstander/Peacekeeper (Barrie) (6)
Upstander/peacekeeper (Barrie) (3)upstander/peacekeeper (Elmvale Ontario)Upstander/Peacekeeper (Windsor) (2)
Upstander/Peacekeeper (Aurora)Upstander/Peacekeeper (Kitchener)Upstander/Peacekeeper (Toronto)
Upstander/Peacekeeper 978 (Barrie)UpStander-2 (Ottawa)UpStander-3 (Ottawa)
UpStander-4 (Ottawa)UpStander-5 (Kingston)Upstandere (London)
Upstanders (Northern Ontario)Upstanders (London)Upstanders of peacekeeping (London)
Upstandin like a boss (London)upstaner (tillsonburg)Upwtander (London)
UWCSEA (Singapore)UWO (London) (24)Uwo (London) (2)
UWO (Kitchener)UWO - Schulich (London)UWO /Brittanie Yeats (London)
Uwo faculty of education (London)UWO, Sara Jeronimo (London)UWO/Christina Vivinetto (London)
Uwo/individual (London)UWO/J.McCallum (London)UWO/Kyla (London)
UWO/Leslie (London)UWO/Robarts Institute/Vania Prado (London)UWO/Yiqun Zhang (London)
Uzma (Birmingham)Val Galvan (Wasaga Beach, ON.)Val Dickson (Wasaga Beach - Simcoe Muskoka YMCA)
Val Dickson, Wasaga Beach YMCA (Barrie)Val Hodgins (London)Valdese elementy school (Windsor)
Valerie Breese (Simcoe, ON)Valerie Wright Villa Care Centre (Midland)Valleyview P.S. (London)
Valleyview PS (London)Valleyview PS -School Coucil (London)Valleyview Public School (London) (3)
Valleyview School Council (London)Valuable Lessons (York Region)VanderLinden (London)
Vanessa (London)Vanessa Favot (Windsor)Vanessa Hendrix (London)
Vanessa Menendez (Kingston)Vansittart Woods Environmental Education Centre (London)Veerareddy Vaka, (Edmonton)
Venus dayaa (London)Venus Valbuena (London)Vera Bergman (Kitchener)
Vera bertozzi (Windsor)Veronica (newmarket )Veronica (London)
Veronica Matthews (USA)Veronica Stoiber (London)Viamonde - Siège social - CCS (Toronto)
Vic Repsys (London)Vicki Dougall (Kitchener)Vicki Douvalis (London)
Vicki Gough (London)Vicki Scott (Barrie)Vicki Stevenson (Barrie)
Vicki Sweeney (London)vicky (bradford)Vicky and Marie Cameron (London)
Vicky Topp (Bradford, Ontario)Victim now standing up (Toronto)Victim of Bullying who Stands Strong (London)
Victor , matt dom .cindy (Barrie)Victoria (London) (2)Victoria (Newmarket )
Victoria (Orangeville)Victoria (Guelph)victoria (bradford)
Victoria Barrette-Watorek (Windsor)Victoria Bieg (London)Victoria Bishop (London)
Victoria Cameron (Hamilton)Victoria Caughy (West Grey )Victoria ducharme (Windsor)
Victoria Family Medical Centre, London Health Sciences Centre (London)Victoria Lapczuk (Windsor)Victoria LeClair (Kitchener)
Victoria Mattan (London) (2)Victoria Mcphee (Bradford ontario)Victoria McPhee (Bradford Ontario)
Victoria Mcphee (Bradford Ontario)Victoria Mills (Bradford Ontario)Victoria Molinari (Everett Ontario )
Victoria Montecinos (Toronto )Victoria Pila (London)Victoria Prince (London)
Victoria PS (London)Victoria Purdy (London)Victoria Quinn (Georgina, ON)
Victoria Romero-Garcia (Anonymous)Victoria Ruggiero (London)Victoria Znajewski (Markham)
Vikii scott (Windsor)Viktoriya Mynash from Holy Trinity High School (Bradford,ON)Village Auto Care (London)
Villanova Highschool (Windsor)Vincent Hong (York Region)Vincent massey secondary (Windsor) (2)
Vineland public school (Vineland)Vineland Public School (Niagara Region )Vineland Public School (Niagara)
Vineland Public School Niagara District School Board (Niagara Region)Virgin Radio London (London)Virginia Aquino (Windsor)
Virginia Burns (Blyth) (2)Virginia Currah & Randy Keshen (Toronto)Vita Grillo (Windsor)
Vivian Poon (London)Vivienne Hewitt (London)Vogue Lalonde (London)
Volvo Land-Rover Jaguar Of London (London)Vrabel-Jim, Lori and Family (Windsor)Vy Tran (Barrie)
W. D. Sutton (London) (2)W. Sherwood Fox (London) (2)W. Sherwood Fox P.s (London)
W. Sherwood Fox PS (London)W. Sherwood Fox Public School (London)W.f herman secondary school (Windsor)
WACHC (London)Wachowiaks (London)Wadden Family (Toronto)
Wadih Dabul (york )Wagler Family 9 (Kitchener)Walt Mills (Windsor)
Walter Russo (Kitchener)Wan Liu (Toronto)Wanda Dolighan (Ajax)
Wanda Hynes (London)Wanda McKay (London)wandajune (orillia)
Warminster Elementary gr 6/7/8 (Warminster)Warnica Public School (Barrie)Wasaga beach (Barrie)
Wasaga Beach YMCA (Barrie)Waseem Nasir (London)Waterloo Oxford DSS (Kitchener)
Waterloo Region Rainbow Coalition (Kitchener)Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council (Kitchener)Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program (Kitchener)
Watern University/Fac. of Education/Alyson Watson (London)Wayne Weston (London) (2)WAYS- WSR (London)
Wayzata (USA)WC Little ES (Barrie)WCI (Woodstock)
WD Sutton School - Vanier Children's Service, Junior Classroom (London)WECDSB (Windsor)WECDSB-Assumption College School (Windsor) (2)
Wellspring London Cancer Support Centre (London)Wenbo Ge (London)Wendy (London)
Wendy and Doug Durnin (London)Wendy Brisseau (London)Wendy Brown (Windsor)
Wendy Crone (Barrie)wendy hackett (everett)Wendy Henneman (London)
Wendy Holland (Windsor)Wendy Holland - Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital-Health Records Department (Windsor)Wendy meek (Kitchener)
Wendy Murphy (London)Wendy Patterson (Chesley ON)Wendy Posner (Burlington)
Wendy Sanders (Okotoks, AB)Wendy Wallace (London)Wendy Wassink (Kitchener)
Wes Baker (Strathroy Rockets) (London)Wesley Faulkner (London)WESS (Elgin County)
West Elgin Secondary School (London) (2)West London Upstanders (London)West Lynn PS (Simcoe, ON)
West Lynn Public School Miss Mawhiney's Grade 6/7 class (Simcoe)West Nissouri PS (London)West Nissouri Public School (London) (2)
West Oaks French Immersion Public School (London)Western (London) (15)WESTERN (London)
Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine (London)Western Continuing Studies (London)Western Engineering - Finance & Stores (London)
Western Engineering - Undergraduate Services (London)Western Ontario (London)Western ontario (London)
Western Pre-Law Society (London)Western Science Dean, Associate Deans and Department Chairs (London)Western u 1049 (London)
Western Univeersity (London)Western Univeristy (London) (2)Western Univeristy - Faculty of Science - Dean's office (London)
Western University (London) (205)Western University (Kitchener)Western university (London) (18)
WESTERN UNIVERSITY (London)Western University (Mt. Brydges, ON)Western University - Faculty of Law (London)
Western University - Graduate School of Philosophy - Zachary Jones (London)Western University - Ingrid Johnston (London)Western University - Jacqui (London)
Western University - Jane O'Brien (London)Western University - JB Orange (London)Western University - Joanne Gibb (London)
Western University - Katie, Maddy, Celina, Sim (London)Western University - Meagan Lobzun (London)Western University - Nida Ahmad (London)
Western University - SC (London)Western University - Sherry Benko (London)Western University - Student Financial Aid (London)
Western University - Sue Smyth (London)Western University (The University of Western Ontario) (London) (2)Western University / Jan Millette (London)
Western University / Katy Evans Pocock (London)Western University Canada (London) (2)Western University Education Student (London)
Western University employee and Parent a school age child (London)Western University Faculty of Education (London)Western University of Canada (London)
Western university of Canada/peacekeeper (London)Western University of Ontario (London)Western University Peacekeeper (London) (2)
Western University- Solomon (London)Western University Upstander/Peacekeeper (London)Western University, Aidan Mckendrick (London)
Western University, Amanda Perera (London)Western University, Canada (London)Western University, Engineering Finance & Stores (London)
Western University, Lauren D'Souza (London)Western University, Parking & Visitor Services, Sherry Benko (London)Western University, School of OT Staff (London)
Western University, Western Libraries (London)Western University, Zorina Stepancev (London)Western University/ Gail Hutchinson (London)
Western University/Alyx (London)Western University/Chris Sanders (London)Western University/Emily Dobbin (London)
Western University/Fanshawe College (London)Western University/Friderike Spang (London)Western University/Hilary Eng (London) (2)
Western University/Jason George and Lori Nicholas (London)Western University/Jiyon Ryu (London)Western University/Joshua Longo (London)
Western university/judy man (London)Western University/Lesley Oliver (London)Western University/M.R. Kermani (London)
Western University/Medica Biophysics/Donna Goldhawk (London)Western University/Peacekeeper (London)Western University/Ph.D. Student/Upstander (London)
Western University/Physics & Astronomy/Upstander (London)Western University/Reaserch/Tarek (London)Western University/Ryan Rego (London)
Western University/Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry/Douglas L. Jones (London)Western University/Student/Upstander (London)Western University-184 HURON st (London)
Western Universtiy (London) (2)Western Unversity (London)Western/Jeremy McNeil (London)
Western·University (London)Western-Fanshawe Nursing Students' Council (London)Westminster Central Public School (London)
Westminster Secondary School (London)Westminster Secondary School / Student / Peacekeeper (London)Westminster Secondary School with Gr. 7, 8 from White Oaks, Rick Hansen, Ashley Oaks, and Woodland Heights (London)
Westmount P.S (London)Westmount Public school (London)Westren University (London)
Westview freedom academy (Windsor)White Oaks Family Centre (London)White oaks P.S (London)
White Oaks United Church (London)White Oaks United Church (London) (3)Whitney M (London)
Whitney Witherow (London)WIlberforce P.S. (London)Wilberforce Public School (Lucan)
Wiley Fam[ly (London)Wilfrid Jury (London)Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo)
Wilfrid Laurier University Bachelor of Education EU 460 (Kitchener)Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union/Shawna Wey (Kitchener)Wilfrid Laurier/Lutherwood/Sarah (Kitchener)
William (London)William Cassin Pollington B. Davison S.S. (London)William Kusch (London)
William Metcalfe Lee (London)William Rideout (Barrie)Williwm Testa (London)
Willow Duncan-Barrie YMCA (Barrie)wilma schoales (orillia)Wilton Grove/ Safe School Action Team (London)
Winchester Public School (Woodstock) (2)Winchester Street Public School - Grade 3 (London)Winchester Street Public School, Woodstock, Ontario (London)
WINDSOR BRIDGEANS (Windsor)Windsor Chapel Funeral Home Ltd. (Windsor)Windsor Chapel Funeral Homes Ltd. (Windsor) (2)
Windsor Essex Metis Council &families (Windsor)Windsor regional childrens school (Windsor)WINDSOR REGIONAL HOSPITAL (Windsor)
Windsor Spitfires (Windsor)Windsor Water Polo Club (Windsor)Windsor Youth Centre (Windsor)
wingham (Johnmie B)Wings of Love - Dove Camp Feb 8, 2013 (Windsor)Winmar London (London)
WJ Langlois Awesome Grade 6 class (Windsor)Women's Rural Resource Centre (London)Woodland Heights Public School (London)
Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre (Woodstock)Woodstock Collegiate Institute (London)Woodstock Hospital (Woodstock, Ontario)
Woodstock Hospital (London)Woodstock Hospital and Oxford County Residents (Woodstock, ON)Woodstock Hospital Management and Senior Management Team (London)
World Neckbeard Association (Barrie)Worldsource Securities Inc., Tom McInerney (London)Worslely Elementary School Mrs. Currie's Grade Two Students (Barrie)
Wristband Giant (London)WS Fox - Ms. Weightman's grade one class (London)www.gamerRus.ca (The Digital Frontier - I am creating a digital community with no world region restriction please contact if needed 226 289 9463 Shane De Souza)
Xavier Flores Holy Trinity (Bradford)X-Ender (California)Xiadimaimaiti Dilixiati - HDGH (Windsor)
XL Fitness & Lifestyle, Steve, Melanie, Jocelyn, Lester, Zachary and Wyatt (Barrie)Y Employment Service (Parry Sound/Midland)Y. Zhang (Kitchener)
Yale Industrial Trucks Ontario ltd. (London)Yana Skybin (Barrie)Yanni Gerantonis (Woodstock )
Yaritza Segundo (Oregon)Yasmine Boyd (London)yates high school (usa )
yaza (Queensland)Yessica Sambra-Bressler (London)YMCA BARRIE / Alex McIntosh (Barrie)
YMCA Barrie/ Madalyn Robbins (Barrie)YMCA Barrie/Jocelyn Hay (Barrie)YMCA Employment Services (Kitchener)
YMCA Immigrant & Employment Services (Kitchener)YMCA Mapleview (Barrie)YMCA of Simcoe / Muskoka Employment Service - Huntsville (Huntsville)
YMCA Of Simcoe Muskoka (Barrie)YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka (Barrie) (2)YMCA of Western Ontario - Ebonee Parkin (London)
YMCA- Sarah M (Barrie)YMCA Youth Centre (London)YogaBugz (Hamilton )
Yolanda Babenko-Mould (London)Yoli Yatziv (London)Yolo swag money (London)
Yoonjin (Kitchener)Yori Zhang (Bradford)York Region Anti-Bullying Coalition (York Region)
York Region District School Board (Barrie)York Region District School Board - Allan Hoyle (Barrie)York Region District School Board/ Crane Family (Schomberg)
Younus B. (Waterloo)Your Neighbourhood Credit Union (Across Southwestern Ontario)Your Neighbourhood Credit Union (Kitchener)
Yu Jin Son (London)Yu Qian (London)Yulaina Hopkinson (Barrie)
Yulia (London)Yvette Bulmer, University of Windsor (Windsor)yvette cheko (Collingwood)
Yvette Cheko-Weatherall (Collingwood, Ontario)Yvette Woods (London)Yvonne (London)
YWCA Muskoka (Muskoka) (4)Zach (Kitchener)Zach Dodge (Windsor) (2)
Zach janisse (Belle River) (2)Zachary bouchard (London)Zachary Cartlidge (London)
Zachary Rezler (Windsor)Zack Clarke (Whitby)Zahra nassah (London)
Zain Nizameddin (Toronto)Zajac Family (Kitchener)Zakary Chavez-Day (Bradford)
Zamora Family (London)Zatmer Rana (London)Zavarella Family (Grimsby, Ontario)
Zayed Azam (Windsor)Zeest Karim (Barrie)Zenia Richmond Green (Barrie)
zeta mcmillan (niagara)Zeynab (Ottawa)Zhao Xiaodi (London)
Zij (Barrie)Zilan Ouyang (London)Zimbabwe (Kitchener)
Zimmerman Elementary School (USA)Zister Family (Kitchener)Zoe Leung (London)
Zone township central school (Lambton-Kent)Zone township central school (Peacekeeper)zone township central school (chatham-kent) (2)
Zone Township Central School (Chatham Kent)zone township central school (chatham ON)Zorra Highland Park Public School (London)
Zosia Jarvis (London)ZSEiO Przemyśl (Poland/Przemyśl)