Need Help?

The links below will take you to helpful organizations that are just as invested as we are in inspiring people to reach out, get help and give help when necessary.

  • Kids Help Phone – 1 800 668 6868
    – The Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVNet) is a coalition of Canadians concerned about bullying.
  • Bill 168 Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act
    – Violence and Harassment in the Workplace
  • Alphabet Community Centre
    – Providing support to youth in the Trans Community
  • Open Closet
    –  Providing support to LGBT youth age 14-18
  • Stop A Bully! Canada’s Anti-Bullying Reporting Program
  • Keeping Our Kids Safe at School
  • Victims Matter – Government of Canada
    -Explore this site to find out how the Government of Canada is taking action to help victims.
  •’s purpose is to eliminate bullying in our society by supporting individuals and organizations to take positive actions against bullying through the sharing of resources, and to guide and champion them in creating non-violent solutions to the challenges and problems associated with bullying.
    -Info on documentary “Bullying: Culture of Silence”.
    -The program enables students to practise social skills in fun, computer based role-plays. Students interact with virtual characters and make “pro-social” decisions in order to complete missions and avert bullying. Students individually explore the consequences of social decisions in safety and privacy, without peer pressure or social expectations. Quest provides a method to engage otherwise hard to reach children and is proven to work well in special education contexts.
    – Health Services for South West Ontario
    – The New Parent Resource Guide and School Age Resource Guide offer an all-in-one directory for busy parents.
  • Neighbourhood WatchAcross the nation crime is of concern to citizens in cities, suburbs, towns, and rural areas. Increasingly, citizens and Police Services realize that neither one can eradicate crime working separately. Neighbours and other concerned citizens, working cooperatively with Police Services, can have a positive effect.
  • Investing in Children
    -Investing in Children is a London-based not for profit organization that works with others to put all children’s needs front of the line. Investing in Children was created in 1999 when Kids Count and the London Investment in Education Council merged, creating a new organization with a new mission and vision.
    -An interactive anti-bullying comic book created for youth by youth.
  • Safe Schools