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Join us in taking The Pledge!

Join us in taking The Pledge!

This site provides information about bullying, links to helpful resources, participating media, and a tracking system so that organizations can record their progress in taking The Pledge.  Your organization may participate by creating at least one opportunity for all members of your workplace community to come together to take The Pledge to end bullying.

Start by identifying a Pledge Ambassador to take responsibility for the following:

-          Track and report the members of your organization who take The Pledge using this website

-          Identify members of your staff who could be profiled for media stories, i.e. reformed bullies, victims of bullying (as children or as adults), “Upstanders” (who choose to stand up against bullying), members who have worked to end bullying and aggressive behaviour, etc.

-          Share any creative ways that your organization brings people together to take The Pledge by posting stories and photos on the website

-          Join us in taking The Pledge at 10 a.m. on Monday, November 18 – the first day of Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week (Nov. 18 – 22, 2013)

Whenever possible, we will provide a member of the Organizing Committee to visit your organization to explain the concept and lead everyone in taking The Pledge.

Thames Valley Took The Pledge in 2011

-  Last fall, CTV London and the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) led the community in taking The Pledge with more than 70,000 members of our community declaring their commitment to end bullying.

-  TVDSB is recognized as a provincial leader in providing creative and effective anti-bullying programming. In a survey following The Pledge campaign, 84 per cent of principals reported positive behavioural changes and/or increased awareness about bullying and bullying prevention.

-  CTV London aired two compelling Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) and hosted the website: The website provides information about bullying, links to helpful resources and participating media, and a tracking system so that participating organizations can record their progress in taking The Pledge.

-  In a demonstration of unprecedented collaboration, 24 media outlets helped to raise awareness about The Pledge with PSA’s and editorial coverage.

-  The campaign has earned three awards:

  •  National Exemplary Bullying Prevention Program Award from the U.S.-based School Safety Advocacy Council
  • Two Virtuoso Awards of Excellence – in Media Relations and Community Relations – from the London branch of the International Association of Business Communicators

In addition, The Pledge is a finalist for a Pillar Award in Community Collaboration, to be presented on November 13, 2012.

In June 2010, the Director’s Community Task Force on Anti-Bullying was formed to try to find ways to address the bullying issue in our community. The Task Force was made up of 15 agencies throughout Thames Valley including the Thames Valley District School Board, police, Children’s Aid Societies, health professionals and anti-bullying coalitions.

In November 2010, the Task Force held an anti-bullying community discussion to identify key strategies that members of the community believe are effective in preventing and responding to bullying.

Almost 600 members of three communities (London, St. Thomas and Woodstock) gathered and provided more than 2,000 suggestions on how children and youth services, community organizations, health professionals, the media, parents, police and justice, schools and students can prevent and respond to bullying.

The Report to the Community, released on June 28, 2011, highlights how each organization is addressing the issue of bullying.

Community Partner List

The list below lists the names of people/schools/organizations that have already taken The Pledge from all regions. Visit your region to take The Pledge and have your name added to our Community Partner List!

We need the support of all organizations in Southern Ontario to help end bullying in our communities!


Mandi Fields (Co-chair)                                
CTV London
519-686-8822, ext. 7243

Julie Maltby (Co-chair)
Thames Valley District School Board
519-452-2000, ext. 20210

The Pledge is also available in the following languages:
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**We extend sincere thanks to Program Services, Thames Valley District School Board for assistance with translations.