What to do When Your Child is the Bully

What to do When Your Child is the Bully

No one said raising kids would be easy. But nothing cuts to the core of a parent’s insecurity greater than when our mini-me’s behave in a way we find reprehensible. It’s incredibly hard to admit that our child might be a bully; it raises fear, anxiety, insecurity and even defensiveness. Our children, after all, are but a reflection of who we are as parents, right?

The fact is, it’s a long and bumpy road to adulthood. Conflicts will arise, and children will have to navigate their way through various protocols and peer interactions that maybe they haven’t encountered before. All without the aid of maturity and social skill proficiency. And as they enter the elementary school years and beyond, kids have unsupervised time with other kids — as they should — and parents are not around to witness, let alone monitor, their child’s behavior.


Deb Levy, Contributor


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September 23, 2014